And They All Lived Happil…Or Not

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A/N: Okay guys this is my first GG fic. I'm having a great time working on this and hope you enjoy reading it. This is a post 2X13 fic that takes an AU turn. A story of lost love and tragedy. Only children and the foolish believed in magic and fairytales of happy endings. No one knew that better that those of the UES. Did they really have it all or was love as elusive and tragedy as rampant for the UESers as everyone else. This is very much a CxB story with DxS, & NxV and everything else somewhere in there in between. I'm not sure what else to tell you. So please read on and enjoy the ride. I know I am. And huge thanks to my girl Lynnie for nudging me right over the edge. Love ya, hon.


There was no such thing as "happily ever after." She'd figured that out after years spent watching her mother chase that elusive happy ending with one man after another. She and Blair would curl up around Dorota, listening as Cinderella lost and found her prince. Sighing at all the right parts, like when Aurora ended her eternal sleep and her kingdom reawakened with one sweet kiss. Serena stopped believing in fairytales long ago. Not Blair, though. Her best friend held on to hope and magic of those stories.

Sure Blair stopped pretending she was Belle, the day she fell in love with Audrey, but still… B loved her happy endings. She'd had her entire life plan laid out, with Nate as her prince by the time they hit middle school.

It'd been years before the blinders fell away and real-life taught Blair what Serena always knew. She'd played her part in her best friend's disillusionment but damn if Chuck hadn't done the rest. Serena shook her head, disbelief tangling her up inside.

A year. Just one year ago things had been different. Bart was alive. And her Mom had been happy. She'd seen them together. No matter what was happening now, she knew her Mom had felt something for Chuck's father. She'd been so mad at Chuck for ditching Blair, but then B came back with Lord Marcus and she'd watched them. Sniping. Hurting. In Love and not sure what the hell to do with it. Crazy but they'd made her feel hopeful and then Dan had shown up. For just a little while she'd started hoping…believing in those fairytales again. Just as quickly though. Everything fell apart again.

Teeth gnawing at her bottom lip, Serena reached for her phone, her breath catching in her throat at the sight of herself and Blair. Adorned in their caps and gowns, they'd laughed that day. Truly happy and joking. Making plans for the fall and Yale. Everyone had been there that day to cheer on the graduating class. Vanessa arrived with the Humphrey family but ended up sitting with Nate's mother. Harold and Roman had flown in. They'd sat with Lily and the Roses. Okay so not everybody made it. She hadn't spoken to Aaron since their disastrous trip to Argentina. And Chuck.

Chuck didn't make that last minute appearance as Blair hoped. As they all had. No matter how many times B pretended to be looking for her mother and Dorota, Serena had known exactly who her friend tried to spot in the crowd. She'd hidden her disappointment well from everyone except Serena.

"B, you okay?" Serena remembered asking, worrying her lip.

Caught, Blair had turned around offering an over bright smile that did nothing for the shadows in her eyes. "Hmm? I'm fine, S. I guess it's better that Nelly beat us out for valedictorian. Sorry, but I don't think I could handle losing to Cabbage Patch on top of everything else…"

Unerring, Serena's eyes had zeroed in on the back of Dan's head. "He got into Berkeley…"

"He did?"

"Yeah. Jenny told Eric about it. He just heard a few days ago."

"That's great. I guess, right?" Blair had shaken off her own concerns for the moment, worry coloring her voice as she studied her best friend. "You're happy about this, aren't you? We won't be running into him next fall. No more stilted conversations. No more failed attempts at friendship."

"Of course, I'm glad, B. It's a great opportunity. He and Rufus are flying to San Francisco in a few weeks. He got accepted to some summer program. It's good." She'd cringed inwardly, she tried for one of Blair's "everything's perfect, see I'm not falling apart" smiles and failed miserably

Thankfully before Blair had a chance to call her on it, Nelly was finished and it was time to walk across the stage. They'd checked one another's hair and make-up. They took that day to smile and pretend that everything was okay. That she wasn't still missing Dan. That Blair wasn't searching for Chuck's face at every turn. They were just two girls with their entire lives ahead of them.

"Excuse me, Miss." A gentle hand shook Serena, taking her away from her thoughts. "You'll need to buckle up. We'll be landing soon."

"Oh, yes. Thank you." Serena nodded, offering the other woman a distracted smile. Finally! After months without a word. Hours crammed in between one bastard leering down her blouse and another guy who reeked of bourbon and peppermint. She still wasn't sure what she wanted to do most when she finally laid eyes on her wayward brother. Hug him or hurt him.

Her eyes flickering back to the photo on her phone and she wanted to hurt him.


Lily fidgeted, tamping down on the urge to check her watch or reach for the phone that she so decisively sat on the coffeetable minutes before. She tried to force her attention to the television. The title of the daytime soap looked familiar but the people were alien to her. It didn't matter, though, the characters' words barely reached her. Her thoughts literally miles away. Solely on the new drama taking place in her own family. So much going on and they were all helpless to do anything.

