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Carolyn's POV

"Hurry up, Seaweed Brain, we're going to miss the boat, and then we'll miss the beginning of school which won't be good!" Annabeth called to Percy from the dock of where they were entering the boat to go back home. Since I would no longer with them to supply protection in the sky, they had to take a boat.

Percy rolled his eyes in a, "Why would I care if I missed school again?" way, that made me smile.

"Have a fun time over seas!" I said giving pulling him into a hug that he tried to edge out of. "Hugs won't kill you Percy, besides, you hug Annabeth just fine." I said when he managed to get out of my grasp.

"It's going to be weird without you guys, no one else to keep me sane when I'm with her." Jade said to them. I gave her a questioning look, which she returned with a smirk.

We caught up to Annabeth at the end of the dock. She was tapping her foot impatiently as she leaned against the rail of the dock near where you entered the boat. "Annabeth, no one's here yet. We're early, you said we were late… you lied!" Percy accused while wagging his finger at her.

"I know you're not good at keeping time, so I lied about a half hour, how did I know that you'd be on time for once?" Annabeth said sharing a laugh with Jade and I.

"You females have the weirdest sense of humor. You think that men can't do a thing!" He said, pouting.

"Maybe that's because they can't." Jade said while playing with her shoulder length black hair.

"Besides, what do you have against women?" Annabeth said, folding her arms over her chest.

"Yeah, what's wrong with us Percy?" I said to add on to the drama.

"I well… I didn't mean THAT." He said, exasperated.

"If you hate women so much, why are you going out with me? Huh, Percy, why?" Annabeth demanded.

"Because you're pretty, uh… perfect?" Percy said flashing one of those please-forgive-me-I-was-uh-joking smiles.

"Yeah right. But either way, I'm stuck with you on this boat for the next few days so I might as well forgive you." Annabeth said looking from Jade to I.

"Thanks, I guess." He said.

"This is how you treat our relationship, as an 'I guess' attitude?" Annabeth said, now clearly just trying to tick Percy off.

"Well, you five days on a boat together to solve these problems!" I said, trying to get past this conversation. As much as I love drama and stuff, this conversation should end before it turns into an actual fight.


(A/N: For a nice effect, add the song, This is Home by Switchfoot)

"It looks like its time to board…" Annabeth said, looking at all the people crowding onto the walkways off the now open boat.

"Yeah… it looks like it." I said with a sigh. "Can't wait to see you again this summer!" I would be able to return to camp in the summer from now on, and I couldn't wait.

"Sorry to say this, but I'm not." Percy said, looking down.

"Oh right, the big war. If I were you, I wouldn't be looking towards this summer either." I said, feeling stupid for not remembering.

"Well, let's not think about that now." Jade said, trying to lighten up the mood.

"Yeah, I have two more minutes with my two new best friends and we're thinking about how we all might die this summer. We really should change the subject." I said.

"Well… goodbye for now… I guess." Annabeth said giving me and Jade a hug before heading up on the boat. Now it was Jade, Percy, and I left behind.

"I won't give you a hug, but I will shake your hand." I said plainly to Percy while I grabbed it and began to shake it violently, and added a Carolyn special to it.

"Owe! You didn't have to shock me while you're at it!" He said withdrawing his hand and shaking it out.

"Sorry, I just had to give you something to remember me by." I said with a smile. He and Jade said goodbye to each other as he boarded the boat and disappeared to go and meet Annabeth.

"I have to say, Jade, I think that this was the best winter holiday yet." I said to her.

"I have to agree-" She said cutting herself off, "Carolyn, did Percy and Annabeth replace me as your best friend, because earlier you-" This time I cut her off.

"Of course, their two of my best friends, Jade you know I have a lot of best friends, but only one of them is my BFF and that's you." I said to her.

"Carolyn! Jade!" Someone screamed from behind us, we quickly glanced at each other before turning around.

Percy and Annabeth were waving at us as the boat pulled out of the dock. We waved back and screamed, "See you soon." Or "Have a good trip!" until they were out of view.

Jade and I now began to walk faster back towards the city where we going to take a subway to a floo network.

When we got back inside Jade's house and her room we sat down on her bed. "Carolyn, we have some training to do." She said lying down on her bed.

"Why?" I asked while copying her by lying on her bed with our feel hanging out the horizontal end.

"Because this summer, in the war, you are fighting."


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