A/N: Though I'm not very good at writing for shows that I don't watch a lot, I had to write a story for this couple because I don't think it's very popular, and I don't believe that there are a bunch of fanfics about this pair, and so I feel sorry for them. Sorry if this isn't as good as it could be, but if I write future chapters I will try to improve upon this story. For now just try to enjoy it, and please, no mean reviews. Thank you.

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A lone figure stood by a riverbed, watching the gentle waves roll by.

'Why must life be so difficult? Is happiness something that is impossible for one to obtain?'

The depressed neko gazed into space, wondering why he had so many hardships that he was forced to endure.

'Why can't anything be easy?'

With a rough sigh, he flopped down on the ground, his lids closing shut.

He was motionless for quite some time; one may think that he had drifted off, but he was still alert, wary in case something should happen.

He flinched unpleasantly when he heard a familiar tone, but remained where he was.

"Ritsuka! Oh Ritsuka! Where are you? Answer me please! Ritsu- oh, there you are! Why are you on the damp grass? You know you can catch a cold like that, don't you?"

A barely audible groan was heard followed by a long silence.

Taking his wordless form as an invitation to join him, she plopped down beside the cat-boy, and stared at the slow moving clouds.

For a considerable amount of time, the two companions rested, without a sound between them, thinking their own thoughts and enjoying the still quiet.

Then, all at once, the peacefulness was broken instantly.

"Hey…why did you come looking for me? I didn't want anyone to find me. That's why I ran away in the first place."

"I couldn't help it. I was worried about Ritsu-kun. I needed to make sure you were alright."

"Keh. Nosey girl."

"Gomene. I didn't mean to upset you, and I'm sorry if I'm being bothersome. I know I can be a real pain sometimes."

"I suppose its okay. It's only you after all. As long as you aren't too annoying, you can stick around."

"Yay! Arigato Ritsuka, I really appreciate it!"

A light blush coated Ritsuka's cheeks, and he averted his gaze away from the girl's bright, emerald eyes.

"N-no problem…"

Yuiko giggled happily, and a comfortable silence reigned over them once more.

Translations: Gomene = I'm sorry.