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I wake up to the orange setting sun trying to force its way through my eyelids. Squinting, I blink my eyes a few times and look about me. Hurley and Charlie are gone, and a bunch of the survivors are busy filling the fuselage with collected wood. I sit up and brush the sand from my hair. Gosh, I need a bath. Not now, though - it's too dark. Maybe tomorrow. Sighing, I get to my feet in one smooth motion, but I have to close my eyes as I get a head rush.

Whispers. Enclosing me, circling me, above me, below me. They, along with the head rush, leave me dizzy, and I collapse back onto the sand. Then, His voice forces its way into my consciousness. "Drugs." And just like that, I am thrown back into a world where the most prominent sound is the waves crashing against the shore.

I bend my head and rub my palms against my eyes. "Look," I mumble to myself, "could you be a little less cryptic? I have no idea what you are trying to tell me." I breathe out another heavy sigh as I clutch my knees to my chest and gaze off at the ocean.


Startled, I look up to see Ethan hurriedly making his way toward me, his eyes glazed over with concern.

"Are you okay?" he asks, kneeling beside me.

"I'm fine," I reply, just a bit confused. "Why?"

"Well, it looked like you were about to pass out." The tension in his shoulders eases as he realizes the false alarm.

"Nope. Just a head rush," I explain. Well, that and mysterious whispers that only I can hear and a voice that keeps repeating things that I don't understand. But I leave that part out of the equation.

Just then, my stomach growls loud enough for both of us to hear. I smile in embarrassment. "Guess I'm kinda hungry."

Unexpectedly, he looks at me and says, "You're not a vegetarian, are you?"

"No," I reply, taken off-guard. "Why?"

"Locke came back with some boar about an hour ago."

"Really?" I ask excited. "Thank goodness! I was getting sick of that airplane food."

Ethan chuckles slightly. "Me too. Come on, let's get something to eat."

Together we walk side-by-side up the beach, the sand in my shoes rubbing against my toes. Our pace is slow and relaxed, the orange sun beating its final rays of warmth against our skin. I am so content in this moment. Ethan - I don't understand it - but Ethan looks at me differently than anyone else here. It's almost as if he knows me, like we're old friends or something. He doesn't see the kid that everyone else sees, but rather, the mature soul inside of me. It's oddly comforting.

We find Locke roasting an entire boar above a large fire, the flames licking at the belly of the pig. He tells us it will be a few more minutes before it's ready to eat, so Ethan and I take a seat on a piece of wreckage and patiently wait. While I watch Locke expertly tend to the boar, Ethan tells me that tonight when they burn the bodies there will be a small memorial service given by Claire honoring all who died in the crash. I tell him that I would very much like to attend.

Once the boar is done roasting, Locke carves it up and rations it out to the famished survivors. I thank him when he hands me my portion, then sit down and eat ravenously. Ethan glances up from his plate and looks at me.

"You should slow down," he advises. "You'll give yourself a stomach ache if you eat that fast."

I take a second to swallow my mouthful before saying, "I really wish we had some barbeque sauce."

He smiles and says, "Maybe if you wish hard enough some will fall from the sky."

"That'd be nice," I muse.

By the time we have both finished our rations, the sun has completely sunk beneath the waves and a beautiful full moon is beginning to rise. The rest of the camp is has begun to assemble at the mouth of the fuselage. Silently, Ethan and I join the group.

Boone, Hurley and Claire stand before the crowd, a pile of items laid out on a suitcase in front of them. Everyone is silent as Boone takes and lightened torch, walks to the mouth of the fuselage, and ignites the first few bundles of wood. Within a matter of minutes, the entire plane is alight in the dancing flames.

"Thank you all for coming," Claire begins, drawing out attention away from the remains of Oceanic 815. "We thought it would be nice to have a memorial service of sorts in honor of those who did not survive the crash. So…" Hurley hands her some papers and she flips through them for a second before saying, "Judith Martha Wexler from Denton, Texas. I guess she was gonna catch a connecting flight. She wore corrective lenses, and she was an organ donor. Or at least would have been."

She puts down Judith's papers, and Hurley offers her a scrapbook from the pile. She gently opens the cover and flips through the pages. "Steve and Kristen. I - I don't know their last name, but… they were really in love and were gonna be married. At least wherever they are now, they're not alone." Hurley hands her another item and she reminisces of its owner's life.

I bow my head in respect as Claire names the many people lost in the crash. Silently, a tear rolls down my cheek, and I brush it away. I send a prayer out, asking God to protect all those perished souls and see that they make it safely home to Him.

I feel someone come up beside me and join the group of mourning survivors. Breaking out of my reverie, I look up to see a dazed-looking Charlie, his hood drawn over his head. His eyes never leave the ground and he walks with the tiniest hint of a swagger.

Whispers, encompassing me. I close my eyes and wait for the inevitable, ignoring the distant and distorted voices. His voice cuts through my consciousness. "Drugs."

"Looks like he hadn't traveled much," I hear Claire say as the world becomes quiet once more.

I let out a muffled sigh of frustration. I don't understand what He wants from me. What is He trying to tell me? Drugs? What does that mean? I don't understand!

I feel Charlie bump into me as he swaggers slightly in my direction. "Sorry," he says, not quite meeting my eye.

And in that instant I understand. It all makes sense to me. It's Charlie! Charlie is on drugs. That's why he joined the memorial service so late, why he swaggers, why he won't look me in the eye! He's just had a fix. Charlie is doing drugs.

I turn my attention back toward the service, although I am no longer paying attention. The reality sinks in as I stand there in shock. Charlie - cute, loveable Charlie - the same guy who I was fishing with mere hours ago, the same guy who pulled me out of the rain two days ago and asked me if I was okay, is on drugs.

I tell myself not to think about it, that there is every chance that I could be wrong. I have no proof, no hard evidence, only speculation. However, I also know that this information came from Him, and He has never lied to me before. Yet I force my mind away from the subject. This is not my burden to carry; it's Charlie's, and he will run out of drugs sooner or later on this island.

I try to focus again on Claire but as I do, she's drawing the service to a close, and one by one people exit the crowd. Ethan bids me goodnight and walks back to his tent as I walk back to mine for what will undoubtedly be another night of restless sleep.

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