Title;; Whispers of Love
Genre;; General//Romance//Angst//AU// A bit of comedy
Chapter(s);; 1/5
Pairing(s);; Tamaki x Kyouya && Tamaki x Haruhi
Rating;; T - For now.
Warning(s);; None...
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Summary;; Sometimes, it's difficult for someone to realize and admit that they're deeply in love. Especially if you were someone like Ootori Kyouya. Sometimes... some people just need a bit of help to fully realizing it. This someone...was Suou Tamaki.
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"Kyou-chan, guess what?"


"...Aishiteru yo"

Aishiteru... Those words seemed to stick forever within Ootori Kyouya's mind. Super glued for life, you could say. He had been told so many times by a certain blonde that was just too full of energy for his own good. It didn't even faze him the least whenever he would say those words to him. Well, on some occasion it did, but he would never allow himself to show it. He was always the one to frown and push him away whenever the Suou decided to engulf him within a tight hug from behind, pressing his cheek against his as he grinned brightly, looking over his shoulder to see just what exactly was he writing within the black journal of his or what was he typing onto his lap top; always quick to scold him about using such unnecessary words. Why say those words when you really didn't mean them? This always earned him a pout from the blonde and a scratch at his cheek, murmuring how Okaa-san could be so rough at times. Tamaki was just being Tamaki, he would always think to himself as he would watch the other with amusement from the corner of his eye, a small smile playing across his lips.

That was only a few years back when they were too young and stupid, blinded by the little games that they played. Tamaki had called him Otou-san, and Kyouya, in return, had called him Okaa-san only because he had no other choice but to do so if the blonde wouldn't stop poking at him to call him 'Papa'. Though, at first, he would call him "Otou-san" begrudgingly when Tamaki would address him with one of the nick names he had addressed him, he had, over time, come to realize that calling him "Otou-san" became natural to him. Slowly, but surely it did. It was almost like second nature how the nickname would roll smoothly off the tip of his tongue, a small smile always making its way to curve at the edges of his lips. It brought happiness to Tamaki, a certain shine always making its way to glimmer brightly within those erotic eyes of his, to know that his best friend would participate with him...

Oh, how the younger Ootori wished he could somehow go back to those days...


Kyouya muffled a yawn as he slowly closed his laptop, lifting his free hand to remove his glasses and rub briefly at his eyes tiredly. Spending nearly all day within a café shop until closing time was never a good idea, especially if you had nothing to do all day. The need to be surrounded by the calming scent of coffee beans and the sugary smell of cookies being baked was something he could not ignore. One would clearly state that spending their time within a café shop when they had a few days off of work is completely insane – utterly stupid. The ordinary person would have stayed at home all day, perhaps catch up on lost sleep one had lost during the few weeks of a busy schedule. Perhaps Kyouya wasn't your normal, ordinary person. So he liked to hang out at a café and type away at his laptop for hours on end. Did that make him so, well, odd?

Getting up, he grabbed his hooded jacket and placed it onto his slender frame only to soon pick up his laptop and place it into the messenger bag he had been tugging around all day.

"Have a good night, Nemuri-san." Kyouya called out with a small smile to the woman that was placing away a few cups behind the counter she stood behind. Looking up, she blinked only to smile widely and nod her head quickly.

"Ah! You too, Kyouya-san," Without another word, the Ootori walked out. The jingle from the bell that hung above the door reached his ears as he pushed it open as soon as his hands met the cold metal of the door handle. What greeted him outside was the cool, wintry breeze that blew within his face as soon as he stepped foot outside. The young man shivered, raising his free hand to adjust the winter black scarf that rested around his neck and tugged it upward so it brushed across his parted lips. It was best to head home, he had thought to himself with a small sigh, pursing his lips outward as he adjusted the strap of his messenger bag his laptop rested within. Taking a right, the dark haired male began to walk, taking in the sounds of loud honking of cars that rode amongst the streets and the bright lights of buildings that lit up the night. The town was so loud at night. Kyouya preferred peace and quiet around this time of night. Preferred to be wrapped within his robe and sit within silence as he rested against the soft mattress of his bed. Book in hand and a cup of hot chocolate resting onto his night stand that stood next to his bed. He had no worries though. He would soon be able to do so once he got home.

