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His world was brought back, his senses sharp as his eyes snapped open. The pain was gone, his body in one piece. Dean was gazing down at him, his arms holding him tight. "Sammy?" his brother asked gently, his eyes begging for Sam to answer.

The younger brother nodded, not having the strength to form the words to let his brother know he was okay. Shutting his eyes the thoughts of where he had just been on the tip of his tongue, memories of what had happened skirting the edges of his thoughts before his mind clicked in slowly shutting the thoughts away, making it impossible for Sam to remember what he had just seen. Licking his dry lips, a cool glass of water was at his mouth, tipping forward. The cool liquid splashed in his mouth, making its way down his throat and into his waiting stomach that growled in hunger.

"Sammy…?" Dean asked once again. Sam could hear the fear in his voice, not believing that it was Sam sitting there, that he was actually awake. Dean's voice reminding Sam of when he had first seen his brother in the cabin at cold oaks, after he had woken up.

"Y-ya I'm, I'm up," he whispered, his voice hoarse, not complaining when Dean held him closer. Sam could feel the soft drops of his brother's tears in his hair; he didn't say anything, knowing Dean needed this moment.

"Welcome back little brother," Dean whispered into his hair. Sam was glad to be back.


He knew it pissed his brother off that he didn't take any time to rest, but he didn't have time to rest. He already missed out on several days of research, he couldn't afford to miss anymore…Dean couldn't afford for him to miss anymore.

Flashes of his brother with black eyes sparked in his mind, the all too familiar feeling that he had seen it before washed away with his renewed energy to search faster and harder.

Sam remembered very little. The thoughts were there, somewhere, every time he thought about it his stomach would sink and his heart would speed up, but he couldn't remember why, and he was pretty sure he didn't want to remember why.

"Sam, please take a break from the computer," Dean pleaded, exiting the washroom, a trail of steam following in his wake. His hair dripping as he ran the towel through it, standing it up straight before combing his fingers through it and taming it once again.

The younger brother looked up, not having to look at the computer to type. "I will in a bit." He hated making promises he knew he couldn't keep.

"I'm sure you will," Dean sighed, falling on to his bed, remote in hand. It was a Sunday night and nothing interesting was on any of the channels, not even a good movie. He could hear the furious typing on the keyboard; his brother had been at it since he woke up. Sleep only came to him if he happened to fall asleep at the computer.

With every hit of the key, every snap of his brother's knuckles, Dean was starting to lose it. "For the love of all that is holy! Sam, enough."

The clicking finally stopped and his brother looked over. "Dean."

"No, there is no getting out of this one," Dean said, getting up from the bed, making it across the short distance of the room in record time, snatching his brothers computer from his grip. Sam's reflexes were still slow from all that his body had been put through in the last week and a half.

Holding the computer up, careful not to look at what his brother had been typing, Dean snapped it closed. "Enough Sam, I get it okay. I really get what you're trying to do, but let's get this straight. As long as I'm still here I'm the big brother. I know best…"

Sam opened his mouth to argue, his brow furrowing in displeasure of Dean's rant. "No, don't think about opening your trap, enough is enough. We are taking the night off; no computer for the rest of the night." Dean knew his voice was beginning to waver by the end of his rant, his emotions coming through, if Sam noticed he didn't say anything.

"Fine. Night off, no computer," Sam agreed. Standing up, he took his computer from Dean's grasp. "Let's go to that bar across town." He suggested, knowing his brother was at his breaking point, having been through his own hell in the last week and a half.

"That's more like it," Dean agreed, gathering his jacket, smiling at his brother, glad Sam was finally listening to him about taking a break. Not wasting any time, throwing Sam's jacket over to him before his younger brother could change his mind, he walked out the door.

Sam smiled, following his brother out, not hesitating as he grabbed an old book he had found at Bobby's place and tucking it into his jacket. Dean had said no more computer…he didn't say anything about books. Reaching the car door, he held on to hope. He could do this.

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