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Authours Note: Sentient buildings and Rooms idea borrowed ever-so-slightly from 'Spindles End' by Robin McKinley. Salamander idea borrowed a-bit-more-obviously from 'The Fire Rose' by Mercedes Lackey. Read them both, they're a lot better than 'very good'.

Title: Story Ending

Draco walked into his Common Room and flopped onto the couch. Harry trilled a question at him, and flew over to settle on Draco's lap. The Slytherin quirked a smile at the Phoenix, and began stroking the lightly burning crest. "How was your day, Harry?" Draco asked his husband, content to relax now that he was in the relative safety of his rooms.

Harry ignored the question and rubbed his fiery head under Draco's palm, urging Draco to not stop his caressing. Draco chuckled, and did as he was told. "Well, since no one knows you're still alive other than Granger, Snape, McGonagall and Fawkes, they keep asking me when I want the funeral to be. And I can't tell them a date because someone-" he mock-glared at Harry, who burrowed further into his lap- "decides that two weeks is not long enough to grow up. And what's worse is that this is all taking place during NEWTS week, and I have to take three more before I'm through. At least you were able to skip out on them."

Harry pulled his head away from Draco's hand and looked up at the blonde. After a moment, Harry flew gracefully across to the other side of the room, and landed on the floor. Draco watched, curious, as Harry settled down and closed his eyes. Nothing happened, and Draco was about to call Harry back to him when the room flashed and Harry burst into flames.

Draco stayed in his chair, unconcerned. This had happened before, and Harry was always unhurt at the end. But as the flames receded and Draco could once more see Harry, he shot straight up in his chair. Hunkered down on the floor was a human form, and as Draco watched it stood and stretched.

Harry walked over to Draco through the flames still surrounding him and stopped in front of his husband's chair. "It finally worked," he croaked, his voice unused to human vocal cords after so long. Draco merely stared, taking in Harry's body, dressed only in silvery-blue flames. The scar that had decorated his forehead was gone, as well as every other scar he had ever received. No imperfection marred Harry's golden flesh, and Draco shook his head in wonder.

"How- you… I'm glad you're back." Harry smiled at Draco's disjointed words, and slid into the Slytherin's lap. His flames joined Pixy and Bluebell, cavorting about their bodies and covering them both with flickering and comforting heat.

"I heard you say that everyone was giving you a hard time, and I wanted to come back. But I had tried so many times before and failed that I wasn't sure it would work." Harry smiled gently down at Draco, and caressed the smooth jaw. "But it did."

Draco slipped his arms around Harry's waist in a haze, holding the brunette close and reveling in the feeling of Harry's flames and Harry's body and Harry's touch. He pulled Harry to him and pressed a chaste kiss to the lips he hadn't tasted in weeks, but pulled away before he burst with happiness. Harry rested his head on Draco's shoulder and just let his husband hold him. For a long while they were content to just stay in that position, fire dancing over them and holding each other, assuring themselves of the reality of their situation, but soon Harry stirred.

At Draco's inquiring look, he explained. "I've had two weeks of sitting here and watching you, knowing everything that was going on and yet having no control." Harry grinned and glanced down at their laps, where his body was stirring with interest. "It's also been rather… lonely… watching you and not being able to have you." Now Draco's body was waking, and he smiled tightly at the smaller boy.

"You better watch what you ask for," he warned teasingly as he wrapped his arms around Harry's delectable arse and brought them even closer together with a sharp tug, "Because you'll get it."

"Good," Harry breathed, and leaned in to claim Draco's lips. The flames that surrounded and blanketed them went wild, ecstatic that their Masters were together finally after such a long separation. Harry slipped his hand inside of Draco's robe and shirt and went for skin, moaning in Draco's mouth at the feel of the silky flesh. Fire followed his questing fingers, leaving burning paths where Harry had passed.

The room heated as the flames flared and soared and raced, and Harry and Draco moved together as their passions got the best of them. As they began stripping the rest of Draco's clothing off the door slammed open, and Hermione walked in. "Dear Lord it's hot in here, Draco. Can't you at least control the temp-" Hermione broke off with a shriek that hurt Harry's ears as she finally saw the cause of the abnormal heat-wave.

Draco pressed his forehead to Harry's as they panted for breath, and muttered, "Bloody impeccable timing as usual, Granger."

Harry agreed but Hermione snorted, and said over her shoulder, "If you're going to be doing that, there's a reason you have your own room, Draco. Because really- is it the best idea to have sex in the middle of a shared Common Room?"

