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"Clark is that…is that absinthe?" asked Shayera.

"As a matter of fact it is!" said Clark. In his hand was a large glass filled with a glowing green liquid.

"It's the only alcohol strong enough to get him buzzed," said Lois, who held a martini glass in her hand. The man of steel threw back the absinthe, draining the entire glass in one gulp.

"Who's the boy scout now?" teased Clark, a funny smile spreading across his face.

"This is his fourth one," Lois whispered to Shayera, tearing the empty glass away from Clark.

"Aw come on, Lois!" said Clark. "You remember that one time I had like ten, and you had at least six shots of tequila, and we went up to the roof of the Daily Planet and danced to that Mandy Moore song….naked!" Superman giggled uncontrollably after that.

Lois, looking absolutely mortified, clapped a hand over his mouth. "We're gonna go sit down now," said Lois, speaking slow to her boyfriend so that he could comprehend. "We'll talk to you later, Shayera."

Shayera just chuckled as she watched Lois drag the man of steel over to a couch. He immediately plopped down, bringing Lois with him in his lap. She didn't seem to mind too much, Shayera noticed.

"Shayera!" said a high-pitched voice. The Thanagarian turned to find a grinning Zatanna coming toward her. Her arm was draped around B'wana Beast, whose shirt had magically become unbuttoned and his tie wrapped around his head like a ninja. His strawberry blonde hair was a mess, but a dazed smile was glued to his face. The two sweating heroes came to a halt in front of her. "Shayera," she repeated, panting slightly. "This is the greatest party ever!" she squealed. "We have got to do this more often!"

"Yeah!" said Shayera with forced enthusiasm. Apparently she wasn't drunk enough to get excited.

"This guy," breathed Zatanna, patting Mike Maxwell's bare chest, "is an animal!"

Shayera attempted to act surprised. "Really! I…well, who would'a known?" B'wana Beast began to crack up at the semi-joke. While still in midlaugh, the songs switched and "Feel Good Inc." by the Gorillaz started to play. Zatanna and B'wana Beast suddenly looked at each other.

"The Gorillaz!" they choked out simultaneously before falling over each other with laughter. Together they stumbled back out onto the dance floor, hopping around like monkeys.

"They look like they're having fun," said a smooth voice behind Shayera, who turned to see Mari walking up beside her. Shayera forced a laugh.

"Yeah, this turned out great," she said.

"Uhh…when did we get a grand piano?" asked Mari. This question caught Shayera off guard, but what she saw next caught her even more off guard. She followed Mari's gaze to a shiny black piano a few yards away.

"What the…" Not only was there a grand piano sitting in the middle of the main bay of the Watchtower, but it was actually being played. Dinah sat at the stool playing dramatically, her hands moving like water over the keys, head banging to the beat. Weirder still, Ollie was lying across the top of the piano propped up on his elbow. In front of him, along the front of the piano, sat five empty wine glasses. The sixth glass was in Ollie's hand, half full. "Is that Clocks? By Coldplay?" Shayera asked.

"Now it's Clocks by Ollie and Dinah. Can you hear Ollie singing?"

"Isn't it usually the other way around? The guy plays the piano while the girl lies on top of it in a red dress singing the song?" Both women just stared at the odd scene in front of them. Sure enough, Ollie's voice reached them and they could discern the lyrics of the song.

"Confusion never stops…closing walls and clicking tocks…gonna come back and hake you tome…I could not stop that you no no singin…come out upon my seash, cursed missed opptunities… am I part of the cuuure or am I part of the dishease singing…yyyeeeeooooooohooooh aaaaaaah!"

"Oh wow. I wish I had a camera for this one," said Mari.

"I bet I could bribe Vic into giving us the security tapes."

"Speaking of Vic, what are those two doing?" Mari pointed towards Vic and Helena. They were both on the floor, rolling around, laughing hysterically.

"They are either wrestling…or having sex. I can't really tell," said Shayera.

"I swear I saw that damn green fairy, Lois!" screamed Clark. Mari and Shayera turned their attention to him. He had risen from the couch with Lois clinging to his back. "It was right over there!" He pointed a short distance away and started to lumber forward.

"You get that fairy, babe!" choked Lois between fits of laughter. The man of steel proceeded to grab at the air, turning every which way to catch the imaginary green fairy brought on by the absinthe. Eventually he toppled over bringing Lois with him.

