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21. The Beginning

'CHUCK! Don't you dare to open that door! I'm changing!' Blair said after she heard his voice saying her name while knocking on the door.

She only heard him chuckle. She turned around and walked in her walk-in closet to pick out a dress.

It had been a long trip back but they made it. Altogether it wasn't that bad, well, maybe minus the part where Lily and the maid walked in when they were still in bed (though, thankfully, sleeping at that point) to wake them up. It took a few hours to get over the shock but then everything was fine again. It was now Sunday afternoon. Chuck and Blair were going to 'talk' about 'what they are' but nevertheless Blair wanted to look nice. She picked out a dress and walked over to the mirror standing in her room. When she walked in her room again she saw Chuck Bass sitting, and smirking, on her bed.

She shrieked and quickly held the red Valentino dress in front of her. 'I thought I had told you to wait!'

'Blair, I've been waiting over 10 minutes downstairs. Besides, I don't think talking requires clothes anyways…' He smirked again.

'Close your eyes Bass.'

'What? You're not serious!' He nearly laughed.

'I mean it, Basstard. Close your eyes!' Blair said.

'Why, it's not like I haven't seen it before. And by before I mean about 6 hours ago when I woke up in your bed.' He chuckled.

Blair flushed and felt her cheeks burning. 'Fine.' Still not in agreement but she was indeed being a bit of a hypocrite. In a quick movement the dress was on and she said: 'Zip please.'

'Now was that really hard?' He teased getting up from the bed. He turned her around putting both hands on her waist and zipped her dress. He placed a soft kiss right above her zipper on her back which sent shivers up and her spine. She turned around and kissed him on the lips.

'You look... you look beautiful, Waldorf.'

Eager as Chuck Bass can be he pulled her closer and put his hands around her tiny figure. He bit her lower lip and she let out a soft moan. The sound woke her up out the 'Chuck Bass trance', back to reality.

'TALK, Chuck. We're going to talk.' Blair said and she led him downstairs.

Once they were in the limo they sat close to each other holding hands. Chuck stroke circles with his thumb on Blair's hand. They both said nothing gazing in different directions. They were both really nervous about the obvious talk they were going to have. It just has to happen at one point, as they both realized, but it could either make or break it. Until now, all the attempts to talking broke them. That was probably the main reason why they were both so nervous. Thinking of what to say and what not to say.

'Where are we going anyways?' Blair said, not knowing whether they were going to have brunch/lunch/drinks/dinner as it was in the middle of the afternoon.

'You'll see.' He smiled placing a soft kiss on her cheek.

Once the limo stopped Blair looked out the window trying to recognize where she was. She didn't until she got out of the limo.

'Rockefeller Center?' She observed.

They walked towards the ice rink and Chuck just wrapped an arm around her waist, leading her the way. Blair thought they were just going to talk. If only she knew she was going to ice skate she wouldn't have worn a dress like this. Thanks Chuck for telling me, she thought.

Chuck saw the look on her face. 'Don't worry it's all taken care of. Besides, we're not going to skate. Not yet, at least.'

It took a few elevators but they you have the most spectacular few of the city. They were standing at the top of the world. Watching the sun falling down the sky.

'Like it?' Chuck asked observing a smiling Blair.

'Like it? I love it! But… why aren't there any people?'

'I bought the place out for 2 hours.' Chuck said nonchalantly.

'You did what?' Blair was stunned. No one had ever done something like that for her.

He gently grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the other side of the building. There was table with candles and food. Though it wasn't even dark yet, it was perfect.

Blair bit her lip at the sight of this. 'Wow Chuck. I – I don't know what to say. I thought we were going to talk.' An overwhelmed Blair said.

'We are. Now please sit.'

Once they sat, Blair dared to look him in the eyes again. She bit her lip and grabbed his hand at the opposite of the table.

'Now let's talk.' Though not really wanting to ruin the moment.

Chuck got up abruptly and stood behind his chair. Blair looked up at him surprised and a bit anxious. A part of her felt as if he was going to leave her again. But he wasn't. By far.

'Blair.' Chuck slowly walked towards her. 'From the moment I've met you, it's been an adventure. We've probably found ourselves in this situation many many times. We always know how to screw things up, just when things are getting better. This time Blair, I want to do things right. With you and with us.'

He swallowed and grabbed Blair's hand, how had stood up as well now. They now both stood next to the table.

'I know what you said to me, several times, about trusting me. I just hope you can trust me now.'

'I can, Chuck. We've both changed, in good ways.' He nodded.

'I've never had a girlfriend and relationship but I'm hoping you will be my first. And in the end hopefully my last.'

Tears were forming in Blair's eyes. She never thought Chuck would actually say things like this. She would have just agreed with 'relationship, yes or no' but his speech made things even more perfect.

This was when something totally unexpected happened. Chuck knelt to one knee. Blair looked shocked, not knowing what to expect or how to react.

'Blair Waldorf. Ever since I met you I feel like we complete each other. You are the only person in the world where I can be truly myself. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, the most delicate, smartest, sexiest and bitchiest of all. I will always be there for you, no matter what. Because…' his voice now really shivered:

'because: I love you.'

Blair was shocked and couldn't hold back her tears anymore. He had finally said it. Finally, after all this time playing and fooling around. Chuck Bass loved her. And Blair Waldorf loved him.

Blair didn't even get the chance to say it back because before she knew it he pulled a little box from his pocket and opened. Inside was a silver ring with a diamond butterfly on it. It was perfect for Blair.

After all, the butterfly was where all this had started. 'Blair will you be my girlfriend? Forever?' Chuck smiled truly.

'Yes Chuck, forever! I love you too, Bass!' Blair cried and hugged him when he got up.

Chuck shove the ring on finger. It fitted perfectly. Not only would it match with everything, it also matched themselves. It was a symbol of a start. A fresh start as a couple. They kissed passionately and drew him ever so close.

Chuck and Blair were together finally, just like they wanted, just like they deserved.

It was only that night that Blair was admiring her ring and saw the tiny little inscription.