What will I do?

What can I do?

Two choices are ahead of me

Two roads I can take

Down one is death

Destruction for all I know

This is the path

Of many before me

Death before turning

This is my father's path

This is the path for all those who fight on

Who fight the dark and the agents of destruction

This is the path of the Jedi before me

The other is a life of slavery

Slavery to the darkness

This is the path of one before me

One I once trusted with my life

This is the path of slavery

Slavery to the darkness I have always been warned against

This is the path of the darkside

But there is a choice

The agent of the dark

The one who crushed my former life

The one who conquered all that I once held dear

He offers me a choice

For if I choose the second path

The path to the darkside

My life will be spared

Along with my friends

I look at them now

My companions for the nightmare that was once my life

How can I choose death for them?

How can I decide their fate?

They want me to pick the first path

But how can I condemn them to death

All he wants is me

Not them

If I choose the dark

Perhaps they have a chance to live

They could be spared

Maybe there is a way out

Maybe I can find a path

That is between both

Make my own

A path that is not of the light

Not a Jedi

But a path that is also not of the dark

Not a Sith

Both at once

Yet neither

It could work

There is a chance

A small chance

But the chance is small

The chance of failure is small

Almost impossibly small

But still there

Yet I know I will fail

I will fall

There is no hope for me

But I must do it

If not for me

Then my friends

It is time

I face my enemy

I look into his yellow pupils

I see evil, the darkness

The darkness in them is triumphant

They already know my path

I answer

And then I seal my fate