Summary: Bella move's in with Alice and her parents after both of her parents die in a terrible accident, what will happen when Bella meets Alice's Cousin Edward? They hate each other at first, but will sparks eventually fly? All Human. Eventually ExB.

Disclaimer: Do you really think that if I owned Twilight I'd be writing this fanfiction? I think not! So very sorry to say but i dont tht belongs to the wonderfull Mrs. Stephenie Meyer, altho if she ever wanted to give me Twilight.............I would'nt object! lol


Bella's POV

My life was always perfect. Perfect boyfriend, perfect friends, perfect family, just plain old perfect everything. I loved life and always lived it to the fullest. I was the most popular girl at my high school in Phoenix, Arizona. Head cheerleader, I was dating the hottest guy at school, and he was the star football player. That all changed one very stormy night. It was the date of May 4th when my life changed, but not for the best.

I had never known what it felt like to lose someone you love very much. I've never had to feel that way. Trust me, if you can help it, don't ever feel that way. I felt as if my heart could no longer work, my body got hot, and the last thing I remember was a scream. I think it was mine, but then everything went black.