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Plato awoke when a gentle paw prodded his side and he opened a lazy eye to glare at the one who had disturbed his sleep. The glare faded when he saw it was Tumblebrutus, one of the few friends he had.

"What's with the glare?" the other tom questioned, a small smirk on his lips.

"Sorry, I've had a rather annoying day," Plato apologized, slowly getting to his feet and stretching.

"I'll say. I haven't seen you give anyone a glare like that in a long time," Tumble muttered. "So what happened? You shouldn't be upset now that the moon is coming out. The moon always makes things better."

"Yes, I know, Tumble," Plato murmured, glancing up at the Jellicle moon. "It's just Old Deuteronomy wants me to do the mating dance with Victoria and everyone is enjoying bugging me."

"Didn't you do that with-" Tumble started.

"Cassandra, yes. She's a-"

Tumble interrupted him with a laugh. "We all know your thoughts on Cassandra, Plato. You can stop there."

Plato looked down and kneaded the ground with his claws. "Sorry."

"It's fine. How is Coricopat?" Tumble asked, also knowing exactly what was going on with the male twin.

"I have no idea. We haven't talked but Tantomile was really worked up when she couldn't find him. He cut off their telepathic link and she freaked out," Plato told him. "I really hope he works this out soon or at least tells her what he feels because this is putting much unneeded stress on Tanto. And me…"

Tumble laughed again. "You need to just relax, Plato."

"I was but someone woke me up," Plato said, giving Tumble a teasing glare.

"Hey, if it were my choice I'd leave you be but Tugger wants us to rehearse our dance for the song he's singing at the Ball," Tumble told him.

"Tell Tugger he can shove it up-"

"Alright Plato. Any specific reason you're mad at him now?" Tumble sighed with a roll of his eyes.

"He was lecturing me about how I have to take good care of Victoria because she's his fan girl," Plato said.

"Well then…if that doesn't show his selfishness I don't know what will," Tumble muttered. "Anyways, I'll give him your message. I don't know how well he'll take it."

"Badly I hope."

Tumble grinned. "I'll let you know."

After Tumblebrutus padded away, Plato turned his gaze up to the moon and felt a sudden urge to dance come over him; the moon did that to him sometimes. He glanced around nervously and then slunk away to an even quieter area of the junkyard, right near the edge under the shady cover of trees so he wouldn't be disturbed. He hated it when people watched him dance, it was much easier to do so when the others were dancing around him.

After a few minutes, he closed his eyes and submit himself to the moon's will, springing into motion and letting the internal melody flowing through his head lead him. He always did this when he was dancing alone; let the moon wave her bright hands and control him like a puppet. It felt good to just let himself go and put someone else in control every once in awhile.

Like the times before, his mind lost track of time as he danced, paws flying over the ground as if nothing could stop him. The confidence only came from the fact that he was alone and no one else was watching and he knew that once the Ball came around, he would be able to hide under the cover of others and act as if he was not there; blending in with the crowd. It was his specialty after all.

It was then that he suddenly felt eyes on him. Abruptly, he came to a halt, the hairs on the back of his neck standing straight up and with a hiss, he whirled around, ready to face the one who dared invade his privacy. He was surprised to see Victoria stepping away from him.

"Victoria, I apologize," he said quickly. "You scared me."

"I've never seen you dance alone before," she said quietly. "And when I saw that you were I wanted to come closer and watch. I'm sorry."

Plato softened a bit at her tone. She was only curious after all. "It's alright."

"Well…are you going to keep going?" she asked, tilting her head to the side.

"No, I'm done," he told her. There was no way he was going to continue now. It just wouldn't be the same.

"Oh, sorry. It's my fault isn't it?"

He didn't see a sense in lying and just nodded. "I prefer to dance alone."

"But with Cassandra you danced so beautifully and just now-"

"I prefer to dance alone," he said. "I only dance in the spotlight when I have to."

Victoria frowned again, obviously upset. "I feel horrible making you do this."

Plato sighed. "It's not your fault. If the order comes from Deuteronomy I will agree happily. It's just something I don't feel comfortable doing."

