"The important thing," Sokka said, "is to regard it as a military campaign. And the most important thing about a military campaign is strategy. And the most important thing about military strategy is the transmission of information and orders. Which means that the most important thing --"

"Is this Powerpoint package, yes," Katara sighed. "So how do you plan to use it in our takeover of Fire Empire Incorporated?"

"I have prepared a wide variety of strategic plans," Sokka said. He moved his mouse authoritatively. The pointer on the screen trailed a little cascade of boomerangs. "In each of them we take the initiative. I have graphs. I have tables. I have pie charts. I have five-point optimisations. Look! Here's where we use their planned company picnic on Friday to launch a strike on their shares and a pre-emptive buyout! Watch. Here are the flash animations for you and me taking the company over. That's Aang in the background with Chairman Ozai as the Chairman signs over the controlling interest."

"Who's the paperclip dying in agony?" Katara asked.

"That's Zuko," Sokka said.