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AN: This is mainly based on Season 2 of the Witchblade, but there are some references form the comic books. Actually, there are only two. One: Ian was not created from the stem cells of Elizabeth Bronte. Two: Ian briefly is the wielder of Excalibur, the male version of the Witchblade.

Sara walked up the two flights of stairs to her apartment, dragging her feet all the way. It had been another hectic day at the precinct: a quadruple homicide, some hints from the Witchblade, and no Ian around to interoperate them. Danny had also been unrelenting in trying to pull information from her about what was going on.

When she reached her apartment door, she found it unlocked. The Witchblade remained dormant on her wrist, which confused and unsettled her. She unbuckled the cover on her gun and pushed open the door. It was dark inside her apartment, so dark that she would have run into something if she did not have her apartment memorized like the back of her hand. She finally found the light switch and hit it, flooding her apartment in light. And now illuminated in the middle of her living room, defensive stance and all, was Ian Nottingham.

"What are you doing here, Nottingham?" she asked, not as angry as she used to be, but still annoyed. "I thought we had put an end to all the stalking, shadow lurking, and breaking-and-entering business?"

Ian nodded his head again. It was true they had come to a truce. After the incident with Lucreztia and Irons return from the dead, it took Ian time to regain what little trust she had in him in the first place. It was a hard and rocky road convincing Sara that she had no worries when it came to him. That he lived to protect, guide, and help her with the Witchblade. To serve her, the true wielder. That he was the one man she could trust.

Finally after much time and coaxing, their obscure 'business' relationship had grown into a estrange friendship. Slowly over time, Ian managed to prove himself in Sara's eyes, and was now a person she could trust and count on. Sara would call upon him for help when it came to the supernatural and downright freaky issues. In return, he would spend less and less time stalking her and lurking in the shadows. She would stop her verbal abuse and he would quite being so cryptic. Yet, even after the year they had known each other; she still held some reserves about the enigmatic man.

However, the more time they spent the more at ease they were with each other's company. Sara started calling Ian to simply talk and he was there to listen. And now here they were, in her living room, and Sara was waiting for an answer. "I came to see you, my Lady." He kept his head bowed, knowing that Sara had had a hard day at work, and not wanting to be the target of released fury.

"About what, Nottingham? And while you're here, I need some help with a case I just got."Sarah walked past him and deposited all of her stuff in their respective places around her apartment.

"Why I came here is rather unimportant. You need my assistance, and I am here to help you." Ian straightened out a little, but kept his eyes trained on the floor. He didn't' want to betray his joy of being allowed in without a single fit to be known to Sara through his tell-tale caramel eyes.

Sara returned into the living room with a file, which she dropped onto the couch. "Nottingham, I'm going to put on some coffee, do you want some?" she called from the kitchen.

"Yes, thank you, Lady Sara." Ian called back, settling onto the couch and flipping through the case file that had been left there.

So Sara busied herself making a pot of coffee for the two. As she was doing so, her mind wandered a bit. Last month, Conchobar had died instead of awakening from his coma. That had broken her heart into millions of pieces. But someone had been there to help her through it, one Ian Nottingham.

He put your heart back together and added a piece of his own, did he not? The voice of the Blade sang.

No, he didn't add in a piece. I don't see why you're always trying to play matchmaker between us. Sara growled. The Blade had been rather annoying lately, showing her images of what could happen if she ran amuck with the dashing assassin.

Oh, but then you wish he did. You are in love with Ian, Sara. And do not try to tell me it is not true, for I know what you think, what you feel. The Blade was all seriousness now. It had been trying to keep the fate of so many other of its Wielders and Protectors from Sara Pezzini and Ian Nottingham. Many of the others had not found the inseparable love and eternal connection that the two had. And the Witchblade was going to do all that it could to get these two together this time.

Sara stared down at the blade incredulously, but sighed, knowing it was right. But I can't let him know that. Everyone I ever let in ends up dead. I can't let that happen to Ian, he's the only thing solid in this life that I can hold onto without lying to. And how could he love me after all the times I've hurt him in the past year? Sara thought that the conversation was over, so she picked up the mugs full of coffee and started to turn back towards the living room.

But the Witchblade would have none of that. And in its mind, Sara's coffee mugs were easily sacrificed for the greater good. So the Blade sent Sara into one of its famed visions, which sent Sara and the coffee mugs onto the ground.

How can Ian still love you?! I'll show you how Ian can still love you!

First the Blade decided to show Sara what her ignoring her love for Ian had done to him. Ian was leaning against the wall of a church, doubled over it what seemed to be pain at first. But then Sara saw his eyes, and in those very talkative orbs she saw the deepest longing, love, and desire she had ever seen in a man. 'Sara.' He had breathed. Then he began sobbing silently to himself. After a few moments, he straightened out with some effort, and walked along the side walk, supporting most of his weight on the wall. 'Sara, you will never know how much I yearn for that to be me with you on a night like this.' He whispered to the moon above his head.