"I still…feel bad."

"You're too kind for your own good," Plato muttered.

Victoria blushed and was about to speak when a familiar scent filled Plato's nose. It was Tantomile but he could smell the fear that radiated off of her as she bounded towards him and a cold sense of dread filled his stomach as she suddenly tackled him, weeping into his shoulder.

"Tanto? What is it?" he asked worriedly, glancing at Victoria.

Victoria was rooted to the spot, shocked at the crying Tantomile and she quickly knelt beside them, putting a reassuring paw on her back.

"Coricopat…" she started before breaking off into another sob.

"What happened with Coricopat?" Victoria asked softly, gently stroking Tantomile's back.

"Says he loves me!" Tantomile blurted.

Plato winced and held Tantomile closer even as Victoria reeled away, surprised at the words. "Perhaps it would be best if you leave," he suggested.

Victoria nodded and fled quickly, leaving Plato alone to comfort Tantomile. As she continued to weep, he spoke.

"What did you do after he said that?"

"I ran here," Tantomile answered, finally calming down enough and pulling away so she could look at him.

"Do you love him?"

Plato didn't know why he dared ask the question so fast but as he waited for Tantomile to answer he figured it was because he wanted this to be as quick and painless as possible for everyone involved. She hiccupped and hid her face in his chest, still not answering. The smell of Coricopat nearing them entered his nose and he saw the other cat hiding in the bushes a few feet away from them and Plato hoped desperately that Tanto couldn't smell him. Maybe he could work a confession out of her.

"I do love him," she mumbled.

Not sure if Corico had heard her, Plato said, "What was that?"

"I said I do love him, the same way he loves me," she said, pulling herself out of his chest and looking him in the eye. "But I'm so afraid because it's just so…wrong."

"It is not. Love is love Tanto," he told her with a small smile. He glanced over her head to look at Coricopat and saw that he was smiling happily.

Tanto followed his gaze, eyes widening fearfully when she saw him there. "Corico!"

"You two need to work this out on your own," Plato told her, standing up and slowly guiding her to her brother.

Coricopat hugged her tightly, his eyes speaking for him with his thanks. Plato just nodded before slipping off into the night.


"Plato, Tumblebrutus gave me your message."

Plato came to a halt and turned to fact Tugger who was stalking towards him. Looked like he wasn't going to be getting to his den anytime soon.

"And?" he asked, eager to get this conversation over with.

"Why do you hate me so much, man? What'd I ever do to you?" he demanded, coming to a halt in front of him. "Are you jealous or is it something else entirely?"

"You conceited ass. No I'm not jealous of you. I prefer to keep to myself," Plato growled.

"Whatever happened to you worshipping me?" Tugger asked curiously.

"That was awhile ago. I don't anymore. You repulse me with the way you break those poor queen's hearts," Plato hissed, backing away from him.

Tugger frowned. "I'm just teasing them. They know I'm never going to do anything serious with them. It's just fun and games. I thought you knew that."

"Yeah, I do. But some people don't," Plato grumbled, thinking back to Bombalurina at the last Ball. He had heard Demeter and Bombalurina talking and as much as he hated the red queen, she didn't deserve to be treated the way Tugger treated her. No one did. He embarrassed her way too much in front of the others.

"Like who?" Tugger demanded.

"You're too shallow to notice so why should I tell you?" Plato sighed. "Now I'm leaving; I need sleep."

"Not so fast. I also talked to Victoria," Tugger said, stopping him easily. "I've heard some interesting things."

Plato tensed, instantly readying himself for a fight. He knew most would not accept Tantomile and Coricopat and there was no way he was going to let Tugger say anything bad about them.

"Like what?" he asked.

"Coricopat and Tantomile?" he asked, raising a fine eyebrow.

"Are together. And?" His voice grew dangerous, allowing his fur along his spine to rise.

"Calm down," Tugger snapped, growing more serious than he usually tended to be. "I don't care. It's just…surprising. And the second thing is…she caught you dancing, hm? Care to tell me more?"

