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Chapter Rating: PG

Pairing: Roy/Ed


Summary: Fuhrer Roy Mustang has found some very important documents that'll help with Al and Ed getting back their bodies. For payment The Fuhrer wants Ed to become his 'Maid' or so Ed thinks...





"Brother, Do you have to go?" Al asked.

"Yes, that bastard has information on how we can get our bodies back, so I'm just gonna stay there for awhile. I would come with you to make sure you got to Rizenbool but that would take to long. You think you can manage?" Ed asked stuffing some necessities into a suit case.

Al nodded, "Yes, I can find my way there. I'm 15 I think i can handle it, but you promise to be back soon?"

Ed sighed, "I'm not sure how long the colonel is going to want me to...stay...but I'll come get you as soon as I get those research files." Ed answered knowing that Mustang was now longer the 'Colonel' but the Fuhrer. Ed just always referred to him as that, because that's what he was to Ed. The Bastard Colonel Mustang.

Al's shoulder sagged, "Will you write?"

Ed smiled, "Of course Al, and if it's gonna take longer then I think, I'll talk that Bastard into letting me come visit."


"Al, you make it sound like we'll never see each other again."

"I know, brother."

"Hey, look at the bright side. You can spend some time with Granny and Winry."


"Come Al, let's get you to the train station, otherwise you'll miss it."

Ed grabbed the suit case and headed for the door, Al following him.

They arrived at the train station within 20 minutes.

Al boarded the train.

"BYE AL!! SEE YOU SOON!" Ed yelled waving as the train left the station.

Al waved backed and shouted something, that couldn't be heard through the crowd of people waving off friends, family, and/or relatives.


Ed took a deep breath, I can't believe I'm doing this...He thought to himself...To sink so low as to...Ed grunted...Remember this is for Al. Just have live with that bastard and be...basically his damn maid...GAH...this kind of blackmail should be illegal...

The door opened and Ed looked startled up at the raven-haired man.

"Were you gonna knock or just stand outside the door?" Mustang asked leaning against the door frame.

Ed grunted in reply and walked in.

"Please, come right in." Mustang said sarcastically closing the door behind Ed.

Ed looked around the place. From the outside it was really big, and from what Ed could see...Let's just say cleaning this place was gonna take a long time. Just in the hallway there was coats and shoes scattered everywhere, paintings hanging every direction, none of them straight; vases of wilted flowers that where starting to stink; papers scattered everywhere. How Mustang could live in this house was beyond Ed.

The rest of the house wasn't any better. Just like the hallway there where papers everywhere, garbage, empty containers of take out food, paintings tipped side ways. The whole house needed to be demolished and rebuilt, but Ed didn't think Mustang was gonna let him do that.

"Where am I staying?" Ed asked after he viewed the kitchen, the living room, and the bathrooms. There where too many bedrooms in the mansion to look through them all in one night.

"One of the guest rooms." Mustang answered taking the lead once more.

Ed followed him to the 'guest' room.

When they went in there it wasn't as messy as the rest of the house, big surprise. But it still needs a good dusting and airing out. It had a musky smell to it.

"Well, this will have to do for tonight. Tomorrow you can clean it up after you finish with my goals for you." Mustang said heading out of the room.

Ed rolled his eyes.

"What? You gonna make me a list?!" Ed snapped, sarcastically.

"That's a good idea FullMetal." Mustang remarked leaving the room.

All Ed could do was stare at the man.

"Night Ed." Mustang bided closing the door.

"Whatever." Ed muttered and threw his suit case on the bed.

He quickly unpacked, so he could get to bed 'because he knew there was going to be a lot of work to do tomorrow.


"FULLMETAL!!" Mustang roared bursting into the room.

Ed dug his head under his pillows.

"Go away."

"Get your lazy ass up. You have work to do." Mustang growled.

Ed peered up at him from under his pillow.

"Oh, alright. I'll be down in a minute." Ed grumbled.

Mustang growled low in his throat.

"Better hurry. We've got things to discuss." Mustang replied leaving the room.

Ed crawled out of bed and quickly got dressed. He wore the usual: black T-shirt with white lining it. The jacket that matched and his leather pants. He figured he might need his shoes on, afraid that he'd step on rotten food. He put on the hiking boots.

