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Wow, this is going to be fun! I grabbed the hair dye I had just gotten and ran to the shuttle. Some LEP guy stopped me. I didn't recognize him.
"Where do you think you're going?" He asked, menacingly.
"Above ground," I said smiling. I had just been given the day off of work.
"Right here," I said handing it to him.
He checked my pass and let me through. I sat down in the seat I had been assigned, thinking about what I was about to do.
When I was in the shuttle port I smiled. Not long now. Not long at all. I started the wings up that Foaly had given me. Programming in the destination, I thought about how my victim would react to pink hair. He was only getting what carma owed him. Throwing my cam-foil on, I disappeared.
I was above Fowl Manor now. It was very dark out and this would add to the fun. I pulled out the can of hair color. Pink. Hot pink. Fainting Fowl pink.
Smiling, I flew into the house and quickly disabled the alarm. I checked the security booth. Sure enough Butler was sitting there smiling at me.
"Figured out how to turn off the alarm. Impressive," Butler said, still smiling at me.
"It would be if I had done it without Foaly's help."
"What do you want to do to Artemis?"
"I want to have a little fun," I said pulling out the hair color.
He smiled back, "Put on your cam foil like you did when you came in."
"How did you know I put cam-foil on?" I asked even though I thought I knew.
"When the alarm was disabled, no one was there even when I paused it."
"Good chap," I said smiling. "He's in your hands tomorrow."
I threw the cam-foil on once more, disappearing from his veiw. I flew up the stairs and into Artemis's bedroom. He was sound asleep. Well of course he was, it was two in the morning!
I slowly dyed his hair, making sure I got every inch of it. When I was satisfied with it, the only way you could tell it was dyed was the fact that I had only did his hair. Nothing else was stained.
I stayed hidden under the cam-foil until I saw him look in the mirror. When he did, I quickly flew over to where Butler was. I whispered next to his ear, "Good luck."
Then Artemis screamed, "Holly!!!!"
"That's my cue to leave," I mumbled.

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