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Chapter 1 Results

Shikamaru and Temari were surprisingly married. Kankuro couldn't believe Temari got married to Shikamaru. Well, everyone was. Temari is 24 and Shikamaru is 21. They were living in the Leaf Village. They were married a year and a half ago. But now, Temari was running for the bathroom for the ninth early morning in a row. She leaned into the toliet and let out everything. Temari hated this. In the bedroom Shikamaru was waking up from the light. Shikamaru was getting worried about Temari. When Temari finished, she brushed her teeth and headed back to bed. But she didn't know Shikamaru was awake.

"Why do wake me up every morning? Why can't you go use the bathroom quietly?" Shikamaru asked sleepy.

"You try waking up for the past week and a half vomiting very early in the morning." Temari answered.

"But why are you sick?"

"I wish I knew."

"You need to find out why. I'm getting worried." Shikamaru said.

"I know I know. Just leave it for later. Let's get some sleep." Temari answered.

Another thing is that Temari will be sick and then eat a lot later in the morning. Shikamaru found that very weird. When Shikamaru left for training, Temari decided to go to Tsunade to see why she has been sick.


When Temari got to Tsunade's office door, she knocked.

"Come in!" A voice said coming from inside.

Temari walked in.

"Temari? It's kind of weird seeing you in here." Shizune said.

"Hello Temari. What is it that you need?" Tsunade asked.

"Well, for the past week and a half, I'll wake up before sunrise vomiting. Then...during the day I'll feel just fine." Temari asked kind of emmbarrassed.

"Did you have your period yet?" Shizune asked.

Temari shook her head no uncomfortable with the question. Though she just realized she hasn't.

"Well, I'll go run some tests on you. Shizune stay here if incase anybody comes." Tsunade said.

"Okay." Shizune answered.

"Temari follow me." Tsunade said.

Temari just nodded. Tsunade led Temari to a room she has never been in before.

"Lay down and pull your shirt up just above your rib cage." Tsunade instructed.

Temari did just that. Tsunade put some pressure on Temari's lower abdomen. She ran tests on that area.

"Well Temari, I'll be back in a few minutes with the test results. Just lay there." Tsunade said.

Temari just nodded. A couple minutes later Tsunade came back.

"So?" Temari asked.

"From what the tests say, you are pregnant Temari." Tsunade answered.

"What?" Temari said sitting up.

"You are two months pregnant Temari." Tsunade said.

"Oh." Temari said putting a hand on her stomach.

With that Temari left to go back home. Now Temari was wondering how everyone will react to the news. Mainly Kankuro and Shikamaru.

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