Name: Resistance
Summary (for as far as I know): Blair is having difficulties with getting over Chuck. Serena is helping her with that. Chuck tries to win her over again but it seems harder than he'd imagined.
Rate: T for now I suppose.

It's my second story though I consider it as my first because the other one was just a try-out. I love reviews! ENJOY.

1. The 'getting-over-the-ex-boyfriend' project

I don't like him. I really REALLY don't. Never have, never will. It was all just a phase. It will NOT happen. It can't. It won't. I don't like him. I don't love him. How could I even think of love? Love and Chuck are no combination in the first place. I hate him. Yes, that's it. That sounds much better, Blair thought.

All she thought of since he had left her was how she didn't like Chuck. The thing is, there was this little voice that actually told her she did like him. She just didn't recognize it and nor would she want to admit it. But why was she so upset about all this if she didn't even like him? That question had been unanswered for a very long time. After all it was already autumn and Chuck and Blair were still sort of avoiding each other ever since they saw each other in the Hamptons. Thank God Serena was coming over today. Then she could finally enjoy someone else's misery.

'Hey B, how have you been? I've missed you so much. Our trip to Aspen was awful. It would have been much more fun with you there. I still don't get it why you wouldn't come along? I mean, do you have trouble with… Chuck, again?'

Ouch, there it was. Chuck. She knew Serena would bring him up, because after all he was her brother. But hearing his name made her wanting to cry out loud. She looked away from Serena, convincing herself that it meant nothing to her. She coughed and said: 'Oh well… I figured it would be best for, uhm, everyone if I wouldn't come along.'

'And why is that, B?' Serena asked raising her eyebrows.

'Well I don't know if you know and I don't know if I want you to know, I mean whether you know or you don't know. The question of knowing it all makes you not want to know that-'

'Oh please! Spill it.' Serena demanded it desperation.

'Geez, mood swings.' Serena gave Blair a meaningful look so Blair tried to tell her eventually. 'Look, it's just Chuck and I. I mean, ever since he stood me up at that helipad in the summer, we've never really been around each other, beside those forced social events. I can't look at him anymore, S!' Blair got more upset by the minute. 'I hate him and he hates me after everything that has happened with Marcus… we can't stand each other nor do I want to even like him anyways.'

So, she finally told Serena. Meanwhile Serena was listening to what Blair had to say about Chuck and finally understood why Blair had been so up and down the last couple of months. 'I wish you would have just told me that you still have a problem with seeing him. I mean, I wouldn't have forced you to come to all those dinner parties my mum likes to host like all the time!' Blair laughed and told her that she'd actually enjoyed those dinners and that it had been good for her.

'After all, I have to get used to, you know, be around him without feeling stupid or anything. He is after all your brother. Or half-brother.' Blair quickly correct herself after the disgusted look on Serena's face. 'I will help you to get through this B, I promise. You've got to get over him. Honestly, I know what you're going through after everything with Dan.'

'Well that's very encouraging! Everyone knows you're not over Dan.' Blair said with a disapproving look. 'YET.' Serena added to Blair sentence. They burst out in laughter knowing that that was indeed very true. They spent the rest of the Sunday afternoon watching Breakfast At Tiffany's and Roman Holiday and it was time for Serena to go home.

'You know B, we don't have to start the whole 'getting-over-the-ex-boyfriend project' immediately, but my mother is hosting, once again, a dinner party and it's just a small get-together with my mum's closest friends. Meaning the Waldorf-Rose family is definitely invited. Of course I would understand if you don't want to come along but it would be a good start.' Serena said while putting on her cote. Blair considered her decision for a few seconds but decided to go. 'Great B! I'll ask my mum for the exact date, because I think it was Wednesday but I'm not quite sure. See you at school.' 'Thanks so much, S. Bye.' And the elevator doors closed.

The next morning, Serena and Blair were discussing what to wear to the upcoming dinner party which was indeed Wednesday. It shouldn't be all too sexy because Blair had no intentions of seducing Chuck, but it shouldn't be to formal and conservative either. They usually had a fashion solution for everything but this time Serena and Blair just couldn't think of a suitable dress. 'Maybe I should just not come, S. It's a sign. My clothes don't want me to come!'

'Don't be so silly… what about that red dress from Versace? The silk one?'

'I did not think I'd ever say this, but I agree with you sis. Red always looks good on you Waldorf.' Chuck interrupted with a smirk on his face. His deep low voice made Blair want to scream but she could resist herself and turned around:

'Thanks for making my choice a lot easier as I can cross the color red out of my mind now. Only a thousand more colors to choose from.' Blair said with as much attitude as she could. 'Now please leave. Your presence is not wanted.'

'You used to crave for my presence Waldorf.' Chuck said, again, with his signature smirk on his face. Serena raised her eyebrows and tried to think of something to make Chuck leave but couldn't think of anything so she said: 'Blair I need to go to the Ladies, care to join me?' 'My pleasure.' Blair said and without a goodbye or even a look the ladies left.

'Gosh that was awful and we weren't even at the dinner party yet!' Serena said.
'The way he looks at me. So much intensity that I just want to rip his eyes of his head!' Serena couldn't help but smile at that fierce comment of Blair's. Wednesday is going to be one hell of a night, Serena and Blair thought in silence. Oh dear…