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Summary: Itex was destroyed thousands of years ago along with the world we know and love. Now, in the world of Yer, hybrids and mutants of all sorts rule the land and sea. Only one can rule the skies: Kaltezira. Having grown up with a group of people that seem to be worlds apart from her, she believes she is alone. Roaming the skies of Yer, she searches for a place she belongs, a place she calls home. When she finds such a place, it turns out that 'home' might not be as good as it seems.

So let the story begin! enjoy!

Prologue: Why Am I Different? Why Am I Alone?

Supposedly, it was my eleventh birthday. We never had a very good system of telling time, or knowing dates, in the middle of the forest. Never to have an age I could count on all ten fingers now. I sat up at my old war post, basically, a wooden platform at the top of a tree where I could be alone. No one, besides me and Balvor, when he was really motivated to climb all the way up here, could get up here.

Balvor was the only parental figure in my life. He was the father I knew I would never know. When I was younger, I had wished that he was my father. Then I was reminded that we looked nothing alike, his blond hair hung into his eyes that I don't know the color of while my brown hair went in a hundred directions, hung to my shoulders, and made my hazel eyes blend in. Only our quickness, agility, and height kept my hopes up that maybe, just maybe, I looked more like my mother and he was my father. But today, I wasn't pondering the possibility that Balvor, the leader of the Rez people, was my father. I was thinking about something a bit more important.

Today I had realized that I was taller than all of my friends, if you would call them that. I prefer to call them companions. I was a good two inches than all of the fully grown Rez people. Now I had started to notice the differences between me and the people I had grown up with. While they were forever frozen at five feet tall, I was still growing. My brown, dry, knotted, hair, looked like dirt compared to the brilliant fire red hair growing from their scalps. Their eyes looked as if a fire burned behind the irises and could easily make my hazel eyes look plain and simple. Their ability to burn things by just thinking of it, made them outshine me like a weak flame being compared to the sun.

I was an outcast in this world of Yer, the planet of freaks. I didn't belong here, with the Rez people that is. How I got here I had no idea. Maybe, I was unwanted. Or I was just some sort of experiment, something created to see how I would come out, how long I would live. Something made me more of an outcast than anything. They were the reason I was the only person, Balvor excluded, who could get up here. My wings, the wings that rested upon my back, pushed through the slits in my shirt Balvor had cut. I loved my wings; there was no doubt in that. They were as black as the darkest night with tips that looked like each feather had been dipped in blood. The red was deeper than the red of the hair or the eyes of the Rez people; you could only cut yourself and gaze at the blood that dripped from the wound to see such a red.

"Hey, Kalte," Balvor said as he pulled himself up onto the branch below me.

"Hey, Balvor," I replied, not taking my eyes off the horizon.

"So, you're eleven now." I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, and it could be the last birthday I ever have. No one knows when I'm gonna just die," I replied, sarcasm dripping from my words. I could drop dead any second for all they knew.

"I don't think that's gonna happen," Balvor answered, pulling himself up onto the platform and sitting next to me. He obviously knew something I didn't, but I wasn't going to press the issue. For all I know, if I asked, he would tell me that I was going to die tomorrow.

"No one's holding you here, Kalte," he said, catching my gaze on the horizon. I looked at him and tilted my head like a confused dog. "You can always just go. No one's going to stop you."

"I'm not ready to leave yet," I said, returning my gaze to the horizon. "I want to wait until my chances of dying in the real world are almost zero." I had been learning how to use a bow and arrow and to fight, like with my hands, and I was getting really good. Balvor chuckled and nodded.

"Well, there is, believe it or not, a good reason that I joined you up here," he replied.

"Really?" I asked, surprised.

"Yes, really," he answered. He reached his hand into his pocket and pulled something out. The strange square shaped thing was smaller than my hand, light blue in color with a whitish circle under a black square.

"What is it?" I asked, taking it from his hands and examining it in my own.

"It doesn't really have a name, but it plays music. It's from the time of the early humans, the ones without mutations, before our world began," Balvor explained. "No one else really had a use for it, so I figured you might want it. It's your birthday, you deserve something for putting up with everyone here for eleven years." I laughed at the last part. Balvor smiled down at me, gave me a hug, and then began to climb down the tree again.

"Thanks, Balvor," I said, fiddling with the music thing.

"Happy birthday, Kalte," he replied. And as he descended the tree, disappearing from my view, I thought I saw his eyes, and I thought they were hazel.

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