First off, an explanation. If you know me and what I write, you're probably like: What? A musical? She's writing a fanfiction for a musical? Huh?

Yeah…I didn't think it would happen either. But the thing is, I've been a big fan of the Musical Cats since I was really small and I found it in my closet of videos and re watched it, therefore reawakening my love for it. I discovered a lot of things about it I didn't understand when I was little. (Cough) Some of you know what I mean.

But for those who only read my anime/manga fanfictions, rest assured I am not abandoning those. I have no idea where this is going to be honest. I might end up abandoning it half way through, who knows?

But for those who are still here and plan on reading this, there will be many random pairings and I have no idea who Plato will end up with in the end. Plato is my favorite cat. :) So yeah, read on!

Plato had always been very calm and reserved, almost the polar opposite of his brother Alonzo. Though they were kin, there appeared to be nothing between them at all, their markings and personalities so different that Plato was often assumed to be part of the litter with Coricopat and Tantomile. He went largely unnoticed by the rest of the tribe, not that he minded very much, but it was starting to get tiring.


"Hello, Plato," Munkustrap greeted. He was on his morning patrol, per usual, and was passing by the old pipe that Plato often lounged on in the morning.

"Good morning," Plato responded, nodding at him politely.

Unlike other mornings, Munkustrap stopped and sat in front of Plato, shifting uneasily as he tried to find the right words for what he wanted to say. Plato let him shift, not wanting to pressure the other tom into saying something he'd regret later. Finally, he spoke.

"You know Victoria, correct?"

"Yes," Plato answered. Who didn't know Victoria? She was easily the most beautiful of the older kittens and definitely the nicest, always looking out for the others. There didn't seem to be a flaw within her. She was also the daughter of Jellylorum and therefore well looked after.

"Well…Deuteronomy needs someone to bring her into adulthood at this coming Jellicle ball and-"

"Munku, no," Plato interrupted, calling the tom by his old nickname back when they had been kits. "Get Quaxo to do it, he's in love with her and she him."

"He's barely half-grown," Munku sighed, glancing away from Plato.

"Tugger?" Plato asked, desperate to find someone else.

"You know how Victoria is a fan of his, she'd be too nervous. We're only thinking of her welfare and you have a very calm disposition that seems to calm others down," Munku continued. "That's what Deuteronomy says."
"So it's an order from him," Plato muttered. "Then I guess I can't object."

"That's not all," Munku said.

"What else is there?" Plato asked, getting frustrated despite his usually cool temper.

"Deuteronomy doesn't want this to be completely unfeeling, you know how he is about that," Munkustrap said. "So it would be best if you befriend her before the ball."

Plato held in a sigh, knowing it would reflect badly on him, and instead nodded. "Fine. I guess I'll get down to business than."

Munkustrap sighed. "I am really sorry Plato. I know you don't want to do this but you did such a good job with Cassandra last time-"

"Cassandra's a whore," Plato interrupted, eyes narrowed.

Munku tried not to smirk. "You shouldn't say such things."

"They're true," Plato said.

"I'll talk to you later, Plato," Munku said, giving him a small wave goodbye before continuing on his way.

Plato waited until he was out of sight before getting to his feet and stretching. He was definitely not looking forward to this.


"Well look who it is," crowed a voice.

Plato continued walking past the trunk of the red car, not sparing Bombalurina a single glance. She reminded him of Cassandra and she seemed to constantly be trying to get his attention; it must upset her that she could juggle all the other toms except for him and Coricopat. He knew Coricopat had his eyes on his sister and he…well…he didn't really care for any of the queens at all though he enjoyed Demeter's company. Too bad she had already mated with Munkustrap or he might've considered settling down.

"Hey, don't you are ignore me," Bombalurina scoffed, leaping down to block his path.

"Bombie!" Demeter objected from her place on the car.

"I am going somewhere," Plato sighed. "Move."

"Not before you have a conversation with me. You never pay attention at all to me," she said, a sultry pout on her lips.

"We're having a conversation right now. And now we're not," he growled, brushing her aside.

"You'll fall, Plato, just like everyone else," she sniffed.

Right, right, he thought tiredly, making his way over to where he knew Victoria would be sunning with her friends, Jemima and Electra. They were sunning on a bare path of ground, far away from the others, insuring the privacy he wanted. He felt awkward enough socializing in front of people; if he could cut the number down of people who would be around, he would.

"Hello Plato!" Jemima said, perking right up and fixing him with a bright smile. "I haven't seen you out much."

"I haven't wanted to be," he said dryly, not caring that his words weren't exactly nice.

Jemima shrugged them off easily. "I'm sorry to hear that. I've missed seeing you around."

"If you don't want to be out, than why are you here?" Victoria asked, opening a single blue eye to look up at him. The words weren't cruel, just curious.

"I need to speak with you alone, Victoria. I apologize, Jemima, Electra," he said cordially.

"No problem at all," Electra said, her tone clearly saying otherwise but she stalked off before he had a chance to say something back to her.

Jemima gave him an apologetic look and slunk after the other kitten. With a heavy sigh, he sat down beside Victoria and flicked his tail back and forth, agitated. Victoria did not speak, preferring to keep her eyes close and rest, seeming to know that when he was ready, Plato would speak.

"Old Deuteronomy has requested something of me," he started.

