He was hurt.

Not that he didn't deserve it of course. He didn't behave like he should have, he brought it upon himself. But to have that said about him. From him of course, he wouldn't have cared if it was anyone else. But the moment the words escaped the lips of the dark cat, "The Rum Tum Tugger is a terrible bore," he was hurting.

He didn't show it of course, he just kept going, kept strutting, kept egging on the kittens and the queens for squeals. He wouldn't let Misto know that what he said had gotten to him. He wouldn't allow his performance at the Jellical ball to be ruined by feelings. Feelings he knew he shouldn't have.

Bombalurina was soon in his arms, he expected this. He glanced through the corner of his eye to see Misto watching. The things he could do, he thought. Her face was close, he could easily capture her lips, and watch the look on his face. He imagined what he would see, jealousy? Anger? Sadness? The last thought made him stop. He dropped her promptly to the floor. He didn't want to make Mistoffelees sad, the very idea made him sick to his stomach.

Yes, The Rum Tum Tugger was a curious cat. Nobody new how curious though. Just his Mistoffelees, Misto, Quaxo, whatever you wanted to call him. The conjuring Cat new everything. Well maybe not everything. He didn't see the truth, the hurt in Tugger. That he didn't mean it. That he made a mistake, that maybe if he listened he might understand. But he wouldn't listen, he was done, he didn't want to listen anymore. And there was nothing Tugger could do to change that.

Of course Tugger would try. Tugger always tried. He could suck up to Mistoffelees without it appearing that way to anybody else. He sang his praises to the clever magical Mr. Mistoffelees, getting everyone to join in. He knew what Tugger was trying to do. And he didn't say anything then, couldn't while everyone was watching. But once everyone was distracted by his magical feat, the appearance of Old Deuteronomy he was able to slip away. And he didn't have to be a magical cat to know Tugger followed him.

"Misto, wait a minute!" Tugger grabbed on to his wrist and spun him around

"I don't want to talk to you Tug," he sighed, looking rather defeated.

"But I want to talk to you, that's got to count for something," He smiled.

"Not coming from you, go back to the ball." Misto snarled.

"You've got to come back to," Tugger pointed out.

"You go back, it will look suspicious if we go back together."

"Then let it look suspicious." Tugger pulled Misto into his chest, holding him, resting his head on top of his.

"Tug, get off!" came Misto's muffled voice

"No" he replied cheekily.

"I said get off Tugger!" Misto pushed against Tug with his paws, magic shocking him, they both flew back several feet. Tugger stood up gasping for breath, emotional hurt and physical hurt burning inside him.

Misto look appalled at himself. He had been upset but he hadn't meant to hurt Tug. He cursed himself and his powers silently. He looked up to see Tug, who looked like he was about to cry, not that The Rum Tum Tugger would ever cry of course. Tugger got up and began to walk away.

"Tug..." Misto called feebly.

"Save it," He snapped and stormed off.

Mistoffelees returned to the ball shortly after Tugger. He didn't look at him the rest of the night. He hardly looked at anyone, fearing that they would see the shame in his eyes and question him. He did however see Tugger run off after Bombalurina at the end of the night. He knew what they were up too, and it hurt. Not that he would let Tug know that. It just proved to Misto that he was right all along.