Chapter 4

As Dontae sat and watched the heavens, he was aware that he was being watched. He had suspected as much and when a form wrapped in the deepest of blacks, more a shadow than a solid mass, appeared before him. He was neither surprised nor panicked, though any other man would surely have fainted dead away.

The cloaked form kept their cowl pulled low over his face and their figure blended so well into the night that the visitors outline was barely distinguishable from the darkness of the celestial dome. "What do you want, Ananisia? I haven't broken my vow." Noah said. His tone was different from the one he had used earlier with Drizzt and Bruenor, it wasn't unsure and timid. Now it was fierce and steely, cold even.

The figure lifted its head slightly. "Dontae…You know that the council hates to do this to you, but you deserve it." A female voice said quietly, pity evident in her words.

Dontae glared at the shadow before him, a glare that would have set even the deadliest of assassins running for cover. "Is that all you came to say? Well you'll forgive me if I don't care to hear those words. Especially from you, who I had thought an ally." He spat looking back up at the stars.

"Actually Dontae, the real reason I'm here, is I'm on an assignment. You plan to be involved with this battle, that much is evident to the council. And that being said they wanted me to tell you that you are going to oversee the crossings. This battle will be too big for us to handle it alone, and with the few that are in charge of this place. But remember this Dontae, and this is your only warning, don't repeat your last mistake. You are forbidden to get involved any further than to see to the crossings. Do you understand?" The female said in a hard business like tone.

Again Dontae glared at the shadow his multicolored eyes seething flames that seemed to capture the light of the stars above. The figure retreated a step from that intensity recognizing that it was time to leave. "Well I have delivered the message." The voice said with a disappointed sigh. She paused for a few seconds and then added in a softer and kinder tone. "Please Dontae; don't do anything that'll put you even more in danger." And then she was gone.

Dontae's sigh was long and resigned. He had expected the news, but even so he didn't like it. Dontae shut his eyes against the night and the demands of his clan, his hands were folded comfortably behind his head. He gave another sigh. And opened his eyes the collected light of the stars above shone brightly in his multicolored cinnamon and blue eyes. He glanced to the side to see the twinkling lights of Ten-Towns. He shuddered at the demands of his task and what it mean and cost to the people of Ten-Towns.

Meanwhile Bruenor and Drizzt had just decided that Regis should go the town the next morning and try to convince the town's people to prepare, much to the Halflings dismay. "I don't understand!!" the disgruntled Halfling whined. "Why must I always be the one to bear the heavy burden of bringing bad news to the people of Ten-Towns?" he said crossing his arms and putting on his best and most impressive pout, although he did not really mind the task anymore. It made him feel somewhat important.

Drizzt laughed seeing through the façade though. "Have no fear my friend," he said throwing the still scowling Halfling a wink. "Think of the rewards you will gain when the war is over and you, being the one who alerted the folks, are given the title of hero once again."

Regis could not of course hold his smirk after that remark.

Bruenor just chuckled off to the side, but then his face got serious as he grabbed Drizzt's arm and twirled him around to face the elf. "Ya done right elf, by sending the little one off to warn the town's of the trouble comin' but are you sure of the source? I mean about yer ghost friend." He said cocking his head toward the door.

Drizzt shrugged. "In truth I know little about the man. His intentions seem honorable enough though. It was he who slew the giants that you sent me out after." He added.

Bruenor didn't seem convinced. "There's something strange about that boy, or I'm a bearded gnome." He said, with a resigned shake of his head. Bruenor had learned long ago, when he had meet Drizzt not judge character by looks however, and merely shrugged. "Bah, the boys just put me off with his looks I'd bet. But you watch him still elf, might be that there's a thing or two to learn of him yet."

Drizzt could only give the dwarf a comforting nod. That satisfied Bruenor, but not Regis. The Halfling had remained silent during the discussion caught up in his own thoughts about how he was to approach the town's people the next day but now he too, turned his thoughts to the young man that Drizzt had escorted into the mines, and wondered.

When Drizzt and his new friend had entered the room earlier Regis had sensed nothing unusual or frightening about the man. It was true that the young man was unusual both his hair and his eyes. But perhaps Regis too would keep an eye on the young man, after all Regis was just as curious as the others.