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(Song: Lovers in Japan by Coldplay)

Into the Night

Chapter 1: A Place Called Home


I had to laugh at myself for even imagining it.

But that was one of those rare moments when I actually felt truly at home.

The cold salty water lapped at my toes while I stared aimlessly at the cloudless blue sky.

A lone seagull glided lazily overhead and my back felt warm against the sand.

"Home." I said out loud.

The sound of clashing swords drifted over from the sword arena.

A smile involuntarily spread across my face.

There I was safe. I was safe from Kronos. Safe from war. Safe from the truth. The truth that I would never be normal.

I closed my eyes savored the moment.

I felt like I was floating in warm water.

And the scene changed around me and I was suddenly on top of Half-Blood Hill.

It was raining and the sky was dark grey, but yet I was laughing.

And I wasn't alone though.

Someone was laughing with me.

It was...


I whipped my head around as my daydreams were ripped away from me.

"Percy!" Grover repeated, shacking my shoulder.


"Get up! We got to go to the practicing arena."


I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and got up slowly, sad to be leaving my sanctuary on the sand, and followed Grover through Camp Half-Blood.

We passed under the tall lush green trees that bordered the winding path that lead to our destination.

The camp seemed alive with activity.

Boys and girls spared as nymphs and satyrs carried weapons and pots of Greek fire to wagons were they were sent to who knows were.

We finally got to arena were a very angry looking Andreas was leaning against the entrance.

"Where the hell have you been?" Andreas shouted.

Andreas is a demigod I rescued a few months back from a pack of hell hounds. He's around my age and was claimed by Demeter.

"Sorry I'm a bit late so wha…"

"A BIT! Two hours!" he yelled.

"Okay okay okay okay. Relax. I'm here."

Andreas's shoulder slumped and he led me and inside the arena cursing under his breath.

The arena was like a mini coliseum.

There were rows of seats surrounding a sand floor were the fighting took place.

On the top of the arena, statues of the gods looked down at us.

I scanned the arena.

It was deserted.


A girl was sitting in the stands. My heart skipped a beat. Her blonde hair hung loosely over her shoulder and her tanned skin seemed to shine in the sun.

She sat cleaning a dagger with a greasy cloth. She looked up at me with her beautiful grey eyes for a split second and then went back to cleaning her dagger. Annabeth.

Andreas, not being very good with the emotional stuff said, "Ummm…. I got to go check on my guitar….ya." And he hurried out of the arena.

"I'll go help him with that." Grover said, he winked at me and ran out in pursuit of Andreas.

It had been a year since I last talked with Annabeth and it wasn't the nicest good bye when I last talked to her.

I walked into the middle of the arena and started to whack at one of the practice dummies in the middle of the arena when suddenly…


I whipped my head around but it was too late.

"WOOF!!! WOOF!!!"

And it felt as if a bulldozer ran into me as the creature ran into me.

"Get off me!!!" I shouted at the animal but it ignored me and proceeded to licking my face.


When I finally got out of the creature's death grip I was soaked in dog drool.


Mrs. O'leary barked her response.

Then I heard something.

Was it?

I look up into the stands and there was Annabeth doubling over in laughter.

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