A/N: I watched the whole of series one and two of afterlife again last week, and I was inspired to write this. Hope you like it! Please read and review x


"What were those? Those pills?" Alison asked Robert as she leaned against the armchair. Robert paused for a second, then put his jacket on.

"Nothing." He said. "You need sleep. We'll talk tomorrow, if you want."

Alison smiled, and Robert smiled back. He walked to the front door. He blinked as a sudden wave of dizziness overwhelmed him. He put his hand against the door for support, and the dizziness soon passed. He felt someone behind him, and turned to see Alison's concerned eyes on him.

"Thank you." She said.

Robert smiled. He walked towards her slowly, worried that the dizziness would return. It didn't. He kissed Alison on the cheek. She smiled and walked back into her kitchen as Robert stepped outside her house and shut the door behind him.