"Here it is!" Sookie called from the living room. She was covered in a blanket with her bandaged feet propped up on a pillow. Eric and Pam stood behind the couch while she turned the volume up on the news.

"Two men were arrested tonight on kidnapping and attempted murder charges. The two men were reported to have ties to the radical Fellowship of the Son Church that has had a history of hate crimes against Vampires and those that associate with them. Mrs. Sookie Northman was abducted outside the Shreveport YMCA around lunchtime today. Authorities tell us that Mrs. Northman was found in a wooded area just off Interstate 30 outside of Jackson. Apparently, she was able to fight against her attackers, allowing police to track them to her location. Mrs. Northman was taken by ambulance from the scene but was released with only minor injuries."

"Police. Ha!" Pam balked at the screen while Eric gently stroked the top of Sookie's hair.
"Police consider this a hate crime and the FBI will be bringing federal charges and launching a formal investigation in to the Fellowship of the Sun's Jackson leader Eugene Pritchard."

"In other news, several homeowners have reported sighting wolves in area neighborhoods." Sookie grinned up at Eric before turning the television off.

"Wolves. Wow. That's gotta scare the locals."

"I'm sure."


"Please let me heal you now, darling." Sookie smiled up at Eric's concerned face. She had refused to let him heal her because the national news station had asked to do an interview with her about the kidnapping. She wanted the public to see what had been done to her just because she had married the man she loved. Eric sat beside her in the studio and held her hand. The dark purple bruises were scattered across her face and arms. The cuts were still red and raw. She refused any make up and looked proudly into the camera. Eric's awe and pride in his wife fueled her through the interview. She gleaned from the interviewers thoughts that she wasn't sold on Vampire rights but was trying to be open minded. After the interview and speaking with Sookie, she was livid at the treatment that those twisted zealots had reigned down on this poor woman and the man she loved. Being single herself, she could only wish for a man that looked at her like this dead man looked at Sookie.

"Sookie?" Eric brought her out of her thoughts and she smiled at him.

"Sorry. I was just thinking how lucky I am."


"I have you. How much more lucky can a girl get?"

"Please let me heal you."

"Okay." She whispered. He lifted her gently and slowly pulled her robe from her shoulders. He lifted her naked body into his arms and carried her to the bathroom. The tub was already steaming and she sighed at the thought of the warm water on her sore muscles. He deposited her gently on the edge of the tub and slipped his jeans from his hips. He stripped his shirt over his head and tossed it on the counter. He stepped into the large tub and positioned her so she could slip easily over the edge into the water.

She sighed deeply as the warm water swirled around her shoulders. He guided her to his lap and wrapped his arm around her chest.

"My love, drink." His bloody wrist was at her lips and she reached up to circle his wrist with her fingers. As soon as she took the first draw of his blood she felt his arousal. He moaned as he shifted his length against her back. She started to pull away after a few short draws of blood but he pressed his wrist back to her lips.

"No. More. Please." She replaced her lips and he tilted his head back along the rim of the tub. As his blood pulsed through her veins she could feel her ribs starting to mend. The pain in her back and feet eased and her strength was returning. She slid her free hand down and caressed his thigh. He growled playfully but kept his eyes closed. She released his wrist finally and wiped the blood from her lips. She took a deep breath and turned to face him. His face was still turned to the ceiling but a content smile was on his lips.

"I love you."

"Mmm and I you." He whispered as she leaned forward and gently kissed his adams apple. She felt him stir beneath her and spread her legs to straddle him.

"Are you sure." He pinned his blue eyes to hers.

"Yes. Just be gentle." He wrapped his arms around her waist and placed light kisses along her lower lip. "I will be so gentle, my dear one."

He nuzzled her neck and slid his fingers across her nipple. She felt the heat pool in her abdomen as Eric sucked on her earlobe.

"You feel so good." She sighed as she reached between them and circled her fingers around his erection. He growled in appreciation and bucked slightly against her hand. She brushed her thumb across the tip and then pumped him a few times.

"My dear love." He placed a hand behind her head and pulled her to his lips. She moaned at the coolness of his tongue exploring her mouth and then gasped as on of his fingers flicked across her clit. He applied more pressure and soon slipped it inside her. He smiled into her lips at the small sighs of appreciation escaping her throat. He added another finger and her breath hitched in her chest. She moved her hips against his palm and clutched at his hair. She pulled back slightly and lifted her hips so he would remove his fingers.

"You. Now." He chuckled and then moaned as she tugged on his erection again. She positioned his tip at her entrance and rubbed him across her slick nub. She felt his grip tighten on her hip and his head lulled back to the edge of the tub.

"Look at me." She demanded and his head jerked up. His words coming from her lips aroused him. She could feel it through the bond. She rubbed him along her folds once more and licked her lips. His eyes were ablaze as she lifted her hips just enough to impale herself on his length. He cried out in pleasure and bucked against her. She bit her lower lip and grinned as he leaned forward and captured her nipple between his teeth.

"Do it." She begged as he pressed his palms flat against her back.

"No. You're still too weak." She thrust a little harder against him to deny his claim and pushed her breast against his mouth again.

"Drink. I need you too." He matched her rhythm and she whimpered with her need to release. "Please, Eric, please."

Unable to deny her pleas he gently sank his fangs into the soft flesh of her breast. She cried out and dug her nails into his shoulder while slamming against him and grinding her hips into his. The taste of her sweet rich blood sent him spiraling with her. He thrust a few more times and she tilted her head back at the feel of him pulsating inside her.

"I love you." She muttered over and over again as the aftershocks rippled through her abdomen. He smiled and licked the puncture wounds.

"You are incredible." He murmured against her throat.

"Right back atcha." He laughed and playfully patted her bottom. She slid off of him and groaned at the loss. He reached behind her and grabbed her shampoo from the corner. Without warning, he dunked her head under the water. She came up sputtering and laughing.

"Now let's get you clean." He smirked. She splashed him playfully and he squirted the shampoo directly on the top of her head.

"Hey!" She protested as a large glob of shampoo slopped on her shoulder.

"Relax." He ordered softly and lathered her hair.

"Okay." She sighed as she turned to rest her back against his chest again.

"Just let me take care of you."

"I will, I promise." He kissed her shoulder and she smiled. She loved this man. This dead Viking vampire was the most incredible man she could ever imagine.

"As are you." She grinned and pinched his thigh.

"You're in my head again."

"It's a nice place to be." He smirked as she sighed while his skilled fingers massaged her scalp. "Most days."

She feigned annoyance and pinched his thigh again. His laughter sent her into a wonderful contented mood. She sunk down deeper into his embrace and thanked God for her blessings.



After the holidays there may be more. After all Niall said something about granting wishes.