I sighed for the millionth time as I unsuccessfully tried to rearrange my gorgoues blonde curls. My beautiful polar blue eyes stared back at me. I gazed at my reflection fro a minute, and smiled contently.

"I am the epitome of perfection," I purred to myself, chin placed delicately in the palms of my hands. I heard a snort, and I swiveled around to see my younger sister Isabella trying on a green dress in the corner in front of our gold gilded full length mirror. She turned around to face me, the dress fanning out around her waist.

"Mooning over yourself already Rosalie?" she asked me. I glared at her, nad turned my back to her. Bella sighed and came up behind me, leaning over me with her pale, slender arms intertwined around my neck. I glared once more, removing myself from her cold and spiteful embrace.

"Why don't you finish getting ready Bella darling? You should really go finish your hair," I said sweetly, fluffing up my own hair. Bella crossed her arms and scowled at me.

"My hair is finished Rose," she said through tight lips. I pouted my lips, and cocked my head to one side in a confused manner.

"Really? You must have styled it in the dark then," I quipped cheerily. Bella gasped and hurled a colorful insult at my retreating back. It took all of my will power to suppress my giggle. I waltzed out of our bedroom, and stepped daintily out into the hallway. I sniffed experimentally, and smiled in delight as I caught a whiff of bacon and eggs. Jasmine sure did know how to whip up a good breakfast.

"Come along now Bella. We mustn't be late for breakfast!" I called to my sister. Bella sighed and threw a hairbrush at me. I giggled, and ran down the stairs.

"Girls!" my father roared. I stopped running, smoothed out my skirt and bodice, and graciously glided down the rest of the marble staircase. My father was standing at the base of the stairs, beaming.

"How is my beautiful little angel?" he asked, swinging me around. I laughed, and patted my hair to make sure it was still intact. Bella came down the stairs soon after me, and grinned at father. He smiled back, and gave her a big hug.

"Well my two angels, I have a surprise for the two of you. In two weeks, we will be taking a cruise of sorts on our new ship!" I jumped up and down and squealed in delight. Bella just stood and stared at Father.

"Excuse me?" Father stopped smiling and looked at Bella in confusion.

"Bells…" she took a step back, a look of disgust on her face.

"No! How could you? You know how much I hate the ocean! Ew, it's gross and disgusting, and all sailors are pigs!" Father frowned.

"Isabella Marie Swan, do not talk back to me!" Bella glared at him.

"And don't you dare treat me like an insufferable child! I hate it!" she screamed. Father swallowed, and I could see that he was trying to control his temper. He always had a short fuse when it came to Bella.

"I treat you like an insufferable child because you are one!" he yelled through tight lips. Bella looked aghast. Her eyes became watery, and Father's face paled. He took a step forward, holding his arm out towards her. She shook her head, curls whipping about, and ran back up the stairs. A few moments later we heard the door slam. I sighed, and gave Father a hug.

"Do not feel bad Father. She is an insufferable child," I said soothingly. He looked at me.

"Do you still want to go on the ship?" I smiled up at him.

"I cannot wait," I responded truthfully.

I stood at the helm of the ship and gazed out at the sea rolling before me. I sighed and closed my eyes. This was what I missed. The open ocean, feeling the waves move beneath my feet, the salty sea air. Suddenly, Alice's face swam before my vision. I gasped and my eyes flew open. I felt a pain in my chest, and I swallowed hard. I had to do whatever it took to get her back.

"How's everything going captain?" Emmett asked me. I didn't respond. He sighed, and leaned on the railing.

"Look, I don't want to be here as much as you don't want me here, but we're stuck with each other. Got it?" I turned towards him, giving the wheel over to the helmsman. I stalked towards Emmett until he backed up against the railing.

"Listen to me. You're on my ship, you do what I say. Got it?" Emmett glared at me.

"I don't take orders except from my captain," he growled. I scowled at him.

"Good. Because right now I'm your captain. And I'm giving you the order to go below deck and get some rest." Emmett swallowed, and his lips tightened. After a few more minutes of our stare down, he swallowed once more and nodded curtly.

"Ay, ay captain," he said, and pushed past me. After he passed, I smiled and walked back over to the helm. Laurent looked up at me, and grinned.

"He finally got the message?" I nodded.

"Yeah. He won't like it, but eventually I think we can swing him over to our side."

"And then what?"

"Then we double-cross James into giving us what we want, with Emmett's help of course."

A/N- Hey guys, I really apologize for taking so long to update this. A lot of things have been going on around my home lately. My cousin recently lost his leg due to an injury in Iraq, and he isn't doing too well. I've also been pretty sick, so now I have tons of homework to make up. So please, bear with me if I don't exaclty update every week or day. Thanks. :)