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By Hannah554

Chapter 3

"So, boyfriend huh?" Elizabeth questioned finally finding some amusement with this entire situation, it helped that she hadn't run into the four torturers for a while now. She knew they were still here somewhere, every now and again she saw one of the former school losers wondering around looking like they were ready to cry. Even now, all these years later, when they were all adults who should be stronger than they had been during their teen years, those four girls could still yank someone's confidence out from under them and make them feel like they were still seventeen years old again. She'd spent the last half an hour meeting people she'd actually gotten along with back in high school, fellow victims who had mostly done well for themselves.

"You're asking now?" John asked his own amusement obvious. "I said that half an hour ago."

"I'm only just finding it funny," she replied with a shrug.

"Yeah, well, seemed like the right thing to say at the time," he told her scratching the back of his head. "I think I'm gonna go and get a drink, want one?"

"Yeah, whatever you have," she told him as she spotted another of her old friends. "I'll be over there."

John nodded and wondered off toward the bar, it was the first drink they'd had since they'd arrived and she figured it would be his last, alcoholic anyway; he had to drive after this. She walked over to her friend, Craig recognised her straight away and she had to smile at how little he'd changed. He was definitely older but he was still the same proud geek she remembered.

"Hello Elizabeth," he greeted warmly.

"It's good to see you Craig, good to see you haven't changed much," she replied and he smiled.

"Why change something that doesn't have a problem?" he questioned rhetorically. She chatted with him for several minutes before they both moved on, she looked around her. John had a pretty good sense of direction so she was fairly sure he wouldn't have gotten lost on the way to the bar. She went looking for him, locating him fairly quickly still stood at the bar with Melissa all over him. Her reaction was a mixture of the rapidly becoming annoying inferiority, jealousy and a strong desire to kick the woman's ass. There was no way she was putting up with this again, Melissa stealing her guy once was plenty times enough.

She walked over to the pair; John looked like he wanted to make a run for it which gave her some comfort. They had yet to see her coming and Elizabeth saw red when Melissa stepped into John's personal space and put her hands on his chest. John took a step back, moving her hands off him in time to see Elizabeth approaching.

"Elizabeth," he exclaimed and she offered him a smile as she moved to stand beside him linking her arm with his.

"John," she acknowledged with a small smile. "Oh Melissa, I think I just saw your date flirting with Elsie."

"Why would he be...?" Melissa began but then probably remembered that this wasn't high school and Elsie was no longer the dateless geek. She excused herself and ran off in search of her date stopping momentarily to turn to John.

"I'll see you later," she told him seductively and then continued on her way.

"Thank you," John said with emphasis putting both his hands on her arms, over exaggerating the gesture just a little bit. "Give me a Wraith, hell give me an iratus bug, just keep her away from me."

"I somehow doubt it's that bad," Elizabeth replied with a roll of her eyes.

"That's easy for you to say she doesn't want to eat you," he responded sarcastically and she raised an eyebrow at him. "Anyway I thought you were scared of her."

"I am... was... am," Elizabeth told him confusing herself. "I suppose being here isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and I'm not... Loser Lizzie anymore."

"Damn right, you're not," John replied linking his arm with hers again. "Now how about those drinks the man eater kept me from getting."

"Sounds good."

The party was over, most people were gone and the cleaners were starting to move in on the place. Elizabeth decided she was glad she'd come, she'd enjoyed almost the whole night, connected with friends she hadn't heard from in years. She'd had to dodge a few of the more specific questions about her job and how pacifist teenager Elizabeth was suddenly so connected to the military but other than that it had been a good night.

John had been the perfect date even if he had been constantly trying to avoid Melissa; she had to admit that she had occasionally gone out of her way to stay away from the former prom queen too. Melissa's date had left shortly after Mel had caught him flirting with Elsie, there were rumours flying around that they'd broken up and the man had left with Elsie's phone number. It was extremely satisfying to see how the tables had turned, Mel and the popular girls were no longer the greatest, most important people in their world and those that had been considered the losers were now on top.

It had also served to remind her of how much she had changed herself; she was a lot stronger now than she had ever been back then. She had probably the most amazing job out of anyone here even if she couldn't actually tell them all that. She was a leader, a diplomat and according to John a damn amazing person and that was something she could take home with her from here.

As if John hadn't made his disinterest in the woman clear Elizabeth found Melissa all over him again. She rolled her eyes and walked over to them, John was trying to come up with excuses to leave while Melissa ignored them all.

"Come on John, time to go home," she said as she approached and Melissa gave her a glare that seemed pitiful when compared to the ones she'd received over the last ten years or so, she used to be scared of that.

"Oh give me a break Lizzie," Melissa said and Elizabeth raised an eyebrow at her. "I just gave him a choice and you think he's going to choose to go home with you? I mean just look at you, you're prettier than you were in school I'll give you that but you're still not that pretty. You have what sounds like a very boring job and you still have the personality of a fish, all in all, you're not even average, your below it."

Admittedly, that stung a little... okay it stung a lot but she wasn't about to let it show, she had only recently coming to the very liberating knowledge that they really weren't in high school anymore and Melissa was no longer the evil queen who ruled her world. She wasn't going to allow a few nasty words, albeit stinging ones; ruin that now.

"I don't know Melissa but your own date left with one of the old losers' numbers so..." Elizabeth trailed off and Melissa glared at her so hard Lizabeth was sure that if any looks could really kill that would be the one to do it, so it was that one she'd been scared of. Mel turned to John, her seductive eyes in place if slightly tinted by the angry pout, they'd still be pretty effective on most men, she only prayed for reasons best left for another time that they didn't work on John.

"How about it John, home with me or... her," she said giving Elizabeth a disgusted glance as though she'd just scraped her off the bottom of her shoe.

"Now there's a choice," John replied and stepped closer to Elizabeth, putting his arm around her waist and pulling her closer to him. It was completely unexpected when his lips met hers and he wasn't just making it look good for the former prom queen either, he was actually kissing her. She managed somehow to forget where she was and that it was probably incredibly inappropriate for her to be kissing her second n command. She reached her hands up, pulling his face closer to hers if that was even possible and when they parted it took her several moments to get her bearings. "Clear enough?" John questioned with a look at Melissa who was standing there in half open mouthed shock. She pouted and stamped her foot, letting out a cry of angry annoyance before she stormed out of the room like the eighteen year old she still was in her head.

"What do you say we get out of here and find somewhere to eat, the sausage rolls and cocktail sticks weren't all that filling?" John suggested and Elizabeth gathered enough of her senses to nod her head. John smirked, that damn smug smirk that made her a little bit irritated that he had managed to stun her so completely.

"Fine, as long as you don't think sleeping with the boss comes with perks," she stated to get her own back and to John's credit he managed to catch his jaw before it got too far. She started heading for the door and a few seconds later he caught up with her, smug grin back in place.

"And there was me thinking that sleeping with the boss was the perk."