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Battle of the Ice Kingdom

Chapter 1

Drizzt Dur' Urden crouched in hidden in the bushes overlooking the small campsite. He had been tracking a rouge band of frost giants for the past few tendays and had come upon them completely slaughtered and torn to shreds. Afraid that new fierce beast had come to the region Drizzt had set out following the tracks of the assailant. And they had led the drow to this spot.

Drizzt's lavender eyes scanned the campsite keenly. The tracks lead to a small and hastily build lean too from which smoke was rising. Drizzt put a hand in his pouch and felt the smoothness of the small panther figurine.

"Come to me Guenhwyar," he called softly taking out the statuette. A black mist surrounded the small figure and then stood the mighty form of six hundred pound panther, far bigger than any on the material plane. Drizzt pointed to the other side of the clearing, and the cat understood it's rule at once and disappeared at once.

Movement below caught Drizzt's eye below as a figure moved out from the shelter. He was dressed in simple clothing, like that of a ranger. He wore finger gloves and a black cloak. His hair was white, though he looked hardly into his twenties, but when the boy shifted in the sun it appeared to have a red tint. The boy's eyes were also strange. One eye was a riveting midnight blue, almost black; the other was a red cinnamon brown.

The boy looked around warily and Drizzt knew instinctually that the boy was looking for him. The boy had a single sword strapped across his back. And though he was not practiced in the ways of magic, Drizzt could clearly feel the magic that emitted from the black blade. It was a strange blade, a kanta Drizzt believed it was called with a blue cloth wrapped handle and hilt.

"I know you're there. Both of you come out." The boy called loudly in a calm and confident voice.

Shrugging to himself Drizzt stood up and moved out from behind his shelter. The boy turned to regard him as Drizzt approached. "Greetings to you traveler." Drizzt greeted as he approached the boy and held out a hand, which the boy accepted.

"And greetings to you too, Drizzt Dur' Urden. I take it then that the other presence is your panther?" the boy asked smiling. Drizzt returned the smile.

"You know my name stranger and yet I do not know yours."

"Oh, Sorry I must apologize for my rudeness, it's been a while since I've had any civilized company, please forgive me. I am Dontae Chronix, Pleased to meet you." The boy said somewhat resigned voice.

"Am I to take it then that the giants…" Drizzt began.

Dontae nodded grimly. "I defeated them. This region is becoming increasingly crowded with troubling races. I swear that it's like they're gathering for something. Something is drawing the evil races here. I don't like it." He said.

Drizzt nodded in agreement. There had indeed been an increase in many of the monsters that roamed the land lately. It was for that reason that Bruenor had sent him out after all.

The two stood quietly for a minute looking out at the tundra beyond the copse of trees. It was still early summer, but the wind was still cold and gave a chilling reminder that this was still a dangerous place. And so when Guenhwyar suddenly came out of the bushes the two were startled. But they then shared a laugh as the cat looked from one to the other in an almost confused expression. Drizzt was suddenly startled when Guenhwyar growled lowly facing Dontae.

"Guenhwyar!," Drizzt protested at the cat. Dontae however only gave the cat a resigned almost sad look. He crouched down so that he was eye level with the exceptional beast and stared straight into the cat's saucer eyes with his own mismatched ones. For a moment there was a moment of tense silence. But then it passed and Guenhwyar's ears came up.

Drizzt looked questioningly at Dontae, but the kid just shrugged. "You really can't blame the cat for not liking the look of someone as strange as me," He chuckled. Drizzt could only shrug.