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"Dawn, what's wrong?" Severus asked in concern as his niece's face paled.

"I think I'm in labour," Dawn gasped out between breaths.

"Alright Dawn, just stay calm, relax and breathe. Oh, and sit down," Draco rambled, trying to remember the lecture Hermione had gave him about muggle labour.

"Draco, will you shut up! I'm already nervous as it is, I don't need your vibes adding to it," Dawn whispered angrily, as she concentrated on her breathing, her hand rubbing her stomach. "We really need to get out of here."

"I know, but there's nothing we can do until they leave," Snape said, looking concerned, angry and panicked at the same time.

"What is the mission anyway?" Draco asked, sitting beside Dawn, rubbing her back in comfort.

"Voldemort's forming a search party to find Dumbledore," Snape told the two teenagers.

"What, why?" Dawn asked in confusion.

"What I can gather, is that Voldemort's original plan to obtain the weapon from the Ministry of Magic has been destroyed. It seems that only Harry has access to the weapon. Originally Voldemort was going to manipulate Harry into getting the weapon for him by sending him a false vision. What that vision was going to be was unclear, but from spying on Voldemort's meeting with Lucius and Bellatrix, Voldemort is unable to enter Harry's mind anymore."

"Hang on; Voldemort has a connection with Harry?" Draco asked.

"Yes, every since he was a baby. Every since the incident at Christmas I've been giving him lessons on how to block the connection between him and Voldemort."

"Obviously it worked," Draco said.

"Yes, it was hard and a struggle, but the only reason he pulled through was because of you, Dawn," Snape told the pregnant woman.

"Really?" Dawn said, smiling in pride despite the pain.

"Yes, he didn't want to let you down. He loves you. Another reason why Voldemort's plan wouldn't work. Harry now realises that he has family around him that he can trust and loves. If Harry had the vision now, he would inform you and your sister, and Voldemort couldn't risk that. That's why he needs Dumbledore. Dumbledore has something powerful that could grant him access to the weapon," Snape explained.

"What has Dumbledore got? And what's the weapon?" Draco asked as Dawn squeezed his hand in pain, making him and Snape wince.

"I'm unsure what is in the Ministry, all I know is that it's the missing piece in destroying Harry. Unfortunately, Voldemort has found out something very dangerous. Dumbledore's wand is very powerful; if Voldemort obtains the wand he will be nearly unstoppable. And he will be completely unstoppable with the combined powers of the wand and your baby."

"Then we must get Dawn out of here," Draco demanded as Dawn gasped and her face paled in shock and pain.

"I know and I'm sorry we can't. The only way I can get you out is by blowing up the lock to the door. We can't risk anyone hearing. It must be when the death eaters go. Dawn, I'm so so sorry; I wish I could do something. Can you hold on for just a little while longer," Snape asked, his eyes flashing with pain.

"I know it's not your fault. And anyway, I'm a Summers, we can do anything," Dawn said, giving her uncle a weak smile. "All I need is a distraction, that's all. Have you heard from anyone? Is Connor okay?".

"I quickly sent word to the castle about your whereabouts and told everyone to stay where they are. Buffy and I both believed if anything were to happen like this it would be best to do it as quickly and quietly without any casualties. So while I can rescue you without alerting Voldemort, Buffy should be patrolling and protecting the castle. Unfortunately I could only send messages, not receive them, but from what I have learnt about Connor in these months is that he is strong, I am sure he is fine," Snape explained, trying to give Dawn comfort.

"Ahhh!" Dawn gasped in pain, grasping Draco's hand until it turned white. "That's not good, I think he's going to come anytime soon."

Just as Snape was about to reply a sound similar to an alarm bell went through the room.

"That's Voldemort's signal. They'll be leaving in a few minutes after his followers are gathered," Snape informed them. "Wait here; let me see if the coast is clear."

"Where else are we going to go," Dawn commented heatedly as her uncle left the room.