He quickly braided his hair on the way downstairs.

Mustang was in his study.

Ed looked through the doorway.

How Mustang managed to get to his desk was beyond Ed.

"Take a seat." Mustang gestured to a chair that was covered in papers.

Ed looked at like he was crazy.

"How the hell am I--"

"Take a seat." Mustang growled.

Ed grimaced and started for the chair.

When he finally reached the chair he picked up all the papers and laid them on a box.

"So, what do you want Bastard?" Ed asked lazily after he had sat down.

Mustang looked up at him sharply. "You shall not address me as such."

Ed looked at him bewildered. What's his deal...? Ed thought to himself.

"You are my slave." Mustang started.

"Wait a second. You just said I had to clean your house!" Ed protested.

Mustang grinned, "I said you had to do what I say."

Ed opened his mouth to disagree but then remembered that was Mustang had said.

"Now you are gonna behave or I'm going to have to burn those files."

Ed stiffened.

Mustang smirked, "That's better. Now back to business. You shall address me as 'Master'"

"NO WAY IN HELL!" Ed shouted outraged.

"Files." Mustang sang to remind him.

Ed sat back down, then realized...when did he stand?

"You shall cook all my meals, clean up after my messes, and well get this house back into order. Then I'm sure I'll find you some more tasks to do." Mustang smiled evilly.

Ed made a face of disgust.

"Oh and since you belong to me, I wouldn't do that or I'm going to have to teach you a lesson."

Ed snorted.

Mustang got out from behind his desk that Ed didn't even have to time to blink.

Mustang gripped Ed's real wrist hard, leaving a mark probably. Mustangs face was right next to Ed's.

Ed blinked up at him surprised, and then realized the pain the elder man was causing him.

"You belong to me. Remember that. I can take anything I want away from you. I can choose not to feed you, I can choose not to let you have a bed, and I can choose not to let you have clothes."

What hell?! This was not part of the agreement... Ed thought.

"I'm not your slave. You just said I had to do what you told me." Ed spat in his face.

Mustang didn't even flinch.

"And I'm telling you that I own you."

"You can't 'own' people!" Ed retorted.

Mustang squeezed Ed's wrist harder. "Yes I can. Can you imagine those lovely papers going up in flames?" Mustang threatened.

"Alright! I get it. Let go of me!" Ed said trying to tug his wrist free.

Mustang held on tighter.

"What do you say?"

"LET GO!" Ed growled.

"Tsk. Tsk, and here I thought you where a fast learner." Mustang said leaning closer so there breaths mingled. "If you don't behave, pet, you're not going to get dinner."

"Fine, Master." Ed said through gritted teeth. "Would you be so kind as to LET go of my wrist?" Still said through gritted teeth.

Mustang sighed. "Better. But you will learn to say it without malice in your voice." Mustang let go of Ed's wrist and stepped back.

"Well, I've got to go to the office." Mustang went back to his desk and picked up a piece of paper and handed it to Ed.

"I want all those done in that order; by the time I get back. Also don't forget to make me dinner. I should be home around 9 O'clock." Mustang seemed to think about something.

"I don't know what I have in the kitchen. Almost all of it's probably bad. So here's some money." Mustang said pulling out his wallet.

He glared at Ed. "This should be enough money to by enough meals for both of us for the rest of the week. You hear me? No spending it on anything but food, pet. And if you dare mention this to anyone you know what is going to happen to your precious papers."

Ed looked at the hundred cenz bill.

Mustang left the room.

After Mustang had left the house Ed finally looked at the list.

1. Clean the kitchen

2. Clean the Living Room

3. Clean the Entry Way.

4. Clean the bathrooms.

5. If you get that far you can clean your room then you can start on my study.

P.S. Cleaning includes organizing everything. Don't forget dinner either. I'm looking forward to it my pet.

~Fuhrer Roy Mustang 'Master'

What was his deal...I should really report him...but he is the Fuhrer he could easily be believed over me. And I can't let those files be burned...i have to get them for Al. I will endure.

Ed looked towards the long task ahead of him. He heaved a long sigh then trudged towards the kitchen.