Title: Windsor Knots

Beta: Many thanks to luvscharlie at livejournal.
Rating: General Audiences.
Word Count: 554
Summary: Who taught you to tie a windsor knot? Implied Ron/Draco. Very fluffy drabble.
Author's Notes: I have no idea if I gave the correct directions for tying a Windsor knot. I went based off of memory. Sometimes real life is the best inspiration.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters, I'm only borrowing them. J.K. Rowling has the best toys.

Severus Snape cleared his throat to get the attention of the five boys gathered around his desk as he pulled a green, silk tie across his shoulders and around his neck. Once he had the attention of the new students, he began his monologue in an acidic voice.

"Pay attention, gentleman, as I'm only going to show you this once. It will be your responsibility to look presentable from now until the day you leave these halls. Should I catch any of you with one thread out of place, I will deduct points."

Once Snape had decided that the new first years looked properly nervous, except for the sneering blond in the corner who already looked impeccable, he continued. Internally, he nodded in appreciation. At least Lucius had the sense to send his son to school prepared.

"Even out the ends of your tie, then pull the larger end down a few inches, just so. Now cross…"

"…the bigger side over the smaller side, and pull it around. Got it so far, guys?" Fred Weasley and his partner-in-crime, George, sat on ickle-Ronniekins' bed in the first year dorms, showing the five new students how to put together their uniforms. The charm for tying a tie wasn't taught until fifth year. After all, it never hurt to be able to do things for yourself. After a few minutes all five boys had completed the top half of their Windsor knot and nodded, although both Ron and Harry had confused expressions adorning their faces. George chuckled to himself and continued with his instructions.

"Now pull the tail through the top, so that it's on the outside. Lastly…"

… pull the front part of tie around and through the hole, completing your knot. Now tuck the back into the loop on the back of the tie. Honestly, Potter, didn't you learn this in first year?" Draco asked with an annoyed smirk.

Harry rolled his eyes in response as he replied, "Fred and George tried, but I never could get the hang of it. Thankfully, I had a walking library as a best friend. After two weeks of straightening mine and Ron's crooked ties, Hermione looked up the charm and taught it to us."

"If you already know the charm, why in Merlin's name didn't you use it?" Draco asked, then let out a loud exhalation through his nose. Malfoys did not sigh. "I take it this means I'll have to adjust Ronald's tie when we reach the altar? Father is probably spinning in his grave."

"I'm sure Hermione has already done so. And I didn't use the charm because sometimes a person wants to do things for himself. Erm, thank you for showing me, anyhow."

"Whatever, Potter. I suppose those muggles you lived with would never have bothered, bloody ingrates. Father made me tie one of his ties around my neck over and over before our first day, so that I'd have the hang of it before school started. I feel as if I spent the next seven years tying four ties every morning. At least no one lost any points." Draco smirked at the memory of his Head of House threatening the first years.

Harry chuckled as the music started, "We'd better go, or Ron will think you're tying a noose around my neck."