"Shhh, Dawn. Don't stress yourself out, just breath," Draco whispered soothingly, rubbing her back.

"You realise I'm going to tease you about your mother-hen act later. And tell Luna," Dawn said to Draco, laughing slightly as she tried to suppress the pain.

"I'd be surprised if you didn't," Draco replied, covering his worry with a shaky smile.

The anxious pair only had to wait for a couple minutes before their uncle and godfather returned to them, running at full speed.

"They've departed. Quickly stand back," Snape ordered as Draco manoeuvred Dawn out of the range of the professor's wand.

With a BANG the doors to the cells where broken and as the clouds of dust lifted from the air Snape saw that the doors were just hanging on by the hinders. After a moment of silence, checking to hear any sounds coming from above, Draco removed himself from his protective stance over Dawn and helped her out of the cell.

"Where are we going?" Draco asked, looking on with concern at the gasping Dawn.

"To Grimmauld Place," Snape simply replied as he and Draco helped Dawn outside of the room into a dark, narrow hallway.

"Wait, what? No. No houses, not even Grimmauld Place. Hospitals, I want a hospital. And drugs. I want a hospital that has lots of drugs," Dawn groaned, grabbing her stomach in pain.

"I'm sorry, but that isn't an option. We don't know who we can trust and it's not safe to expose you and your baby in a public place. And Hogwarts isn't safe either. Especially after the attack," Snape added as he saw Dawn about to protest.

"How are we getting there?" Draco questioned.

"Unfortunately, the house is miles away, so we're going to have to apparate there."

"What? We can't do that in Dawn's condition," Draco shouted in despair and shock.

"It's the only option available. Right, stop here. We should be able to apparate now, since apparating is only blocked in the cells," Snape explained as the trio halted in another hallway off the cell's entrance. "Dawn, you going to have to hold as tight as you can and Draco protect her with all you might. Ready? One…Two….Three."

In the Kitchen of Grimmauld Place Sirius was sitting, waiting for any news on Dawn as his knee bounced in nerves. While Sirius was not alone in the house, with everyone worrying about Dawn and Draco it sure felt like he was on his own. Sirius sat deep in thought with the sounds of feet pacing anxiously on the floor nearby when the front door opened with such force that it made Sirius' mother start to scream.


Severus' shout had everyone up and running towards the entrance in a matter of seconds. When Sirius reached the potions professor he saw that him and Draco were helping a heavy breathing Dawn walk as her face crunched up in pain.

As Sirius went to help he got pushed aside into the wall by a growling vampire mutant, causing Dawn to look up in concern and was shocked to see an angry Connor heading her way.

"Connor, what's wrong?" Dawn questioned, trying to ignore the pain, but all she got in return was more growling. "Sirius, what's wrong with him?"

Before Sirius could warn them, Connor had pushed Draco and Severus away from Dawn and brought Dawn into a tight hug whilst sniffing her.

"He sort of went all feral after you were kidnapped. The only way they could calm him down, was by letting him wait here so he would be here when you came back."

"This is calm?" Draco asked, rubbing his head from the collide with the wall.

"Unfortunately, yes. That's why he's smelling me, he's making sure I'm not hurt. Alright Connor I know you mean well, but not only is the sniffing disturbing, I'm in labour. Labour, do you understand? Our baby boy is coming and I'm in so much pain. I need you. You only, no vampire instincts," Dawn stated, trying to calm her partner down whilst breathing through the pain.

"Dawn," Connor whispered as the fog lifted and when he came back to reality he was embraced in the arms of his love….who looked like she was being tortured. "Dawn, you're back. What happened? Are you okay?"

"Well whilst you've been doing your caveman act I've been locked in cell, trying to hold it together while a baby is trying to force it's way out of me. Now I love you, but I really, really want drugs."

"You're in labour?" Connor questioned in shocked as Dawn looked ready to murder him with her eyes.

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