Oh, how he wished he had his own car. If it wasn't for his car breaking down just three days ago, he would have hurriedly driven himself to do the mentioned plans he had for tonight. To unplug his telephone and turn off his cell phone and just simply indulge himself within a good book. Instead, he had to settle with waving down a cab. Growing irritated that each one passed him, save for one that slowed down just as it had passed him just a moment ago. He ran towards the yellow vehicle and opened the door, instantly thanking the man as he closed the door behind him as soon as he fully got in, basking within the warmth the vehicle contained.

It took only ten minutes to drive out of the busy city, but an additional thirteen minutes to get to the apartment complex he lived in. As soon as the cab drove in front of the building, Kyouya reached deep within his pocket for his wallet to pay the voiced amount the cab driver told him. And he did so, placing the dollar bills within the outstretched hand, along with a murmur of soft thanks, and opened the door to step out, closing the door behind him within the process.

Walking over to lean against the wall of the well-lit building, the Ootori reach within his bag to pull out a silver zippo and a pack of cigarettes, raising the carton to his ear and shake it gently. Hmm, it was a shame that he only had one stick left. It was alright, he thought to himself as he opened the carton to pull out the thin stick and place it to his lips. Tossing the empty carton away within a neighboring trashcan, he raised the silver zippo to his awaiting cigarette that dangled between his lips, cupping the side of it as his thumb pressed downward with a few soft clicks. Finally, fire flickered and danced, wavering slightly as a soft gust of breeze blew by. Regardless it managed to light Kyouya's desired cigarette and he stuffed the zippo within his bag, inhaling deeply only to sigh in satisfaction as the rush of nicotine flowed through him, slightly agitating his throat, but the feeling was not a stranger to him. He welcomed it like the many other times he felt the need of a smoke.

The memory of how he had turned to the unhealthy habit was oblivious to him. He always said that he would never be the type of person to fall for such a thing. To even have a desire of wanting to try out the one thing that some people were so addicted to. But he did. Mori had offered him a stick one particular night when they were casually sitting within a small bar, drinks sitting in front of them. Kyouya was never one to smoke. It was completely unhealthy and did many things to the body over the years as one continued to intake their daily usage of the thing Mori had a habit of smoking four times a day, perhaps more if he was irritated. He couldn't help but be so cautious, since his family owned a long run of hospitals and spas. But Kyouya would never deny that he was a very curious man, and he had taken the stick with no questions asked. He had placed the white stick to his lips and had watched Mori lean forehead to light his cigarette with his red zippo clutched within his large hands. Kyouya had inhaled and went within a fit of coughs, dropping the stick onto the table as he grasped at his neck. Eyes squinting close tightly as Mori patted him heavily onto his back. He instantly vowed to never do that again...Yet look what he was doing now two years later.

He was such a hypocrite. He was a hypocrite about many things.

But that wasn't anything new, now was it.

Finishing off his cigarette, he dropped it from his finger tips and stubbed the remaining life out of it with the heal of his shoe before turning sharply to finally walk within the apartment complex, passing the many people that walked around the lobby and ignoring the many voices and laughter of others as they passed him. It was his normal routine of making his way to the elevator and pressing the fourth button that lead to the fourth floor, exiting as soon as the doors would open and walk all the way down the quiet, well-lit hallway. It almost felt automatic, with the way he would always take a sudden right and walk down another hallway and stop in front of his room door. After taking the time to look for his key he managed to get in and search blindly for the light switch. As soon as his slender fingers came in contact with the desired switch he flicked it upwards – light quickly illuminated his once dark apartment. It was rather large and spacious, the furniture having the appearance of looking quite expensive. It was what came with being the son of a man that is an affluent zaibetsu owner specializing in hospital management. It was nice, but sometimes living alone, within a big apartment, got rather...


"Tadaima," Kyouya called out, not really expecting a response, only because there was no one there to greet him. He smiled to himself and chuckled in small amusement as he removed his shoes and placed them aside neatly. Closing the door behind him, he locked it and soon walked within the kitchen that was connected to the front area of his apartment, turning on the light and stopping by his phone to read the small screen. 'Three new messages', it read. Kyouya arched a single eyebrow before pressing a button that blinked red – a sign that he had messages waiting for him to listen to. There was a long beep before there was silence that filled the living space. Soon, a bright calling of his name caused Kyouya to smile to himself as he turned his back to open his refrigerator and grab a carton of milk.

