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Here's an AU story I've been tossing around in my head for a while. I figure this was either a good idea or it could be a really good lesson in humility. Anyway, I was just wondering what would have happened if Daniel had an adventure before taking Catherine up in her offer to translate the Stargate and what if he met Sam first before Shar're and before going on that first mission. How would things work out? I'm not sure if this has been done before, but here is my take on it.

Ending Before We Begin

by Mamapranayama



Here it was.

The official end of my career.

After years of painstaking research, countless hours working long into the night, translating ancient stories, piecing together my theories on the pyramids and when I finally uncovered what I knew to be the truth, what did I have to show for it? An eviction notice, twenty-five dollars and some change in my checking account and now, Dr. Daniel Jackson, you are the laughing stock of the archaeological community. Way to go, me!

I watched helplessly as one man left the lecture hall followed by two more people. There was laughter coming from most of them, one man heckled something about me believing the pyramids were built by Martians and I was pretty sure I heard one of them call me a whack-job. Derision written on all of their faces, the entire audience was soon on its feet, walking out on me. I was nothing more than a crackpot to them. I was warned that I would be laughed at, Sarah had told me so herself. I didn't listen to her however, I just had to go and espouse my theory that the pyramids were thousands of years older than we realized, that the Pharaohs of the 4th dynasty couldn't have built them and not only that, but I just had to add that Colonel Vyse was a fraud. That was most likely the clincher for them. I might as well have told them that man never walked on the moon or that the dinosaurs never existed. I couldn't blame any of them for leaving, really. I had pretty much told them that everything they knew was wrong.

It's not like I didn't think it sounded crazy. Trust me, I thought long and hard before deciding that I wanted to discuss my theories at this lecture. After all that Nick had been through trying to prove his theories, I certainly didn't want to end up in a psych ward like he had, but what did I really have to lose anyway? Sarah was gone, my grants were terminated, people I thought were my friends hardly spoke to me and whatever respect I ever found from my colleagues had poofed away long ago. What more could really be taken from me?

As the people filed out, I kept talking. Why? I don't know. I tried to get them to understand, to explain my position; how Khufu couldn't have built the Great Pyramid, how the Sphinx was older than we first expected, so why couldn't the pyramids be as well? It was useless. They weren't listening to me and they weren't interested in what I had to say anymore. If there was anything worse than being ignored, it was being dismissed. And I had just been dismissed, big time. One man remained, but I could tell by the awkward look on his face that he just hadn't been fast enough to leave with everyone else and that he wanted to bolt as well.

"Is there a lunch or something?....." I ask jokingly, trailing off with a nervous laugh. The man only shook his head in disgust and left me standing alone in the now empty room. I sighed heavily. At least, things couldn't have gone any worse, I tried to console myself, failing miserably. That's all I was good at anymore: failure.

Dismayed, I pack up my notes and slides, stuffing them into my bag. I hefted it over my shoulder and grabbed my suitcase, heading for the exit. I'm too lost in my thoughts and too busy trying to figure out how I was going to feed myself after this debacle to notice much of anything, not even the dark-haired man following me out into the street.

Of course, just to add a cherry to the top of my shit sundae, as soon as I step outside it begins to rain. This day keeps getting better and better. I pull up the hood of my jacket and look up and down the street wondering where to go from there. I had no money left, I was stuck in San Fransisco and couldn't even afford lunch, let alone cab fare.

As the rain soaks my jacket and my shirt below, I feel a desperation I had never felt before. Archeology is the only thing I love and now it's gone. My throat constricts painfully as I come to the conclusion that I'd be lucky if I could get hired as a gopher at a dig now. I could just forget about doing my research anymore, no one was even going to allow me into the university library after this.

I stood there, trying to keep the last of my possessions dry, letting the rain fall on me, fogging up my glasses, making it hard to see and I just couldn't muster the energy to care that I'm starting to shiver from the cold.

That's when an umbrella appears over my head and I look up in surprise to see a man in uniform.

"Dr. Jackson?" He asks.

"What?... Yes?" I'm a little perplexed as to why a man from the Air Force is addressing me by name, but before I really comprehend what is happening, I am shuffled into the back of a waiting car, dripping wet and seated next to an old lady.

"Jackson, are these your parents?" She holds a photograph up and a weird feeling rises up from my stomach and I can't say I like it very much. I remove my hood to look at her and the photo. What is going on?

"Foster parents." I answer bewilderedly. I honestly don't even recall the people in the photo, but I recognize my face. There were so many different couples I had been passed around since my parents died and Nick abandoned me to the foster care system that I don't even remember their names.

I'm still trying to figure out what is going on when she is suddenly offering me a job translating ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. I am dumbfounded. As great as that sounded, I figured she had to be crazy. Who would offer me a job after that f***ed-up fiasco in the hotel? I remembered seeing her in the doorway during the lecture, watching me crash and burn. Before I can refuse, she's throwing the fact that I have nothing left in the world in my face and is handing me plane tickets. I'm led out of the car, back into the rain. I pull up my hood again and watch in confusion as the car takes off.

