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A day passed, and he hadn't woken up. Tugger kept his vigil, never for a moment leaving Mistoffelees side. His heart raced every time he stirred, and paced for moments on end when he didn't wake afterwards. He was nervous and irritable. His emotions flared easily, his mood was a pendulum of were barely able to get a word out of him. He was in no mood to talk, and he was getting annoyed with how persistently they tried to engage him into conversation.

Almost everyone had come to visit. Whether they were there for Misto or himself he wasn't sure. They all showed a great deal of concern for his delicate condition, but they seemed more interested in hearing about the great fight between Tugger and Macavity. Not that Tugger was giving in to their pleas to hear the story. He barely took notice of their presence. He just stayed silent, waiting for Mistoffelees to wake up.

The day faded, and the night fell upon them without a visible change. The visitors thinned and an unbearable heavy silence fell in the room. The silence didn't last long. Old Deuteronomy walked up behind his son, and watched him watch Misto. And though Tugger heard him approach and was very aware of the new company, he didn't say a word to indicate it. After a moment he sat down across from Tugger and looked at him with a calculating stare.

"Why are you here still?"

"He hasn't woken up yet." Tugger muttered not looking up.

"But that's not the real reason is it?"

Tugger remained silent.

"Do you have intention on telling me why you aren't leaving?" He went on.

"Don't see why I should." Tugger grumbled

"You are hiding something. I want to know what it is. Did something else happened with Macavity, does Mistoffelees have something to say, and you can't let anyone know? Are you trying to stop him before he exposes some awful truth?"

Tugger lifted his head and gave him a look of skepticism.

"I can come up with a million theories Tugger and I will go through each and everyone of them with you if it will get you to tell me the truth." He said, determined.

"He saved my life, I'm only concerned for his well being." Tugger said looking back at Misto his face remaining neutral.

"But you were saving him first. And don't think I'm angry about that. I am very proud of your bravery, I couldn't be upset with you for doing the right thing. But understand that for you, it is a great deal out of character. You are very selfish cat, Tugger. And I don't mean for that to be hurtful but you are." Said Deuteronomy, searching for answers.

"I'm selfish and self-centered and I use people, I know that. Don't think that I've gone through my life so far without realizing my main character traits. But I don't see what that has do with any of this."

"You're different. You've changed. Something has happened and somehow I know it's connected to Mistoffelees. Though I can't see how this small Tom would have anything to do with it. To be honest I didn't think you even knew him that well. Of course you know of him, everybody does. And you have always respected those who deserved respect but, why is he so important that you can't leave his side till he recovers?" He questioned.

"It's nothing you would understand."

"You don't know that."

"Trust me, I do." He insisted

"I know we haven't ever been close. But I would have thought you would talk to me if it were important.."

"I never said it was important." Tugger pointed out.

"You didn't have to." He said looking down.

Tugger thought for a moment. Considering what would happen if he told the truth. He lifted and paw and ran it through Mistoffelees hair, and stroked his cheek.

"I love him." He said gently.

Old Deuteronomy looked back at his son. "What?"

"I love him." He shifted his gaze slowly away from Misto to Deuteronomy. "More than anything."

"I don't understand."

Tugger gave a small chuckle "I told you that you wouldn't." His gaze fell back to Misto. "I'm in love with him. He makes me feel completely and utterly...well indescribable. I would die for him, I would do anything for him. And I just want him to wake up."

"Does he..I mean are you..."He all but stuttered, trying to find the right words.

"He didn't want his heart broken because he knows what kind of person I am, or I was...But if you wanted to know how he feels about me, I know he feels the same, even if he won't admit it." Tugger explained.

"So everything that was wrong with you..." Deuteronomy began, his eyebrows creased with thought.

"You were right when you though he had done something. It just wasn't the sort of thing you thought." Tugger cut in, smiling sadly.


"I'm sorry." He said, not looking away, even though he wanted to.

"What for?"

"I'm sorry if I've disappointed you, or if I've made you ashamed."

"Tugger, If I can manage to stay unashamed at your previous behavior I can certainly be unashamed at this. You were always different Tugger. I have never stopped you from being you before, there doesn't seem to be any point to try and start now." Old Deuteronomy stood back up and gave his son a small smile. "I'll let you two alone."

Tugger watched him go, slightly bewildered by his departure. He turned back to Mistoffelees and saw that cat looking back at him, his eyes looking sleepy but his mouth was composed in a teasing smirk. Tugger felt joy flood his body, but it was quickly followed by embarrassment.

"How long were you awake?" He asked, a slight accusation in his voice.

"Long enough to know you would die for me. But after that ordeal with Macavity I kind of assumed that much."

"I'm sorry he hurt you, I wanted to help but I–"

"Don't be sorry, you did more than enough." he sat up gingerly. "But you must know, I would do the same for you. I was trying to find you, I had to tell you. I was being so stupid, and I'm sorry. I am so sorry that I hurt you so much. I won't ever do it again."

"You won't?" Tugger asked, hardly daring to hope that it mean what he though it did.

"Never." Mistoffelees whispered. He leaned towards, sliding a paw through his hair, and resting his for head against his and shutting his eyes. "Never ever."

Tugger pulled his head back and slipped a finger under mistoffelees' chin, lifting his head up. Mistoffeless opened his eyes and stared back into to Tuggers, surprised by the fire that seemed to burn behind them.

"I love you," Tugger said with such honesty, it made Mistoffelees want to cry. He couldn't believe how stupid he had been, or that Tugger was really going to forgive him for his idiocy.

"I know," he whispered back.

Tugger simply leaned down and kissed Mistoffelees. And this time, neither was feeling guilty, or battling with their conscience, or angry, or sad. They were finally, what they should have been all along. Happy.

The End...