"Granger- for Merlin's sake turn around, we're both covered- you have an annoying habit of walking in at precisely the wrong time." Hermione, who had turned around, snorted again at Draco's idea of 'covered.' Draco went on with a glare, "And since my husband has just returned to me, I think whatever we do and wherever we do it is entirely acceptable."

Hermione raised an eyebrow at the Slytherin's logic, but turned to Harry. He was watching the verbal duel with an amused expression, and was mostly covered by the flames licking at his and Draco's skin. At least, below the waist. "Hello, Harry. Good to have you back. I believe that we should bring this up to the Headmaster now, though, before he goes ahead and plans your 'funeral' without Draco's consent like he was threatening."

Two groans met her statement, and Hermione grinned unapologetically. "Sorry boys. But you know the old coot would do it. I'll give you a few minutes to get ready, and then we'll go. I know he'll be in his office for the next hour, so that's good." When they just stared at her, she frowned at them and waved her hands. "Well? What are you waiting for?"

Draco turned to Harry and muttered resignedly, "I hate her."

After it had all been explained to Dumbledore there was silence in his office. Hermione, Harry, Draco, Snape, McGonagall, and Pomfrey were present, and each had taken a turn in the retelling. Now they waited for his reaction, and Harry petted Fawkes slowly as the older Phoenix perched on his knee. They were chatting back and forth quietly, and that more than anything seemed to make the old man believe their tale.

Other than the fact that Harry James Potter-Malfoy, believed deceased, was sitting before him in clothes borrowed from his husband, of course.

"Well, Harry. I am glad to have you back with us." Dumbledore said, his voice slightly shaken. "Though I do wish that someone had informed me of the fact as soon as it was discovered." No one in the room looked guilty, though, so he changed the topic. "Harry," he began, "why did you not tell anyone of your Animagus form?"

Harry snorted suddenly, and glanced up at the Headmaster with an amused expression on his face. "It was bad enough that Hermione and Ron wouldn't stop asking me what it was. Now if the whole world had known that Harry-Bloody-Potter's-"

"Potter-Malfoy, darling," Draco interrupted demurely, and Harry grinned as Hermione and McGonagall smiled.

"Yes, Potter-Malfoy, sorry love. If anyone had known what my Animagus form was, I would never have been left alone. Besides, then Voldemort would have been prepared to deal with me." There was silence as Harry finished, as no one felt the need to add anything to the conversation. Harry glanced over at Draco after a moment, though, and the blonde smirked as he saw the need dancing behind Harry's eyes.

"So then, are we quite finished here?" Draco asked into the silence, and shrugged as five sets of eyes came to rest on him. "What?" he asked innocently, "I was merely asking."

Hermione turned her sudden laugh into a cough, and smiled when Draco glared at her.

Dumbledore sighed, and dropped his head into his hands. "Yes, my boy. You can leave." Draco and Harry stood suddenly, and threw Fawkes off balance with an undignified squawk. "Though Harry may need to remain behind to answer some questions I have." Both boys looked disgruntled, and Hermione noted that the temperature in the room was rising.

"Um, Headmaster?" she asked diffidently when she saw the silver flames start to flicker behind Harry's eyes, "Harry has just turned back to being human, surely they can have some time alone before the real questioning begins?"

"Well, I had wanted to get it over with now so that we needn't ever do it again," Dumbledore began, but Harry had had enough of this. He wanted Draco now, he had been needing Draco for hours already, and for Merlin's sake he had the ability to get the two of them out of this confining office.

"Sorry, Professors," Harry said as he wrapped an arm around Draco, "But we'll be seeing you soon, I'm sure." With a wild burst of fire they were gone, leaving their audience with wide open mouths.

"I guess that wasn't the right answer, Headmaster," Hermione said, strangling a laugh at the look of astonishment on the old man's face.

Draco smothered a laugh as they landed in his rooms, Harry holding them upright and looking supremely pleased with himself. Dragging Draco over to the bed, Harry pushed the Slytherin down and crawled on top of him, grinning. Draco allowed the man-handling, seeing as how he always wanted what Harry wanted, and smirked as the brunette rested his chin on Draco's chest to look up at him.

"You sure showed them, love," Draco said seriously, and Harry stuck his tongue out at his husband. Pixy and Bluebell darted around the room, glad that their Masters were back. They had been forbidden to come with Draco and Harry, seeing as how they hated Dumbledore, and were delighted that the boys had returned so quickly.

"Shuddup," Harry said fondly, then added slyly, "You wanted to leave as much as I did, and the way I got us out of there appealed to your Slytherin flair for the dramatic, admit it."

"You really have to meet my mother," Draco said under his breath, "She would just love you."