"He wants you to bring me into adulthood, yes?" she asked, glancing up at him, finally getting to her feet and sitting properly.

"Yes," he answered, looking at her.

"So? It's a fact, there's no need to talk to me about it, I understand," she said with a shrug.

"I…don't want it to be uncomfortable for you. I don't want to be some stranger to you."

"You are a stranger to most people in the tribe, Plato. No one really knows you," Victoria commented.

"I'm sure we can convince Deuteronomy to let you have your own choice. I know that-"

"Plato," Victoria interrupted, gently placing her hands on his shoulders, wrapping him in a soft hug. "Don't worry. You know what you're doing; you brought Cassandra through."

"Cassandra's a whore. Oh I'm sorry!" The words were automatic now whenever someone mentioned his one time dance with Cassandra.

Victoria laughed. "Don't worry, Plato. If you want this to go smoothly just relax and be yourself. If that is your opinion of Cassandra, then I can't change that. I'll even go as far as to say…well never mind that."

Plato shot a look at her, casually pulling himself out of her embrace; he wasn't one for such casual touching. "You were about to say you agree, weren't you?"

She blushed, glancing down at her hands. "No! I would never say that about a queen. Besides, she so beautiful and I-"

"If the next words out of your mouth are 'I want to be just like her' I suggest you stop now," he warned. "Otherwise you're in for a lecture."

Victoria giggled again. "I never realized you were so funny."

"I wasn't trying to be," he told her, surprised that he had come off that way.

"Plato," a soft voice interrupted.

He turned around to see Tantomile sitting behind them, glancing around nervously, and most odd of all, nowhere near Coricopat.

"Tanto…where's Corico?" he asked, slipping easily into a more relaxed state now that one of his closer friends was nearby.

"I don't know. I woke up and he was gone…" she murmured. "Sorry…Victoria."

"Oh don't worry at all," Victoria said, giving her a quick smile. "But where did he go?"

"Victoria…maybe you should go. This is something Tanto and I need to deal with personally," Plato said quietly, saying the words Tantomile didn't dare utter.

"Oh, I see. I'll talk to you later than," she said, getting to her feet and, with a flick of her tail across his nose, walked away.

Plato didn't give the tail flick a second thought, his mind more on the mysterious disappearance of Coricopat. He knew very well why the tom had disappeared but it wasn't something he could go and tell Tantomile, it wasn't for her to know; not yet.

"Do you know where he is?" she asked quietly, shifting restlessly. "I can't find him at all and his mind is cut off. He usually never cuts his thoughts off from me but I-"

Plato placed a paw over the queen's mouth. She was quickly moving into a fit of hysteria without her twin and he did not want it to come to such a thing.

"Calm down, Tanto. I'm sure he's fine. Let's go look for him, alright."

As he let Tanto lead him around, faking to look as well, his mind wandered. Coricopat had a very good reason for hiding from his sister so much. He had unhealthy feelings for her and therefore, was taking as much time as he could to try and get rid of them; how Plato was not totally sure, he only knew he was entrusted with the duty of making sure his sister didn't find out.

"Tantomile?" Plato turned around to see Coricopat carefully padding towards them across the ground, coming in from the entrance to the junkyard, showing that he had returned from somewhere beyond their usual home.

"Corico!" Tantomile squealed, something uncharacteristic for her but seeing as how she had been beside herself with worry, it was not surprising.

"Sorry for worrying you," he apologized quietly, nuzzling the top of her head and giving Plato a thankful look before returning his attention to his sister.

Plato quickly took his leave, heading back to his pipe for some much needed rest; he wasn't used to so much action in one day. Unfortunately, it seemed he was not able to get that as Rum Tum Tugger had decided to make himself known.

"Plato, my man, how's it going?" he asked, suddenly appearing beside the splotched tom and draping an arm around his soldiers.

"Fine until it you got here," he replied dryly, rolling his eyes and glancing at the other tom as they continued walking.

"Oh so sour," Tugger said with a grin. "So, I heard through the grape vine you'll be taking little Victoria during the Jellicle Ball."

"Don't start," Plato muttered.

"Oh but I must! She is one of my fan girls so I need to make sure you take proper care of her," Tugger told him, forcing him to sit down on the pipe they had reached before sitting down in front of him.

"Whatever," Plato sighed, getting ready for a long and most likely boring lecture.

"Victoria needs special care because well, she's my fan girl and like all my fan girls, I love her. So you better not let this be something that doesn't mean anything. It's gotta be special for her. You know, Cassandra said she hated you-"

"Way to stab my self-esteem," Plato said, rolling his eyes.

"Her words, not mine. Anyways, she needs to feel wanted by you so I need to make sure you become friends with her. Now, since she's my fan girl, I know what she likes and what she doesn't like; I have to take care of them otherwise they'll leave me, you know what I'm saying?" Tugger continued.

"Sure," Plato agreed, just to make the other tom happy.

"Good. Now, she likes daisies. Don't know why but she loves them. So next time you go to see her, bring her a bouquet, alright?" Tugger asked.

"If you insist."

"Good man. I'll come talk to you some more later, just to make sure you're seducing her correctly," he told him.

"Alright, Tugger. Now would you leave me to my nap?" Plato asked impatiently.

"Yeah, yeah."

Plato sighed with relief when the tom left, lying down and placing his head in his paws. Finally, a much needed nap.