Hello fanfiction readers. This is my first ever story about TWILIGHT! So in translation: cut me some slack. [:

So…. Bella and Edward meet in a Biology Science class (go along with it) in Dartmouth. Neither of them have met, and are both happily in love. With their boyfriend/girlfriends. R/R PLEASE!


Those were the sort of days I hated. The days when Alice Hale, my best friend, would forget to wake me up. And as a consequence, I was late to my worst- and earliest class of the day. Biology Science. Not only was the class boring, but the teacher always had somewhat of a temper. But the good thing about these days were that Alice was gone, which translated to an outfit of my choice today. So I pulled on a pair of baggy sweats and a worn-out Dartmouth collegiate sweater and rushed off to class.


These were the sort of days I hated. Though, they happened rarely, when I was new at a school, where no-one knew who I was, I always came off as a player. But, this time was different. Now that I was coming here with my beautiful girlfriend, Tanya Denali, if I stayed truthful to her, I would probably shed the image of "player". So, I packed up my books, quickly left the dorm and was ready for just-about anything.


Luckily, I made it to Biology with a couple of minutes to spare. And right behind me, walked the most handsome man I had ever met. With his bronze, tousled hair, green eyes, and perfected six pack muscles bulging through his shirt; it was safe to say that my luck was taking a turn for the better today.

"Snap out of it, Bella. You have a boyfriend. Jacob, remember. And you love him." I told myself, as I struggled to take my eyes away from this mysterious new student. Yes, I loved Jacob. When we had met, we were inseperable and our attraction was undeniable. We were best friends for a couple of months, until we were official. We were in the state of thinking about marriage, but we decided on waiting until the end of college.

It was hard to concentrate on science with such a handso-- guy with good looks in the class . We constantly traded glances at each other. Finally, the class was over. And then as I was about to run out the class to meet up with Jacob, someone got a hold of my arm and pulled me back.

"Hi, my name is Edward Cullen. I couldn't help but tell that you were staring at me all class. Do you mind me asking, what your name is?" Edward announced. My face suddenly turned a noticeable shade of rose as I answered, " Oh sorry for that, my name is Bella Swan."

" It's alright, and Bella is a beautiful name, I must say." My face turned an even darker shade of pink. "Well, I guess I'll see you again, Bella."

"Yeah, sure... ok." It was hard to speak with him around. It was as if he was dazzling me of some sort. Edward, Edward Cullen. All my thoughts as of now were centered around him.

"I have to get to my boyfriend Jacob." I stressed the word boyfriend as I pulled the door of the class and scurried off to meet Jacob.


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