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This is set after season 7 final and after Harry potter and the goblet of fire. Angel will be in this story later, much later.

So let me explain, Buffy went to help Angel, but they are not together as they are good friends. That goes for Spike as well. Also Cordelia didn't have that affair thing with Connor. Cordelia became half demon so she could still be a seer and started a relationship with Angel. Connor started to get along with Angel and they now have a father/son relationship. Wesley, Fred and Anya died.
I don't follow the comics.

Pairings: Dawn/ not saying at the minute, Harry/ Ginny, Ron/ Hermione, more later.

I will be following some of the book and movie and some other bits i will just plain wing it.

This is about 6 weeks after the fight in L.A and the day before Harry's hearing.

Date: 11th August.

Harry had arrived at Grimmauld Place an hour ago and had already shouted at his friends as a result of the lack of news over the summer and also due to his court case that was tomorrow morning.

Inside his body jealousy had developed towards his friends as they had been together over the summer while he was stuck at the Dursleys. He could not believe that he had gotten in trouble over the fact that he saved him and his cousin from the dark creatures that are Dementors. Like his life wasn't difficult enough. On top of the nightmares of Cedric dying and Voldemort he now might get expelled from Hogwarts.

After Fred and George had popped in to say 'hello' he found himself round the stairs with them, Hermione, Ron and Ginny as they listened to the meeting below with the twins' Extendable Ears.


In the gloomy, cold kitchen a heated argument was beginning between two people. Both were ignoring the fact they were in a meeting.

"Look I WANT to be in the order. I am 17 years old, I can make up my own mind and decisions. So why can't I join?"

"You just said so. You're 17, you're too young, you are not joining and that's FINAL!" Severus Snape yelled to his niece in a voice that declared all arguments were finished. Well, that was to everyone except Dawn.

Dawn stood a few steps away from him, hands on hips, dressed in a black summer dress that complimented her dark brown hair.

"Firstly, jeez Buffy much, I came here to get away from that attitude; where everyone treats me like a child. And secondly you can't tell me what to do!" Dawn said, nose flaring.

"I can tell you what to do I'm your uncle, your family, you ungrateful little brat." Severus's temper was getting past danger point.

"Family? When's family ever mattered to the Snapes'. Where were you when your sister, my mum, died? huh? No where! So don't get on your high fickin' horse with me, Snape!" Dawn hissed, emphasising her uncle's name to show him that she didn't include him as family.

She knew that her remark would get a reaction as she could almost feel the anger rolling off him, but she didn't expect him to slap her.

As the slap echoed it brought shock to the faces of the order, including Snape. Snape had regretted the action as soon as he had done it. He couldn't believe how instinctive and easy it was to go back to his old ways. Even to hurt his own family.

Everyone was snapped back to reality when growling sounds could be heard from not only Sirius Black, but from Remus Lupin as well. His normally calm nature was switched to angry beast as both Lupin and Black prepared to threaten Snape. But as they were about to walk towards the enemy Dawn beat them to it.

Dawn had been frozen still with her hand raised to her cheek, whilst livid thoughts circled her mind. With rage rising up inside of her Dawn pulled back her closed fist and hit Snape squarely on the chin.

The amount of force used in that one punch made Severus stumbled backwards a few feet. There was a staring contest between uncle and niece as their eyes met; one set of eyes fuming mad, whilst the other set was filled with sorrow and apologies.

Dawn suddenly stormed out of the room with her uncle calling out to her.

"Dawn," Snape cried desperately as he took a step forwards. Unfortunately for Snape he was forced to stop by a furious Lupin, who had the emotions of a wolf on his face.

"I think you better go before me and Sirius continue what Dawn started," Remus hissed as he used the last amount of self-control to keep himself from punching Snape.

Snape took a moment to look between his ex-classmates before reluctantly leaving the house.


Ignoring the cries behind her Dawn ran up the stairs on route to her bedroom when suddenly her path was blocked by a bunch of guilty looking children. Dawn couldn't care less at the minute about them; all she wanted was some privacy where she could cry peacefully.

"Move!" Dawn demanded with a snarl.

It took a moment for the words to register in their minds before they complied and moved to one side.

After Dawn exited the stairwell the group started talking.

"Bloody hell!"

"Ronald language!" Hermione warned.