For a few moments I am too stunned to move, but the rain brings me back to my senses and I look at the plane tickets. They're for a flight leaving that afternoon. There's also a hundred dollars in cash within the envelope. I guess she figured I needed some traveling money, at least I can catch a cab instead of walking all of the way to the airport. Wait....Was I really going to go get on a plane to?...looking at the destination on the itinerary, I read that it's for Colorado Springs. What could be in Colorado Springs that could involve ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and the Air Force? She really was crazy and I realize that she never even gave me her name. However, if the Air Force was paying her way, it had to be something important. Right? At the very least, my curiosity was tweaked and I had to find out what this was all about.

Making up my mind that even if the lady was insane, it was at least a job and it would put food in my stomach. I grab my things so I can hail a taxi; I was going to do this thing. As I reach the curb and raise an arm for a cab, I feel a presence behind me and something being shoved into my back.

"Don't make any sudden moves, Dr. Jackson." A man with a smooth British accent whispered threateningly into my ear. "You're coming with me."

"What the...?" Oh God, I was being kidnapped in broad daylight. I cursed inwardly at the big city mentality of the people around me who weren't even paying attention to my plight as the man grabbed me by the elbow and pulled me away from the curb. I couldn't see the gun, but I could feel the hard metal pressing into my spine as a car with dark windows pulled up and I was roughly pushed inside the backseat.

The man followed me in and pulled out the weapon that had been in his pocket. I didn't recognize the strange looking gun in his hand, it was unlike any firearm I had seen before, not that I had a whole lot of knowledge about weaponry, but when he pressed a button on it an it activated with a high-pitched whine and he pointed it my direction, I figured it couldn't be good. His clean-cut features, well tailored clothes and handsome face did little to mask the malice I could see in his eyes. Then to my shock, his eyes actually glowed!

"We have much to discuss, Daniel Jackson." My eyes widened in surprise even further as the man's voice changed into a deep dual-toned baritone that echoed with the undercurrents of hatred. I knew then that I was in deep shit. I had to get out of that car!

I tried to fight my way to the other side of the backseat. My thoughts focused on getting as far away from this man as possible. This day had just taken a strange twist from the improbable to the downright frightening and my fight or flight response kicked into overdrive. I have never been much of a fighter; just ask all of the bullies that turned my underwear into headgear during high school, but I fought harder than I ever had before in my desperate attempt at escape. I didn't get far.

I heard the weapon discharge a fraction of a second before I felt it and my world exploded in pain then I knew no more.


It was dark when I opened my eyes again. I groaned, my head felt like it was splitting in two and and I found myself lying on my side with my hands tied behind my back. It didn't take long for me to realize that I was in a trunk of a car moving at a high rate of speed.

This was great, just great, I thought. I was being kidnapped. What on Earth did I do to deserve this? Sure I just gave a lousy lecture, but was it really that bad? I wondered vaguely if this had anything to do with my encounter with the woman at the hotel. Did this have something to do with the Air Force? And what was up with the guy with the glowing eyes? Was he even human? Was it a trick of some kind just to scare me?

While all of those questions popped unanswered into my head, I felt the car come to a screeching halt and I was flung forward, hitting my head against the side of the trunk, further exasperating my already sore head.

I squinted my eyes against the harsh light as the trunk popped open and two large hands reached down and pulled me out roughly. I landed on the hard concrete with a thud on my shoulder. I gave out an involuntary yelp then looked up at the huge man that had thrown me to the ground, seeing the strange tattoo on his forehead. I recognized the symbol, but couldn't think straight enough to match a name to it. Looking around, I could see that we were not outside anymore, but rather in a large garage.

I was hauled to my feet by the gigantic goon and dragged to a chair, my hands unbound then tied around the back of the chair again. The back door of the sedan next to us opened and the man with the glowing eyes approached with a slight swagger.

"Well,well, well.....Dr. Daniel Jackson." He came up close to my face, appraising me. "It's been a long time. You certainly look....different." He flicked away the hair falling into my face and I recoiled.

"It has?" I asked. The big guy landed a hard slap across my face and I tasted blood.

"Kree, Jaffa!" The man spoke. Whatever he was saying to the man was in a language I had never heard before, but had a familiar sound to it, much like some of the older dialects of ancient Egyptian, but different. I would have to hear more before I knew for certain, but my thoughts weren't focused on a translation at the time, rather I was concerned more about how I was going to get myself out of this situation.

"You would not know me, Dr. Jackson. Not yet anyway" The man's voice returned to his previous normal voice, complete with his fluid accent. "But I know you." He smiled in a creepy way and I felt shivers crawl up my spine. Why were people so suddenly interested in me? I'm an unemployed and washed-up archaeologist for God's sake, not some sort of secret agent.

"Who are you, what do you want with me?" I asked, using all of my courage to throw him a nasty glare.

He smiled wider and laughed which only frightened me more, crumbling my resolve. The unbelievable words he spoke next sent me hurdling further into this Twilight Zone and if I hadn't been so securely fastened to my seat, I would have fallen out of it.

"I am Lord Ba'al."

To Be Continued.......