Title;; Whispers of Love
Genre;; General/Romance/Angst/AU/ A bit of comedy
Chapter(s);; 5/5 + additional chapter
Pairing(s);; Tamaki x Kyouya/Tamaki x Haruhi. Undertones of Mori x Kyouya
Rating;; T - For now.
Warning(s);; A bit of swearing, and display of boy-love.
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Summary;; Sometimes, it's difficult for someone to realize and admit that they're deeply in love. Especially if you were someone like Ootori Kyouya. Sometimes... some people just need a bit of help to fully realizing it. This someone...was Suou Tamaki.
Disclaimer;; I, in no way, shape or form do not own Ouran High School Host Club. Though…it doesn't hurt to dream, now does it? D:

Whispers of Love

Chapter 5

The night had come to pass and morning saw its way through. Sadly to say, Tamaki did not get one ounce of sleep. His thoughts were constantly running, preventing him from finding peaceful slumber, and instead his eyes never left the form that slept silently beside him. Carefully, he moved to brush Kyouya's fringe from his eyes, tensing just a bit when eyebrows furrowed softly before smoothing over once more. A sigh of relief whistled through Tamaki's lips and he found himself chuckling softly at his friend's expression. He would have deemed the action cute had he not been caught up in a whirl of his thoughts and replayed the events of last night over and over in his head.

Tamaki had kissed Kyouya. He actually kissed him (he finally got over the initial shock of such a bold thing over night). He didn't know what drove him to do such a thing that was so out of hand and bold (then again, Tamaki has always been a bit bold at times), but he couldn't stand the fragile look Kyouya upheld after practically spilling something he has probably kept back for so long. Tamaki frowned at the ping of guilt that resonated in his chest and the small lump that formed in the middle of his throat. He was the one responsible for Kyouya's sudden distancing after he left for graduation with Haruhi. He was the one responsible for Kyouya's loneliness… It was him.

Tamaki tugged Kyouya carefully to press the slightly smaller framed man against him, Kyouya's back pressing against his chest as his arms wrapped about Kyouya's slim waist. The last thing he ever wanted to do was hurt anyone, especially Kyouya. Kyouya meant too much to him to hurt dry along so, yet he was unaware that he's been hurting his best friend for years. Although it was unknowingly, Tamaki quickly countered that thought with the fact that he still managed to hurt one of the persons he cared a lot about.

"I'm sorry," Tamaki whispered as he buried his nose in dark thick locks that smelled of a scent he couldn't place a name to; it could have been vanilla. It was the same light fragrance that had engulfed his senses the moment he kissed Kyouya all the while tugging and pressing him closer to himself. That kiss had shaken him to the core and sent goosebumps to surface along his skin. He never experienced anything that has raised such an emotion out of him before…and to be honest, he couldn't help but silently reflect on the fact that whenever he kissed Haruhi that heart-racing, gooseflesh-rising emotion never made its presence known.

"Why are you apologizing?"

That groggy, soft voice that belonged to no one other than Kyouya himself broke Tamaki's train of thought, completely caused that train to come to a screeching halt, and the blonde tensed. He could feel Kyouya tense as well, but the dark-haired beauty didn't make any attempt to turn around and face him. In a way, Tamaki wanted him to. He needed to see his face…

"Last night," Tamaki began after a few moments of restless silence. But before he could continue, Kyouya was already sitting up and searching for his glasses. Tamaki may be a bit on the naïve side at times, but he wasn't an idiot. He knew when he was being ignored, and Kyouya was playing the card very well. Kyouya refused to look at him, even as he called out to him in a soft yet all the more pleading, slightly stern tone. When the Japanese man turned his back to him and made a move to get up from the bed Tamaki swiftly reached and grasped his wrist tightly, but not enough to hurt him. That simple action was enough to make Kyouya sigh and his shoulders to droop suddenly, as if he was facing the fact that he was fighting a losing battle with this.

"It never happened." Kyouya murmured calmly, poise, and it made Tamaki's eyes widen with each ticking second as he allowed those simple three-worded sentence to sink in. "What I said never happened… That kiss never happened."

All Tamaki could hear was "it never happened." The hell it didn't happen, he wanted to argue. Those truthful words, Kyouya's hands desperately holding him closer as if silently pleading for Tamaki to hold him and never let him fall as they exchanged breaths and a kiss that shook Tamaki like no other… All of it happened, dammit. Yet, he was letting the raven beauty slip from his slacked grip, watching him as the ping in his chest grew more and more and it hurt.

How can he just act as if Kyouya did not confess just hours ago that he was in love with him?

Kyouya hadn't said it directly, but it was there right underneath his frustrated outburst. It was as clear as day to Tamaki, and he wasn't sure if he should be worried about the little summersaults his heart was doing while plummeting downward to the pit of his stomach. It scared him, made him bite at his lower lip as he continued to gaze at a busy Ootori that insisted on picking up every little stray object on the floor to place it away neatly. He shouldn't be feeling this way, not at all. This was bad. Feelings for Kyouya were long gone, dammit. They were gone and were meant to stay gone. But he couldn't fight against his wants of wanting to turn Kyouya around and just press his lips against his own.

And that's exactly what he did.

Kyouya tensing in his grasp only made Tamaki hold him closer, not wanting him to escape anytime soon because he needed this. He needed to know – needed Kyouya to know…

"I love you." Tamaki gasped, lungs burning with needed oxygen as he met Kyouya's wide-eyed gaze. "I love–"

"Shut up!" Kyouya snapped lowly with a glare, cheeks rosying with each second that ticketed as his hands fisted to press against Tamaki's chest in frustration. "You don't –"

"It's always been you!" A plea – Tamaki was pleading for understanding, pleading for Kyouya to listen to him as he secured his arms tightly around Kyouya in an effort to keep him from pushing away. He needed Kyouya to hear him out for once. "You… Always you."

It wasn't fair, to both Haruhi or Kyouya – Tamaki realized this. But he couldn't continue to live this lie that he's somehow woven for himself the more he mentally stood back to allow his emotions to take the wheel. Yes, he did love Haruhi. He loved her so, so much… But he realized that his feelings have never touched base like this for the petite woman.

Watching as Kyouya remained stiff in his arms, eyes gazing at him with a guarded glare that crumbled slowly right before his eyes with each soft press of his lips against his own, Kyouya's arms eventually found a place around his neck to hold him in a tight embrace as Tamaki softly planted whispers of love against his lips…

"It was always you, Kyouya. Always you."

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