"Kyou-chaaan~! It's Hunny~! Daijoubou? Are you having a good day?"

"Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?" Kyouya murmured to himself as he pulled out a pack of hot chocolate mix from his pantry. Walking back to his kitchen counter, he poured the mix inside his light blue mug, only to soon pour the milk inside afterwards and grasp his silver spoon to stir. The sound of the spoon coming in contact with the inside of his cup was the only sound that reached his ears. That and the rest of the message Hunny had left him around two-thirty today. He was only checking on him, as per usual, and asking if he was free sometime on his break so he could plan to drop by and visit. His message had ended with a "Call me when you have the time, na!" and the sound of the message ending when Hunny ended his call. The next message had been from Mori and the last message had been from Hikaru, who clearly stated for him to call him as soon as he got his message – if you could even call what he left on his answering machine a message. After retrieving his mug of hot chocolate from his microwave he had placed it within just moments ago, he sighed heavily and trudged slowly out of his kitchen to retrieve his phone. It had to be pretty important...But then again, it couldn't have been. Kyouya had decided that he would just take his chances, his thumb pressing onto numbers to dial the familiar Hitachiin twin's number. It wasn't long before someone picked up and soon enough the cooing of his name reached his ear.

"Well, well, well. The Shadow King does live after all! I was beginning to think you wouldn't call at all~" Hikaru snickered as he pocked fun at the Shadow King. Kyouya suppressed the urge to hang up, hearing within the background a very confused and curious Kaoru asking "Is that Kyouya-senpai?" He settled with clearing his throat before taking a careful sip of his hot beverage, speaking afterwards.

"What is it that you wanted to tell me, Hikaru?" Kyouya asked, slightly impatient as he switched from one foot to the other. "If there is nothing important that is needed to be said, then I would have to hang up on you. I have plans of taking a nice bath and indulging myself into a nice book. Sadly to say, you're interrupting me of doing any of the two."

"Well, gomen ne [1]Aiji-hime. I'm sorry to have cut into your plans," Kyouya narrowed his eyes at the nickname that he was just recently dubbed with a year ago, "but we have interesting news that we thought you would like to know of."

"Proceed." Kyouya murmured nonchalantly before raising his bug of hot chocolate to take sip of it once more. Though, he was quite curious and the slight hint of a small smile curving at the corners of Hikaru's lips could be heard through his words. The twins knew how to capture his attention quite well.

"Well," Kaoru's voice had replaced Hikaru's. He had immediately assumed that Kaoru had taken the phone from his twin, or Hikaru had switched from using the hand held phone and decided to place them onto speaker phone just so that both twins could talk without having to swap the phone back and forth to each other, "you wouldn't happen to have received a call or anything from Tamaki-tono, would you?"


The mention of a certain blonde's name caused Kyouya to come to a sudden halt from lifting his cup any further to his lips. The image of the blonde he once knew flashed right before the eyes of his mind. His bright smile, the childish glow within those erotic eyes of his...

"No. No, I haven't." Kyouya managed to answer, smoothly making sure to hide his sudden surprise of Tamaki's name being brought up. "Why do you ask?"

"Didn't you know?" The twins asked the Shadow King in unison, "Tamaki's coming back home to visit with Haruhi tomorrow for the holidays!"

It seemed as if all the strength had drained from Kyouya's hand as his grip onto his cup went completely slack, and the sound of a porcelain cup crashing onto the floor could be heard bouncing off of his apartment walls. The cup scattered into pieces, flinging the hot beverage all over the floor, but Kyouya didn't care, let alone take notice of it. He didn't take notice of the stinging sensation onto his leg and foot as his hot chocolate came in contact with his skin. The bespectacled young man's eyes were wide and his lips parted. He stared blankly ahead as his mind tried to wrap around the sudden news. With every beat of his heart that just seemed to pound against his chest, it seemed more and more difficult to breathe. The blood that just seemed to rush within his ears blocked out any questioning of concern from two certain Hitachiin twins. Their questioning fell on deaf ears.

Tamaki's...Coming back?

It was just something completely unexpected.

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[ 1 ]: Aiji-Sama ;; Aiji happens to be the guitarist of a Japanese rock band that goes by the name of Lovely-Mocochang, better known as LM.C. Hikaru calling Kyouya 'Aiji-sama' is because he is simply comparing Kyouya to the guitarist's "princess-like" and straight-foreward ways.