"Nurse, I'm afraid we can't go." I told her.
We were stood in the courtyard, a strong wind blowing the flags on the battlements. It looked as if they were waving me off, but I was determined to stay.
Nurse, who was already sitting in the cart, folded her arms and raised one eyebrow.
"Really" she replied, still staring intently at me "And why is that my dear"
"My leg hurts." I said rather too quickly. I then realised that it was an awful excuse. We were to travel in a cart and then get on a boat. There would be no walking at all involved.
Nurse raised her other eyebrow and I knew then, that nothing else I said would stop me from leaving.
I sighed heavily and hung my head. I had delayed my departure for several days, but it seemed that Nurse was finally tired of waiting.
"Finduilas I pretended to believe your excuse about the head cold, because I thought you would have time think it over and come to your senses"
"But I did have a head cold! " I exclaimed.
"You had a headache and that was it"
"If I had travelled I would become dreadfully ill." I told her, my chin turned upwards defiantly.
Nurse snorted with laughter. "I even stayed a few extra days because you said your horoscope said it would be a bad luck to travel. But now it seems my dear you're scraping at the bottom of the barrel"
"I am not scraping at anything." I said.
"That is it young lady, I have had enough!" Nurse yelled. " You will get in this cart immediatly! You are not too old yet that I can't give you a good smack"
My bottom lip was trembling, I was not so much afraid of Nurse's threat, but at the sudden realisation that I was leaving. I had been so sure that I would stay that I had not even said goodbye properly. There would be people and places here that I would never see again.
Nurse saw my expression, her stern face slowly changed and a kind, caring face appeared in its place.
"Oh my poor child, come here , come here" she cooed sweetly.
Tears were now pouring down my face, and I ran to Nurse. She held me in her comforting embrace, as the cart slowly moved away.

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