Okay I'm know i'm supposed to be working on my current work in progress but i couldn't resist doing this! It's basically "Twas the Night Before Christmas" only with Link and Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess! Keep in mind that I tried to keep it as close as possible to the real story. I want it to be tasteful. So enjoy and HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the town

A single creature was stirring, and prancing around.

The stockings were hung by the fires with care

In hopes that their Hero, soon would be there.

The children all slept, so snug in their beds

While dreams of adventures, danced in their heads.

The goats in their barn, and me in my room

Were cozy inside, away from the gloom.

Out on the lawn arose such a clatter,

We ran from our beds to see what was the matter.

Across the floor to the window we flew

Rubbed off the frost to find our first clue.

The moon shining bright on the new-fallen snow

Gave clear light to the figures below.

It could only be one person of course,

The rider dismounted from his beloved horse.

I caught myself staring and made myself blink.

I couldn't help staring at our hero, Link.

As swift as all Hyrule, they come and they go

Their bodies a glitter on top of the snow.

"Epona, my dearest," he whispered to her,

"You travel so swiftly, you must be a blur."

From the top of the bridge to the top of the wall,

He jumped so easily but would not fall.

He flows with the wind, travels on a breeze,

Into the forest, he lives in the trees.

So up to the house, to the door they flew

A bag full of toys and Hero Link, too.

Then I heard a sound by the door

I was excited before but now even more.

As I drew in my breath and was turning around,

In burst our Hero, he rolled on the ground.

And up with a jump, he brushed off dirt.

And smoothed the wrinkles in his green shirt.

A bundle of toys he had at his waist,

Gifts for all children, all of good taste.

His eyes how they twinkled, so joyful and merry!

His cheeks were rosy, his nose a small berry.

His smile spreads joy, warmth and fun,

His hair was blonde, bleached from the sun.

The top of his sword, strapped to his back,

Was used to hang his green windsock hat.

He had smooth chiseled abs, and a laugh so merry,

It lit up his face and turned it red like a cherry.

He was lean and nice, a right jolly young elf,

I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself.

With a wink of his eye and a nod of his head,

He soon let me know I had nothing to dread.

He went about his work with a laugh and a grin,

He filled all the stockings; then turned with a spin.

And laying his finger in front of his lips,

He dashed to the door with a swing of his hips.

He sprang to his saddle, to Epona gave a whistle,

Off they flew with the speed of a missile.

But I heard him exclaim as he rode out of sight,

"Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!"