That was the first night you spent with your immortal lover. The blade told Sara. See how much pain it caused him? After a pause and silence from both, the Witchblade found another thing that would probably change Sara's mind. How much does Ian care for you, you might ask.

Then the Blade showed Sara a new scene. It was in Irons' mansion, in the main room where Sara had supposedly killed him. But it was before then, for his hand was not in the glass bowl on the table. But Irons sat in his winged chair like he was every time Sara saw him in that room. Ian then entered into the room.

'I trust the wielder is alright.' Irons smirked at him.

'Yes.' That was all Ian could say. He kept his head bowed low and his legs apart, his usual submissive stance.

'Did you convince her that it was best for her to give up the Blade to me?' Irons asked, turning and standing to face Ian.

'No, for that is not true. The Witchblade is best where it is, on Lady Sara's wrist.' Ian spoke with so much reverence for both her and the Blade that Sara felt tears pricking in her eyes, but the willed them away, knowing that there was more to come in this scene of Ian's life.

'You are in love with your Lady Sara, are you not?" Irons mocked Ian, taking up a cane in his hand and approaching his servant. 'Does Lady Saraknow that? I scarcely believe so, as she would turn you away in disgust and call you a freak. No, you loving Lady Sara is as useless as you trying to keep the Blade on her pretty little wrist.' Irons walked up to Ian to the point he was scarcely a few inches away. 'Your insolence has become annoying.'

Then Irons raised his cane and hit Ian hard in the side. He said nothing, but he doubled over in pain. Sara could do nothing but watch as Ian was beaten and battered relentlessly by Irons.

But mercifully, the Blade soon faded the image away. See what he will do for you, Sara?

That is exactly why I cannot love him! It is because of me that he was beaten like that. If I loved him, that would make it worse! Sara then let the tears that had wanted to erupt well out of her eyes and flow down her cheeks.

Sara, you are not the cause of these things. Irons has done that to Ian his whole life. He would have been beaten that night even if he had not hinted at his love for you. Let me show what could happen if he realizes that the only way he can help you is to leave you.

Then the blade showed Sara its darkest vision. It was a possible future that Ian could take if he found his life not worth living.

It was in a vacant parking garage of some sort, with a bit of electronic equipment in the corner. In the background, Sara could see herself and her friend Gabriel Bowman running as fast as they could away from the scene. Just entering were five or six cops with their guns drawn. And standing in between the two parties was Ian Nottingham. He flourished his arms under his coat in a way that seemed like he was going to draw his guns. And for a moment, Sara thought that he was going to fight off the police for her.

His fate is much worse than that. The Blade told her.

As Ian moved, all of the cops reacted; subsequently emptying all of their magazines into Ian. He fell to the ground dead. But as he fell, he whispered his last words. 'For you, my love, my Lady Sara.'

One of the cops came forward to inspect the body. 'He was unarmed.' He told the others.

No! Sara screamed to the blade. He can't die, he just can't! Sara began sobbing uncontrollably.

Then tell him that. The Blade whispered before releasing Sara from its vision.

Sara slowly opened her eyes to realize three things. One: Someone had their rather strong arm wrapped around her torso, holding her up, and their soft hand caressing her cheek. Two: she was starring into Ian's worried, scared, and slightly relieved caramel eyes. Three: It was Ian who had his rather strong arm wrapped around her torso, holding her up, and his soft hand caressing her cheek. "Nottingham?" she whispered, just making sure that this wasn't another vision.

"Sara? Are you all right? I was so worried when you fell, you would not wake up and…" Ian was downright distraught.

"Shh." Sara breathed, continuing to stare into his eyes. "I'm fine."

"That is very good." Ian whispered back, boldly staring into Sara's emerald eyes.

Then the phone rang.

Sara made no move to answer the annoying thing, so neither did Ian. They both were glad they had not done anything when they heard who it was through the voicemail. "Hello, Sara, dear. I know that you are there somewhere; and if you are not, then you will be soon. But when you hear this, would you be so kind as to send my Ian home?" then there was nothing but the dial tone.

"I should go." Ian told Sara, breaking away from her gaze. He stood up and helped Sara to her feet before he moved towards the door.

"No, Ian, please don't!" Sara cried desperately, fearing for his safety if he was to return home.

The use of his first name startled him into stopping. He turned to face Sara, fresh tears streaming down her face. "Sara, I must go. Irons will do something if I do not. And that would not be good for you."

"Ian, please, stay." Sara practically begged.