"Hermione, I don't think now is the time," Harry told Hermione, but continued when a fiery glare was aimed at him. "I-I-I I mean, who was that?"

Hermione was about to counteract when a voice from below answered Harry's question.

"That would be my goddaughter," Lupin said as the curious teenagers looked down; they almost missed the words he spoke at the prospect of getting caught.

As the children mumbled out excuses after excuses of what they were doing there, they finally realized what he said.

"Wait your goddaughter!" everyone exclaimed simultaneously.

"But isn't she related to Snape?" Ron bluntly asked, receiving an elbow in the ribs from Hermione.

"Come in the kitchen and I will explain."

After a couple of minutes of Harry greeting his godfather, Sirius, everyone was seated around a long table set in the middle of the room. Most of the order had departed after Snape and all that was left now was Mr. & Mrs. Weasley, Nymphadora Tonks, Alastor Moody, and Kingsley Shacklebolt.

"Right the first thing I should explain is how I became Dawn's godfather," Remus Lupin said. "It began when Joyce, Dawn's mother, started at Hogwarts 2 years after Severus did. Even though Joyce was a Snape, she was different; she had a kind, caring personality. That personality got her a place in Ravenclaw, causing her to be the black sheep of the family."

"Over the school years me and Joyce became good friends. We even went out for a little while. Because we were so close she became friends with the Marauders and Lily. But being the cast out of her family became too much for her, so she left the wizarding world for America," Remus explained.

Remus paused slightly before continuing,

"There she met a muggle called Hank Summers and together they had two children. Buffy, who's the oldest, and Dawn. Joyce visited regularly when they were younger and they even met you Harry."

The last comment caused every eye to look at Harry with mouths hung open in wonder and confusion. Harry was the most puzzled by the statement.

"I met them?" Harry asked.

"Yes just before…before the incident," Remus replied, eyes filled with enough sadness to cause heartbreak.

Remus took a brief moment to look at Sirius before he continued with a sigh,

"That's how Dawn knows Snape. When Joyce would visit us in England she had a chance to make up with her brother and took the opportunity. So when Joyce and Snape made peace with each other they tried to visit as often as possible."

"But Dawn hates Snape," Hermione observed, not completely understanding the situation.

"Who bloody wouldn't!" Ron smirked, causing giggles from everyone, except Hermione and the adults; although Sirius had to try very hard not to laugh.

One firm look from Mrs. Weasley stopped the laughter abruptly, so Lupin could answer Hermione's question.

"Well, a couple of years ago Joyce had a brain tumor. She had an operation to try to save her, but that resulted in her death and left Buffy to cope with the funeral, house and Dawn with no family help. Help only came from close friends. Buffy and Dawn now hold a grudge to the few family members left who could have helped in their time of need."

"Where was their father?" Harry asked, intrigued by the fact he might have a new connection to his parents.

"Spain," a voice casually answered from the doorway.

The contents of the room whipped their heads round to see Dawn standing there with puffy, red eyes and a sore hand-mark on her left cheek.

"Well, that was the last report. He ran away with his secretary," Dawn said as if it was an every day occurrence.

Mrs. Weasley actually gasped with sincere sympathy. This caused Dawn to smile slightly at the woman.

"Don't worry we've gotten used to it, trust me," Dawn said, trying to act cool as she leaned against the door frame.

Unfortunately Remus had noticed that her eyes were still glassy from her crying session.

Remus got up from the table and made his way to Dawn. He pulled her sharply into a tight hug, showing all his emotions in that one piece of affection.

"Woah!" Dawn exclaimed, not expecting the action from her godfather.

Remus Lupin was the Giles type of a person; he loved reading, had knowledge and always got uncomfortable around girly moments. He did show emotion, but it was normally in a controlled manner.

"I'm ok, you know," Dawn informed her godfather as she felt the love and concern rolling off him.

Remus pulled back slightly to stare into her face, checking to see that she wasn't lying. Dawn was lying, but she had gotten use to the men in her life leaving and disappointing her by now. She would get over it soon.

"Mmm-hmm," Remus replied, still not convinced.

Remus cherished his goddaughters dearly and wished them no harm; unfortunately harm was basically Buffy's job. This meant that Dawn got into trouble quite a lot.

"Oh come on uncle Remus, you know the thing about Summers' women. When we fall we get right back up again," Dawn commented to her godfather, making his eyes twinkle just a little.