A few loud knocks at Tony's door startled him, as he watched Christmas movies on the couch. He sighed, turning off the TV and walking to answer the door.

"Tony? Will you please open the door, I am freezing!" He heard the familiar sound of Ziva's voice calling from outside the door.

He opened the door, revealing Ziva, standing on his doorstep, a soft layer of snow on her shoulders and head. "What are you doing out in the snow?"

"Well, I am trying to come inside, but you are currently blocking my path." Ziva said, rubbing her arms in an attempt to get warmer. AS if he suddenly realized he was blocking her path, he opened the door wide and welcomed her in. "My car broke down just down the street. It is too late to call one of those trucks…"

"A tow truck?" Tony offered. She nodded.

"Yes. So I walked here. I hope you do not mind." Ziva said, taking off her coat and hanging it on the back of the front door. Tony shook his head in reply, and led her into the family room. The fireplace was crackling, and he had a glass of wine sitting on the coffee table.

"Why were you out so late? The roads are terrible. Even worse if you are driving." Tony said, taking a seat on the couch after pouring Ziva a glass of wine. Ziva took a small sip from her glass and then set it on the table.

"I forgot I had some last minute packages I needed to send." Ziva said, taking another sip of wine and leaning back. "Hopefully they will get to Israel by Sunday. A little late, but what can I do…"

Tony nodded and took a drink of his wine. "I guess you're stuck here with me, Zee-vah."

Ziva smiled and set her glass of wine down on the wooden coffee table. "I guess I am."

Tony turned on the TV, and the movie started playing from where he had left off. "Have you ever seen The Christmas Story?" Tony asked, gesturing towards the television.

"I think I did once, a while back." Ziva said, pulling a blanket off the arm of the couch and covering herself with it. Tony grabbed the edge of the blanket and pulled it toward him, uncovering half of Ziva. "Hey, you are stealing my blanket!" She said, pulling the blanket back and uncovering Tony.

"C'mon, you've got to share." He said, smiling and pulling the blanket over him again. Ziva sighed, and scooted closer, so they could both fit under the blanket.

It wasn't long before Ziva was asleep, and though she snored like a drunken sailor, Tony couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was when she slept. She was peaceful, and she certainly didn't look like she was about to kill anyone.

He looked up at the clock, and it was just past one thirty. "Merry Christmas, Sweetcheeks."

"I am Jewish, Tony." Ziva said, startling him. Her eyes were closed, but she was still awake. If she had had her eyes open, she would have seen the 'I-know' look Tony had given her.

"Happy Holidays, Ziva."

A/N: Short and sweet. :)

I hope you liked it. Just a little fun one for the holidays. I couldn't help myself. I'm totally in the holiday spirit.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Channukah, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!