She glanced at Eric. Her sweet boy. He'd become her rock after Bart's death. After Rufus stopped speaking to her. She shook her head. Not today. She couldn't think about him today. Any of it. All her thoughts would be for her family today. For Charles. Dammit. Why hadn't Serena called yet?

She really should've gone with her but she and Charles hadn't been on the best of terms, not the last time they'd seen one another.

His gaze unwavering from the television screen, Eric sighed, flipping from one program to another. "That never works you know."

Seconds passed before her son's voice reached her. "I'm sorry?"

"Staring at the phone. Not going to make Serena call us any faster."

"I know, sweetheart." Lily grimaced, giving in she grabbed the silent phone. Juggling it between her figeting hands. She dragged in a shaky sigh. "I just want to know that she's found him and that they're on their way home. Dammit, I should've at least asked Jack to go with her."

"He's too busy with all his deals and meetings." Eric rolled his eyes. "Besides, if we'd said anything Chuck would just take off for parts unknown again."

"Maybe not."

"Yes. Everytime we've been sure that we finally tracked him down Chuck just disappears. Always one step ahead. If Carter hadn't called…" Eric raked a hand through his hair, growling his frustration.

"Thank God he did."

"Have you tried reaching Eleanor again?"

"She's not taking my calls anymore, sweetheart." Lily smiled humorlessly, "Our last—uh discussion didn't end on the best of terms."

"Why is she doing this?"

"She wants the best for Blair. Eleanor is doing what she—what she…" Lily fell silent for a moment, swallowing the ball of emotion suddenly lodged in her throat. "Eleanor has made her decision clear on this issue."

"Dammit." Eric tossed the remote away, disgust clear in his features. He was immediately remorseful. "I'm sorry, Mom. It's just not fair."

"I know, baby." She reached out, wrapping one arm around his shoulders. Her eyes wandered back to the phone. Willing it to ring as Eric had accused her earlier. "Come on, Serena. We're running out of time here."


The bitch was certifiable. Chuck pressed the heel of his hand against his left eye where his dear sister had popped him. Before he could asked her what the fuck was going on in that dim, blond head she'd further shocked him by hugging him close as if her life depended on it.

He waved off his security team, making their way through the dancing bodies. His two dance partners carried on without him, putting on a show to regain his attention.

For just a moment he didn't speak. Didn't let himself think too hard. He hugged her back. "Nice to be missed, S."

"It's time to come home, Chuck."

He stiffened at that. Going cold inside. He sneered, letting his hands drift lower down her back. "Nice indeed."

Serena pulled away, aiming a solid punch to his chest.

"Ow." He rubbed at his chest. Why were people always hitting him? Damn. "S&M, sis? Kinky. Didn't figure that being your thing."

"Chuck, stop talking. Please." She raised sad eyes to his face.

He curled his lip further as his hands slipped into his pockets. He tried glaring her down but served only to irritate his sore eye. "What the hell are you even doing here?"

"I told you. I'm came to bring you home."

There was that word again. He tamped down on the longing that pulled him. He didn't have a home. He reminded himself. That wasn't his room anymore. Lily wasn't his mom. She didn't give a damn about him. If anything she probably felt guilty for betraying his father.

He was Chuck "Fucking" Bass. He didn't need Lily's guilt or Serena's pity. He didn't need anything or anybody. His heart raced and mind refuted that declaration, reminding him of brown eyes…filled with love. Asking nothing from him. Only offering solace.

No!! He counted silently. Grabbed a drink from a passing waiter and downed it with two gulps, the liquid burning a flaming path down his throat and firing his belly. He gasped. Mind jumbled and clear in one moment.

"Chuck, please." Serena brought it all back. Damn her.

"I don't have a home. Get the hell out of here, Serena." He wasn't even going to ask how she'd tracked him down. He'd seen that asshole Baizen lurking about the other night.

She shoved at his shoulder, reminding him of the other pushy woman in his life. I don't miss her. I don't miss her. Why wouldn't they all just go the fuck away and leave him in peace.

"Would you stop hitting me. Dammit." He was more than tempted to let his security team get rid of her.

"I will when you stop being an ass. You have to come with me. Now." Urgency leaked into her voice, bringing his attention back to her and away from memories drowning him in brown eyes, soft skin, and ruby lips. His eyes narrowed on Serena's face, finally reading the worry and fear in her eyes.


He said it. Her name a curse. A prayer.

Serena's entire body shook as dealt a physical blow. Her face clouded and she looked ready to lose her shit right there in the middle of the crowded nightclub. She dragged in a deep breath, closing her eyes and reached for control, "Yes. It's Blair. She needs you. It's bad, Chuck. We have to get home. We need to get to back to B."

Bodies writhing around them and music shook the floor beneath them. Despite the drugs and alcohol buzzing around his system, Chuck felt more sober than he'd felt in months. Two words intermingling, becoming one. Signifying one thing. Blair. Home. Blair.


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