Author's Note: The idea for this story came for me when I wondered, "What happened the first time somebody said Voldemort's name after it became Taboo?"

Well, we know what happened. Dolohov and Rolfe used the Taboo to chase after Harry, Hermione and Ron at Tottenham Court Road. But still. There's another story to be told about the Taboo: this story.

The Taboo

Voldemort should have been overjoyed. In one fell swoop, he had killed Rufus Scrimgeour and overthrown the Ministry of Magic. Absolute control of Britain was now his.

But that Potter boy...that insufferable Potter boy...had managed to escape.

"You idiots!" Voldemort shouted at them. "You let Harry Potter get away?!"

"It might not have been Harry Potter, my Lord," Dolohov pleaded. "We don't know who it was."

"That's because whoever it was Modified your memories, you idiots! CRUCIO!"

Dolohov and Rolfe twitched on the ground. The sight calmed Voldemort down slight. Very slightly.

"From now on, I want as many Death Eaters as possible sent whenever somebody breaks the Taboo!" Voldemort ordered. "And when that happens, you are to immediately attack EVERYONE IN SIGHT! No one must be allowed to escape!"

"Yes, my Lord," all the Death Eaters muttered in unison.

After forcing the Malfoy child to perform the Cruciatus Curse on Dolohov and Rolfe, Voldemort retired to his room for the night. As was his custom, he spoke to Nagini before going to sleep.

"Today was a good day, Nagini," Voldemort said. "I now control the Ministry of Magic. Soon, very soon, the Potter boy will be caught. Nobody can stand up to Lord Voldemort and get away with it!"

Immediately, twenty Death Eaters Apparated into the room. Shouts of "Crucio!" "Stupefy!" and "Avada Kedavra!" filled the air.

"NOT ME! YOU FOOOOOOLS!" Voldemort cried, seconds before he was hit by a Stunning Spell and lapsed in unconsciousness.

The room fell silent as the Death Eaters realized what they had done. They looked at each other, and unanimously decided to leave and pretend nothing had ever happened.

And that's why the Taboo isn't such a great idea after all.