"Why, Sara?" Ian did not know why Sara wanted him to stay. And as much as he wanted to, he feared for Sara because of irons if he was to do so.

Sara sobbed even more as she walked forward. She might have tried to stop the tears because of her hatred for them, but she was focused entirely on Ian. "I don't want him to hurt you." She whispered. She walked even closer and touched a scar over his left eye that she wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for the vision.

Ian stared down incredulously at Sara, all the while relishing in her soft touch on his face. "How did you…" then he saw the blade "wink" at him on Sara's wrist that she had raised to stroke his face. "You should not concern yourself with that, Lady Sara."

Sara forced herself to remove her hand, that way she could form an intelligible response. "Ian, this is just step one. If you keep going around thinking that your sacrifice is the only way you can help me, you'll get yourself k-killed." She managed to halt the sobs, but her tears were still streaming freely.

Ian's eyes flashed quickly with his longing for the woman in front of him. He thought it was fast enough for Sara not to notice through her tears. He was wrong. "Sara, I live to serve, aid, and lead you." He spoke with the same reverence that he had used in the great room before he had beaten.

"Then stay!" her mind, or it could have been the Witchblade, flashed her quick memories of Ian, her dreams of Ian, and the warnings and loss of the other Wielders that she had been given in dreams and visions.

"Why Sara?" he asked like he had before.

"Ian, I…" she trailed off as her voice broke.

"Yes, Sara?" Ian's eyes softened. His mind was running around like a dog chasing its tail with the notion that Sara might have been about to tell him that she cared for him. But he quickly quelled the impossible hope and dropped his head to hide the sorrow in his eyes from Sara.

"Uh-uh, none of that." Sara murmured. She put her hand beneath Ian's chin and gently lifted it up; nothing like Irons' way by force with his cane. "Ian, the blade has shown quite a few things lately." She physically cringed when the last vision she had been given crossed her mind. "And it made me open my eyes. Which is what you should be doing now." She joked, for Ian had closed his eyes to try and hide them from Sara. "Don't worry, I already know what's probably behind them. Because Ian," she took a breath to fortify herself for the inevitable rejection. Ian's eyes had also popped open. And in them was the same longing, desire, and love that they had had in the vision at the church. "Ian, I love you." She whispered.

Thinking only of retreat, she tried to back up, but Ian's hand closed themselves on her upper arms. It wasn't painful, but it was a solid enough force to keep her where she was. "Say it again." Ian begged, boldly staring into Sara's eyes.

"I love you." She spoke louder than her whisper and stepped closer.

"Again!" Ian ordered, stepping closer as well.

"I love you." She was now touching Ian's chest and her head was tilted up to still stare into his caramel eyes that were screaming utter joy and love.

Ian bent his head down, determined to enact one of the many dreams he had had about Sara. "Again." he breathed.

"I love you, Ian Nottingham." She whispered before her mouth was captured by Ian's.

One thing turned into another and they ended up in the bedroom. That night was what the Blade had been waiting for since Elizabeth Bronte was killed. But it still had two things to attend to. So leaving the lovers to their own devices, the essence of the Witchblade traveled across town to Irons' mansion.

Hello, Kenneth. The Blade sang in his sleeping mind.

Irons awoke with a start and the most painful throbbing he had ever felt in his right hand. Blood was trickling down from his brands from the Witchblade. "What do you want with me?" his voice shook with fear. The Blade had spoken to him like this. And he could also not ignore the feeling of forebode and despair that was settling onto him, also work of the Blade.

I came to give you warning your end. Your time of imaginary power is over, Pretender! The Wielder and Protector have beaten your attempts to change fate. Why do you not see for yourself? The Blade was very happy to get rid of Irons. It had not had the power before to be rid of him before, but now it did because of the joining of the Wielder and the Protector.

Irons concentrated on the mark on his hand. He felt a fleeting moment of pleasure greater than he thought possible before it morphed into a pain worse than he thought possible. "That is impossible!" He gasped through his clenched teeth.

Nothing is impossible, and there are no such things as coincidences. Your interfering is actually what brought them together, Kenneth. That is why I will be merciful and cut your tie with the Wielder, Protector, and I. Goodbye, Kenneth. And if I ever see you again, which will not happen because of Lord Ian, I will gladly ask Lady Sara to run you through with me. And it would kill you that time. The Blade faded back to Sara's apartment, taking Irons' connection with it.

It returned to find the lovers asleep in the each other's arms. The Blade flashed in joy as it moved onto the final part of its plan.

Ian… Lord Ian, I must speak with you. The Blade called out to him. It was the first time it had ever called out to a man with peaceful intentions. Lord Ian, this is the Witchblade. There is something before I let you have Lady Sara wholly.

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