Draco grinned up at a smirking Harry, but went back to their previous topic. "I shall never admit any such thing," Draco said haughtily, and flipped Harry over so that he was atop the smaller boy. "And you should know that." He bit the soft skin of Harry's neck gently, and teased it for a moment before releasing it and smirking at the Gryffindor.

Harry frowned at Draco, and pulled the Slytherin down for a deep kiss as the flames that grew steadily joined the two sprites in dancing around the boys. Draco reared back with a gasp, and licked his lips as Harry's emerald orbs peered up at him from under half-lidded eyes. "I wanted to tell you something that Fawkes told me, Draco." Draco cocked his head in curiosity, wondering what Harry would need to tell him now. "He told me that Phoenixes mate for life, and that only one other being would be able to control the Phoenix." Draco shivered as those words hit him, and Harry went on, eyes darkening and flaring. "He also said that since a Phoenix dies hundreds of times, we can never actually pass on. So we keep living forever."

Draco stilled as a cold chill ran through his body, and Harry grinned up at him. "Salamanders don't age, darling." Draco pondered that thought as his hands idly ran up and down Harry's ribs.

"Are you telling me that we'll never die?"

Harry gave Draco a feral grin, and wrapped his arms around Draco's waist. Pulling the Slytherin down till they were nose to nose, he whispered, "Since we're part-human, perhaps not as long as all that. But otherwise, yes." He pressed his lips to Draco's as the blonde's eyes lit up, and moaned at the taste that had been withheld from him.

Draco wondered what he had done in his life to deserve this wonderful, vibrant, glorious boy as his husband and lover, and couldn't think of anything. Not when Harry's hands were trailing fire down his waist and ribs, and rubbing up against him as the flames that surrounded them blanketed the room in brilliant hues. Not when he was gasping as Harry's mouth produced its own fire in his body. Not when his husband was wrapped around him crying out for more and more and the flames were brighter and hotter and faster. Not when Harry was panting beneath him as Draco buried his head in Harry's shoulder and strove for all he was worth.

Not even when they were lying in the aftermath, blanketed by the flames that coated them could Draco think of a reason. Not when Harry was lying on top of him and grinning down at Draco with love and peace shining from his eyes.

"I love you, Harry," Draco said solemnly, and watched as Harry cocked his head and considered the careful words.

"I love you as well, Draco," and he sealed the words with a kiss. They broke apart from the gentle touch, and Draco grinned wryly. At Harry's curious look, Draco explained.

"Giving into temptation when we were in the Room was the best thing I've ever done." Harry laughed, startled at the comment, but understood it. Draco held Harry against his chest, and smiled up at the fiery ceiling.

"What happened to them, Momma? What happened to the Phoenix and the Salamander?" the little boy asked, eyes wide and shining as he waited for the end of the beloved story. His mother smiled down at him, brushing silvery-blonde hair out of her son's eyes before she answered him.

"Well Draco, they lived Happily Forever After." Narcissa replied, chuckling to herself as her son smiled widely and flopped back onto his pillows. He was never allowed such behavior when his Father was around, but she encouraged it when it was just the two of them.

"I love that story, Momma," Draco said earnestly, and scrambled out of bed to crawl into his mother's lap. "But why can't we tell Father?" The sad look in her four year olds eyes tore at Narcissa's heart, and she raised a hand to rub his back. He sighed as she did so, relaxing into her chest and closing his eyes.

"Because Father is not a Black, child. He would not understand." No, Narcissa thought to herself bitterly, he would demand that she erase such nonsense from her beautiful child's memory, and she would not allow that to happen. "You, however, are my son, and a Black. You have to keep this story to yourself, Draco. You're Father would not like the ending."

Draco raised silver eyes up to his mother's face, and nodded. "Alright, Momma. I guess, if Father wouldn't like the story…" his face scrunched up in thought and he added, "Well, I guess I won't have to tell him."

"Good boy." Narcissa said, then added briskly, "Off to bed with you, son. You have an early morning tomorrow, and you should not stay up too late." Draco grumbled, but smiled brightly at his mother as she set him down and resettled the covers over his tiny body.

"Good night, Momma," Draco said as he snuggled under the covers and get settled.

Narcissa smiled, and patted his head as she fixed the covers more firmly around him.

"Good night, son. I shall see you bright and early tomorrow morning." Narcissa sat back in her chair as she waited for him to fall asleep, wondering what his life would be like. He was so small now, and yet already he was the exact image of his father. Would he remember the bedtime story years from now? Would he remember what happened?

Narcissa shook such thoughts from her head, and stood, leaning down to kiss her sleeping son's forehead. He would do as he willed, and she had done what she could.

Everything else was up to him, now.

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