Angela, Noah, Elle

The Petrelli Dining Room

Every year, Primatech had a Christmas party. It had been a tradition since the start of the company. Because Bob's house was nonexistent, the party was held at the Petrelli's. All of Primatech's employees and their families were invited.

Although Bob was dead, this was one tradition that wasn't going to be broken. Noah Bennet made sure of that.

As usual, he and Elle arrived at the Petrelli house long before the party was supposed to start. Noah cooked the main course –turkey – and Elle baked peach pies. Angela hung decorations throughout the house.

"Angie?" Elle questioned, walking into the dining room.


"Gabriel's coming, right? Because I made an extra peach pie, just for him. And vegetarian ziti, because he's a vegetarian. And I want my baby daddy here. And-"

"If I tell you that's he's coming, will you leave me alone?"

"Probably not. But maybe. I don't know."

Angie rolled her eyes and held up a candy cane.

"Here, enjoy."

The pregnant twenty-four year old squealed with delight and stuck the thing in her mouth. When Angela left the room, she unceremoniously plopped herself on the table, resting her feet on a nearby chair. It was hard being that cute all the time.


"Ooh! Hi Petey! How are you today? Would you like to be zapped? I bet you would."

"Elle. You and Gabriel discussed this last time, remember? You get high off of candy canes. I won't tell him about this, because I'm a good person, but no more, okay?"

"Sure Petey!"

Elle was enjoying herself, and it wasn't even four o'clock yet.

"Ma?" a mind-numbing voice called. It was followed by Nathan.

"Ugh, who let the deadbeat in?" he asked, shooting disgusted glances at Nathan and the ice queen, Tracy… something-or-another, to whom Elle had yet to say one word. Oh, but that would change.

"Hi, Trace! Can I call you that? Tracy is kinda long for little ole pregnant me to say. Trace is more exciting."

Tracy gave her a look.

"It's the candy canes. They're her heroine."

The ice queen nodded and began to drag Nathan away.

"Trace? Where ya going? I wanna go too!" Oh, how Elle loved these gatherings.

"No, no, that's okay. Um, I need to… go that way." Trace pointed in the general direction of the makeshift dance floor.

"Shit, that reminds me. Petey?" Elle blinked rapidly.


"Wanna help me down so I can go set up the dance room?"

Peter rolled his eyes - Elle hadn't even been pregnant for a month, she needed no help – and took a step back. She pouted, but got down by herself.

Elle, Claire, Sandra, Gabriel

The Petrelli Entranceway

Candy cane in hand, Elle made her way to the living room. Before she could go in, however, the door opened yet again. This time, it was Gabriel. He was followed by Claire Bear and her mother, but Elle paid them no mind.

"Ooh! Gaby-Baby!" Elle squealed, rushing to him. She knocked Claire over in her haste. "I missed you!" She kissed him lightly, leaving a hint of peppermint on his mouth. He pulled back quickly.

"Elle, who gave you that candy cane?" He asked.

"Angie. But don't be mad at her. I think you should be mad at Petey."

"Why should I be mad at Peter?"

"He wouldn't help me and the baby down."

Gabriel sighed.

"What about the pie?" He whispered, low enough so only she could hear.

Elle looked at him, dumbfounded.

"Alright, no pie," Gabriel said, hint taken.

"Good. Go get him. I'll take care of the cheerleader" Elle whispered.

Gabriel walked to over to Peter, and out of Elle's range of hearing.

Meanwhile, Elle walked to the cheerleader. She was staring at her uncle, Petey, and drooling.

"Kid. You've got a little something. Right here," Elle said, pointing to a spot on her face.

Claire mimicked Elle's motion on her own face. "Right here?"

"No, here," Elle said, pointing to a different spot.

Petey, Gaby-Baby, Trace, and the Deadbeat… I mean, Nathan.

Somewhere in the Petrelli house…

Gabriel walked calmly into the room, spotting Peter sitting at the table. He punched him square in the face.

"Next time, please help my pregnant wife out of her chair. Thank you."

Petey stood and tried to hit Gabriel. He missed by a foot.

Maturely, Gabriel stuck his tongue out at Peter. Simultaneously, they exclaimed "Starring contest" and sat in the middle of the floor, doing nothing but starring at one another.

Finally, the Petrelli matriarch and Noah exited the kitchen. Noah's "Kiss the Cook" apron starred at Nathan until he couldn't take it. He wound up sitting on the floor, much like his brothers, save for a thumb in his mouth.

"Elle, Gabriel. I've heard some ruckus out here. Are you behaving?" Angie asked. The accused shook their heads vigorously. The rest said no.

"I think you need to leave." Defeated, they made their way to the front door. At the same time, they turned back, eyes pleading. Claire tore her eyes away from her uncle long enough to close the door behind the Grays.

"Thank god," Tracy breathed.

Elle and Gabriel

Outside the Petrelli house.

"Maybe now they'll never invite us again!" Elle said excitedly. She hated these company/Petrelli family parties.

"If we're lucky," Gabriel added, swinging an arm around her waist.

"I liked that starring contest. It made me want to laugh."

"I liked that you were drunk off of candy canes. I really hoped Angela has her house bugged, so I can get a hold of some videos. Can someone say Youtube?" Gabriel countered.

"Funny," Elle commented dryly. "C'mon, let's get home." Elle and Gabriel huddled close together, snow gently falling in their faces.

"I'd like nothing more," Gabriel said with a smile.

He'd forgotten his pie entirely.

The Petrelli kitchen

A peach pie sat untouched on the kitchen counter. If you looked closely enough, the slits in the top looked like a frown.

"Shoot," the pie muttered. The noise, of course, came form its nonexistent mouth.

"Gabriel didn't eat me. He forgot all about me!" It whined.

Suddenly, Nathan burst in the kitchen.

"Tracy? I don't like this hiding spot! I can't find you this time! Ooh! Is that pie?" He said, looking directly at Henry the pie.

Henry wished desperately to be anything but pie to no avail. His last thought was, "I wish you were anyone else. Even that dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, Adam. Why can't you be Gabriel?" A tear slipped out of its eye.

"Ma!" Nathan called. "This pie is really juicy! It's almost watery! I love it!"