I don't own Digimon, and I never will. Same goes for the immaculate fools song, "The prince."

This story is set when all of the second group of Digidestined (Kari, TK, Davis etc) are about 18 years old.

As long as she's happy.

Chapter 1.

Dancing with him.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

Davis stood leaning on the wall of the hall, looking out onto the dance floor, watching TK and Kari dance together.

The two had known each other far longer than Davis had, and when they had announced that they were going out together, no one had been surprised. Least of all Davis. He had known this day would come.

TK put his arms around Kari's lower back, and she rested her head on his shoulder, a smile creeping across her face as she closed her eyes and relaxed into his embrace.

Davis ignored the pang of jealousy that leapt through the turmoil of his emotions.

"They make a cute couple don't they?" said Tai.

Davis put his face into neutral.

"Yes, they do."

"Don't do anything stupid, Davis. Kari values you as a friend, and I'd hate to see you jeopardise that friendship."

The younger man turned to his friend. Davis spoke in a neutral voice, not allowing his emotions to be seen.

"What makes you think I'd do anything about it? Hell, what makes you think I could if I tried. She obviously loves him, and there's nothing I can do to change that. So I wont bother."

Davis turned on his heel and walked out of the hall. But not before he saw TK lower his lips onto Kari's.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

He stood in one of the empty classrooms, looking out over the city. In the rain that poured down, its lights seemed to stretch into infinity.

"Nice night."

Yolei came up and stood beside him. People seemed to be doing a lot of that lately. Were his feelings that goddamn obvious?

"Yes, it is a nice night. If this is about Kari."

"Its not, but it's interesting to see that you're mind leaps straight to her. You gonna come back out anytime soon?"

Davis shook his head.


Ken Ichijochi Stumbled into the room, his face red.

"Are you drunk?" Yolei asked. Ken Straightened up and seemed to be thinking for a second. He answered slowly.


Davis and Yolei looked at each other.

"I think we'll be coming home with you."

She took Ken's shoulder and started to walk him out of the room, but turned back briefly.

"Don't do anything stupid Davis."

Davis gave her a small smile.

"As long as she's happy, Yolei, I'll crawl back under the rock I came out of."

Yolei and Ken left. Davis turned to look at the cityscape once more, and then went to catch up with them

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

Kari and TK were still dancing as Davis crossed the hall to catch up with Yolei and Ken. The slow melody was enhanced in Davis mind by the beating of his own heart.

He watched them, for a while. Dancing there.

He caught himself staring, and turned away. Walking out of the room, he jogged to catch up with Ken and Yolei.

The music followed him down the hall, filling his mind.

"Save a prince for her,

Save a tear for me.

And let her prince be everything

That I could never be.

Save a prince for her

A prince for her."

Davis walked away, and down into the car park.

Yolei was waiting for him.

"Davis, can you give us a ride, because there is no way I am letting Ken get behind the wheel."

"Yolei, I am perfectly capabibble of driving." Said Ken to the pot plant that stood next to his girlfriend. Yolei put her hand to her forehead. Davis grinned.

"Sure. My Jeeps just over here."

They got into the Jeep, and Yolei helped Ken into the back seat. The young man slumped down onto his side, and started to snore.

"Hey, watch it!" came a voice from under Ken's head. Veemon popped out and looked up at Davis.

"What's up with him?" Veemon asked. Ken belched loudly onto the back of the Digimon's head. Veemon's nose twitched

"Never mind."

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

"Where are Hawkmon and Wormmon?" asked Davis as he drove down the highway.

"We left them at home. We didn't really think it would be their scene, even if the whole world knows about the digital world now. Why did you bring Veemon?"

Davis shot his best friend a grin.

"Because last time I left him alone in the apartment he cleared out the fridge. I had to live on Bologna sandwiches for three days, until my pay check came through."

"How is work? I heard you were working in a strip club!"

Davis laughed; he seemed to be cheering up the farther away they got from Kari and TK.

" I'm the barman. I've got to admit, having this job has given me a bit of a reputation, but it's actually not a strip club, just a local bar. Where the occasional bachelor party has strippers brought in. Its not a bad place, I."

Whether it was a combination of the wet roads, or something else, the Jeep suddenly slid across the road. Its back tyre caught on a speed trap, and the vehicle flipped onto its side, and went sliding towards a wall. The car hit head on, and Davis was thrown forward, his seat-belt tearing from its socket in the frame. The last thing he heard was Yolei's scream as he went through the windshield. Thank god her seatbelt had held.

Davis slammed into the wall, and blacked out.


What can I say, I'm a sucker for the underdog, and I always liked Davis better than TK, because A) he plays football, and B) he is just a nice guy. If you don't like that combination then you're welcome to say so. In my opinion there aren't nearly enough Davis-Kari fics out there so I decided to write one.

The song that plays in the hall as Davis leaves is called "The Prince" by the Immaculate fools. Don't worry, no-one else has heard of them either.

I know its poorly written, but give me a chance okay.

I'm gonna put up a separate section on my website for miscellaneous stories now! More work. Yippee.