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Behold, Aslan's How

"Take it and go! It's more important than I am!" Caspian picked up Trufflehunter and threw him over his back. He held the horn in his hand, and ran as fast as he could from the Telmarine soldiers who were following right behind him.

Suddenly one fell. Then another. Caspian reached Nikabrik and handed Trufflehunter to him. "Take him and go. Do not come back for me. I will be fine." Nikabrik went a short way and then turned around to see what was happening.

Caspian drew out his sword . As if magic, the soldiers fell and died one by one. There was one left, who was spinning in circles trying to find the force that was killing his fellow soldiers.

He died to. The leaves in front of Caspian began to rustle, as something started to run towards him. Whatever it was, it was to small to be seen. Suddenly, a small blur came up from the ground, and landing on Caspian's chest, knocked him over. Caspian accidentally dropped his sword.

He wasn't sure whether he dropped his sword because of his fall, or his astonishment that a mouse stood on his chest aiming a sword at him.

"Draw your sword!" The mouse commanded. "I will not fight an unarmed man."

"But.. But.. you're a mouse!" The mouse rolled his eyes. He was obviously upset. "How many people have to say that to me! I think I know what I am! Anyway, pick up your sword! I will not fight one without a weapon!"

"That's why I think I might live longer if I do not cross blades with you, most noble mouse."

The mouse let out a snicker. "I said I would not fight. Not that I would not kill!"

"Reepicheep, stay your blade!" Caspian looked over to see Trufflehunter. He seemed ok after his most recent injury. "Trufflehunter? I hope you have a very good reason for this most untimely interruption."

"He doesn't. Go ahead. If you kill him, we'll share the stew we make out of his meat with you." "Gross," Reepicheep mumbled. He was about ready to thrust the sword through Caspian's throat.

"No! Reepicheep! He's the one who blew the horn!" Reepicheep was astonished. A telmarine? He back up a few steps, his mouth gaping.

"Then let him bring it forward." A centaur came riding forward and drew his sword. Caspian sat up. "For this is the reason we have gathered."

"Do you really think it can bring peace between us and the Telmarines? Really? Really?" A small squirrel spoke up for the first time that night. Caspian was surrounded by Narnians, some who believed he could and some who believed he couldn't save them.

Caspian leaned down and stroke his back. "Whether or not this horn is magical or not- It has brought us together. And together, we can take back what is ours!"

"If you will lead us, me and my sons offer you our swords." Glenstorm, the centaur who Caspian met in the woods spoke. "Would you really trust me with all your lives?" Caspian was astonished at their faith. "Not me," Nikabrik grumbled. "Yes," a young centaur girl stepped forward. "With all of our lives." Caspian smiled at her.

"I'm starving," Peter grumbled. "Anyone got any food?"

"Do you think food just appears right in front of you?" Susan asked. "The only food we've even seen since we've got here were those apples."

"So, what do we do tomorrow?" Edmund looked at Trumpkin. "Keep traveling. We are journeying to Aslan's How."

"What is Aslan's How?" Lucy was intrigued. "I will explain it in the morning. Right now, I want to sleep."

"We should all sleep," Susan added. "If we want to have any energy for tomorrow."

Lucy awoke from her dream. "Things don't happen the same way twice." Aslan's voice echoed in her head. She wanted to see if she could find Aslan. If he really was in the woods. She got up. "Susan, Susan!" Susan groaned. "Not right now Lu." She rolled over onto her other side.

Lucy slowly walked into the forest. She heard a noise. "Aslan?" Just then someone pushed her down and cupped a hand over her mouth. It was Peter. He slowly walked forward. There, in the middle of the path, was a minotaur.

"Aaaahhhh!" A boy about Peter's age jumped out of behind a tree, and thrust his sword at him. Peter blocked. The loud noise of battle echoed around the forest.

"Stop!!" Lucy couldn't take it any longer. "Peter!" Someone else's voice rang out- Susan's. Peter looked at him- then he looked behind him. Hundreds of Narnians ran out from hiding in the forest towards him. He looked back at the boy. "Prince Caspian?" "Yes?"

Caspian looked at Peter's sword which he finally managed to pull out of the tree where Peter had accidentally got it stuck. He looked at it carefully. "King Peter?" Peter nodded his head. "But- I was expecting someone a little bit older." "Yes- everyone's been telling us that. Would you like us to go back and come back in a few years?"

"Uhh… no- you're just not what I expected."

Caspian looked at Peter one more time. Then He looked at every else. There was a very beautiful red haired girl with blue eyes- but Caspian didn't seem to care. He scanned his eyes across Edmund and then Lucy, but once he reached Susan, he stopped.

She was so beautiful! She had long dark brown hair and crystal blue eyes. Hazel freckles beautifully dotted her face. He caught her eye and she looked away and blushed.

"Neither are you," Edmund said, breaking Caspian's train of thought.

Just then Reepicheep came running forward. He bowed. "Your majesty. We are gathering troops for your army."

"Ahhhh, he's so cute!"

"Who said that?" Reepicheep flailed around wildly, his sword drawn.

Lucy stuttered a little. "Oh, sorry." "Oh, your majesty, courageous, chivalrous…. But not cute."

Peter had been carrying on his conversation with Caspian as Reepicheep and Lucy had been talking, but now Lucy started to listen in. "…every sword we can get." Lucy was confused. "So you probably want yours back." Caspian handed Peter his sword and they began to march off.

Susan stared at Caspian as they walked towards the How. He was so handsome…. Susan mentally smacked herself. Being handsome isn't every thing! What if he was mean, cruel, proud? He would probably never even like me anyway!

"Your majesty?" Susan snapped out of her thoughts to see Caspian beside her. Oh, crap! She thought. "Yes?" She tried to sound as relaxed as possible. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine, thank you." Susan smiled at him, his chocolate brown eyes melting into hers. "I always wanted to meet the Kings and Queens of Old… and everyone was always trying to convince me that they didn't exist."

"Did you believe in us anyway?" "Well, sometimes I did, sometimes, well, sometimes I didn't. I wasn't sure what to believe. But then, once I met the Narnians, I was certain you did exist."

"Don't worry, it was hard for me to believe that Narnia existed when Lucy first discovered it. I was very unbelieving at first, but while in Narnia, I guess- I guess from Lucy I learned to be more trusting."

Their conversation continues on for a while until someone shouted, "We're there!" Susan looked forward. There was a massive shelter of some sort covered in green plants. "Wow," she whispered, her voice barely audible. They walked to the front of the group with Rilia, Peter, Lucy and Edmund. As they reached the front, Susan accidentally brushed against Caspian's shoulder. For the next five minutes she was the only thing he could concentrate on.

Now it was Caspian's turn to beat himself up. He was mentally kicking and smacking himself. You only just met her! You can't be in love with her! It's ridiculous!

Everyone had seen Caspian and Susan talking. To them all, it was obvious something was sparkling between them. Most of them didn't mind, or were happy, but Peter wasn't sure if he minded or not.

It was his sister. His mother had told him to look after her. She was his responsibility. But then again, how much harm could Caspian do? Peter decided no to think about this right now. Just wait, he thought, let's wait and see what happens.

Peter looked back at them. He saw Caspian continually glancing at her. It was obvious he liked her. And it was obvious that she liked him. It can't go much farther than this, he thought, so I have nothing to worry about.

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