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Authors Note (Hannah554): So I think this is mostly gonna be a bit of humour, with Romance thrown in there of course. Enjoy!


By Hannah554

Chapter 1

Elizabeth stared at the invitation in her hand; it had arrived on the Deadalus with the last shipment of supplies and mail from earth. She'd been staring at it on and off since she'd opened the envelope it had been in three days ago. Part of her wanted to throw it in the bin now and never think of it again, looking back on that part of her life was something she avoided, another part of her wanted to accept. It was that little part of her that had prevented her from screwing up the small piece of card and throwing it in the bin in the corner of her office.

"What's that?" John questioned as he entered the office, startling Elizabeth out of her thoughts and back to reality.

"Nothing," she said putting it on the pile of papers in the corner of her desk as though it really was nothing. Ever observant John narrowed his eyes at her knowing - probably from the lingering look she'd given it - that it was not nothing. "It's an invitation, it's not important, I'm not going."

"Going where?" he questioned and she sighed at the curious look on his face.

"My high school reunion," she told him in resignation, she knew already the matter wouldn't be dropped until she fessed up, even if he had to revisit the conversation at another time.

"Why don't you want to go?" he asked her.

"Just don't have the time, I'm not all that interested in going anyway," she half lied; she really didn't have the time. As well as the mountain of paperwork she'd tried to hide the invitation in, she had three teams off world on long missions, two of them wouldn't be back by the time she'd have to head to earth. It was really that short notice but then given that the mail had to make it all the way to another galaxy she couldn't really complain, she didn't think 'next day delivery' covered inter-galactic post.

"I'm sure you can make time," John stated with a frown "When is it?"

"This weekend," she told him, it was unlikely they'd be able to request a trip back to earth and get everything done that would need to be done by then.

"Well that's short notice, gotta love intergalactic post," he stated and it hit Elizabeth for probably the millionth time in the last few years that she spent way too much time with John, she was starting to think like him and that was a scary thought in itself. "Look it'll take some extra effort but I think we can manage to shift everything around so that you can go, these things don't come along very often."

She sighed inwardly, the man was infuriatingly caring, especially when it came to her and while she usually loved that about him at that moment it made her want to strangle him. "To tell you the truth John, I don't really want to go."

"Why?" he questioned and this time she let her sigh show on the outside.

"I wasn't really the most... popular girl in high school," she told him, choosing her words carefully, he gave her an expectant look and for reasons beyond her she actually continued. "I was a loser okay," she admitted, not her usually choice of words but adequate to explain how she'd felt back then.

"It can't have been that bad," John stated when he saw the look on her face; she glared at him obviously making him reconsider.

"The popular girls used to torture me... everyday," she said with emphasis. "They used to hide my things, push me into trash cans, cut holes in my clothes during Phys Ed, trip me over in the cafeteria so that I'd end up on the floor with my face in my lunch, stick signs on..."

"Alright, alright, I get it," John cut in and Elizabeth realised she'd gotten so caught up in the torturous memories that she hadn't realised she'd still been listing them.

"I hated high school and it really, really hated me," she told him sighing and dropping her head into her arms on the desk.

"Okay, so maybe it wasn't... a particularly fun time," John said carefully "But look at you now, you're the gorgeous leader of an advanced alien city in another galaxy with friends as high up as, let's see, the President of the United states."

"Most of which I can't tell them," she told him without looking up from the desk, the sound muffled by her arms but John had clearly gotten the gist of it. Her mind was still stuck on the word 'gorgeous' which was part of the reason for keeping her head down, blushing wasn't something she did often.

"True, but a lot of it you can," he tried and she finally lifted her head up and stared at him pathetically.

"Yeah, I can tell them I'm married to my work, have the social life of a hermit and no man to speak of but I do have a few nice friends," she stated and then dropped her head back down to her arms.

"That's it, head up," John ordered.

"Why?" Elizabeth half whined without moving.

"Because Elizabeth Weir is not a self depreciating cynic, now get up and go get your jacket while I find Teyla, we're going shopping on the mainland," he informed her and she looked at him incredulously. He raised an expectant eyebrow.

"Do I have to drag you out of that chair myself?" he questioned. "If I do I'll be throwing you over my shoulder and carrying you to the Jumper Bay," he told her and there was just enough threat in his voice that she knew he'd actually do it so she stood up. She didn't know what it was about high school, about the people she'd known and the person she'd been back then that made her feel so inferior. She could face down, Wraith, Replicators, Genii, the military, the IOA, but stick her in a room full of people she'd known in high school and she was fairly sure she was going to crumble.

"Fine," she grumbled as she left the room, she usually enjoyed shopping with Teyla anyway that still didn't mean she was actually going to go to the reunion.

"And..." John continued as she walked through the door, she stopped and turned back to him. "If you want someone to go with you... I'd be more than happy to," he said and there was so much awkwardness in the way he said it that it actually made him more adorable.

"I'd like that," she told him, smiling at the gesture and then turning to walk through the control room.

What the hell did she just do, she hadn't even been planning to go?!