"I like to dance, we all do when under the influence of the Jellicle moon," Plato said as he began to relax a little more now that Coricopat and Tantomile were no longer the target, though he didn't like that it had shifted to him.

"Yeah but the way you do, or so she says."

Plato did not like the smirk Tugger ha developed. "What are you talking about?"
"I believer her exact words were: He dances so beautifully when he doesn't think anyone is watching." The last bit was in a fake high pitched voice and Plato winced although he was surprised that Victoria had said something like that.

"I don't know what to say," he muttered.

"I'd like to see you dance sometime, when you let the moon take you over. Everyone always dances differently when they think no one is watching, hm?" he asked, raising his eyebrows once again.

"I'll make sure I'm alone next time," he said dryly. "Now I'm going to sleep and you aren't stopping me this time."

"Of course not," Tugger agreed, stepping aside. "Just make sure you bring her daisies."


The next morning he was awakened by Tantomile and Coricopat attempting to sneak in and curl up on either side of him like they usually did. It wasn't yet light out and he could only guess they had been talking things out the entire night and were just now trying to get some rest before the day started.

"Sorry for waking you, Plato," Tantomile said, knowing full well that they had awoken him. She always did know.

"It's fine," he said with a yawn, getting to his feet and stretching. "Are you two okay now?"

"Yep," she said cheerfully. "We'll talk later."

"Of course. See you later Corico."

With a polite nod, he moved out of the den and into the dawn. As usual, he started with a leisurely walk around the outskirts of the junkyard. It was something he had always done in the mornings, a way to gather his thoughts for the day. Presently, he was searching for daisies; he had no idea where they would possibly be seeing as how his knowledge of plant life was none at all.

"Plato, you're up early," a voice said, interrupting his thoughts.

Plato turned to see Munkustrap following behind him, no doubt on his morning patrol.

"I was awakened by Tantomile and Coricopat," he said with a shrug. "I didn't see a point in going back to sleep."

"I see. Are you looking for daisies?" he asked, a knowing smile on his lips.

"Tugger?" he assumed.

"Of course. He's my brother so he tells me everything," Munku said. "You might want to try the back entrance of the Junkyard though. If that doesn't work, you'll have to check outside of here."

"Thanks, Munkustrap."

"No problem."

They parted ways and Plato started for the back entrance of the junkyard, wondering briefly how Munkustrap knew where the flowers would be and eventually chalking it up to the fact that Munkustrap simple knew everything.

He was correct, of course, Plato wasn't even surprised that he was. He managed to pick quite a few of the white daisies before carrying them off to his den where Corico and Tanto still lay. Without disturbing them, he laid the white flowers down before darting out into the morning light and heading for his usual pipe, sprawling across it and watching with lazy eyes as everyone else began to rise and go about their business.

Once he saw Victoria and Jemima head for their usual spot, he got to his feet to retrieve his daises only to be stopped by Alonzo.

"Hello," Alonzo said brightly. "So I haven't been able to talk to you lately and I've heard-"

"Don't even start," Plato grumbled.

"Oh, but brother, it's so much fun to watch you squirm," Alonzo teased.

"Don't you have a whore to go entertain?" Plato sighed, referring to Alonzo's mate, Cassandra.

Alonzo wrinkled his nose. "Heavyside knows what she's doing right now. Most likely waking up with a tom she doesn't remember hooking up with."

"So why don't you ditch her?" Plato asked. "It's the smart thing to do."

"Have you ever-"

"Yes, I've slept with her, she's not that great."

Alonzo's eyes narrowed. "Whatever. I'll talk to you later. Let me know if you need help wooing Victoria."

"Why does everyone think I'm so hopeless at doing these things?" Plato grumbled.

Alonzo sighed and sat down, fixing him with a stare. "You come off as shy and unsocial able, Plato. You have this very…I don't know how to explain it…repelling feeling about you. It isn't until you try and calm people down that you become approachable."

"I never noticed," Plato said, tilting his head to the side.

"Whatever. I'll see you later."

And with that, the white and black tom disappeared. Plato headed off towards his den like he had originally planned to.