"Just look at all the happy couples," said Mari with a laugh. "It's such a relief to see Bruce and Diana together finally."

"Yeah! About time I say. It's been like a soap opera between them the past couple of years. They both just deserve to be happy," finished Shayera.

"Everybody does," said Mari with a sad sigh.

"So…are you having a good time?" asked Shayera hesitantly even though she already knew the answer from Mari's expression. The darker skinned woman shrugged.

"John is being exceptionally vague tonight."

"Oh." Shayera didn't really know what to say to that. Luckily she didn't have to say anything, because Mari started speaking again.

"Do you remember when I told you no matter how bad a book or a movie is…I can't stop until I get to the end?" she asked, to which Shayera nodded. "Well, what if you already know how it ends? Is there a point in continuing?" Brown eyes met green in a moment of understanding.

"Mari, I don't…" started Shayera, but nothing else came out.

"Shayera, I know about Warhawk," blurted Mari.

"You…you do?" asked Shayera. Mari nodded. "But how did…"

"You won't believe how fast the gossip train travels around this place. Anyway, I've known for a while. John doesn't know I know, though."

"Well, it doesn't matter. We decided we aren't going to let fate get the best of us," reasoned Shayera painfully. Mari giggled quietly to herself and put a hand on Shayera's shoulder.

"Everyone knows how this book ends, Shay. And so do I. I might not like it, but I can't change the words on the page. I can't force the author to write it differently, that's not how it works." Shayera just blinked in slight disbelief as she listened to Mari. "There's no point in going through the time and the pain just to find out what you've known all along…that it doesn't end the way you wish it did."

"But…what about seeing things through?" whispered Shayera, repeating Mari's words from a few months ago.

"I've seen this through all I need to," she said with a weak smile.

"He loves you," said Shayera.

"He loves you more. And he loves Rex. I'm not going to rob you of being a mother, Shayera," she said, tears twinkling in her eyes. "I don't have the heart. And I don't have the heart to keep John away from what he really wants. It's not fair to him, to you, or to Rex. I'm not going to stand in the way of three people's happiness for the sake of my own."

"R-rex doesn't even exist," quavered Shayera, tears forming in her eyes.

"Yet," said Mari with another smile. "And I suppose it's the best thing for me, too. John was never mine to begin with, so I'm not being fair to myself either. And besides, there are plenty of other fish in the sea for this vixen," she said on a lighter note. Shayera giggled through the tears spilling down her cheeks. "But for John, there's only one bird in the sky."

Before either of them knew it, they were sobbing into each other's shoulders in a tight hug. The commotion around them didn't stop for their outpouring of emotions. John Stewart, however, had just walked back into the main bay after staring out the window into space for several minutes. Upon seeing the two women converged in an emotionally charged embrace, the Green Lantern immediately turned around and went back to his window.

As soon as Mari was able to speak, she said, "I have one condition though." The women pulled apart and looked at each other.

"Anything, anything!" choked Shayera through sobs of joy.

"Can I be the godmother?"

"Absolutely!" squealed Shayera as she threw her arms around Mari.

"Pffff…chicks," grunted Tim to himself as he watched the crying women from the turntable. He scanned the rest of the crowd, pondering on what to play next. Seeing as the majority of the population was tipsy, he decided it was best to go with a song that had a well-known, and perhaps difficult if intoxicated, set of dance moves. "Heeeeeey crazies!" he called over the microphone when the last song ended. No one seemed to hear him. "I said HEEEEEEEY CRAZIES!" Now that he had their attention, the crowd jeered "heeeeeeey!" back at their teenaged DJ. "Now that you're all drunk and chasing invisible fairies, let's change it up a bit. This song is the greatest one-hit wonder of all time. Hopefully you all remember the dance moves!" The Latin pop song Macarena blared through the Watchtower as red and yellow lights swirled around the dance floor.

Shayera and Mari didn't hesitate to sprint onto the dance floor when the song came on. Ollie and Dinah left the piano, Clark and Lois stopped chasing fairies, and Vic and Helena ceased their sex-wrestling to do the Macarena. Even Tim went through the motions behind the turntable. There was not one person in the main bay, human or otherwise, to opt out of dancing the Macarena.


still to be continued……(a few more songs to hit and a little more time to be spent with the oh so hilarious question and huntress. also im going to make a playlist for this kickass party, cuz it deserves one.)