the morning after

"Hey, Hakkai," Gojou said. "This gruel's really good."

"How nice," Hakkai said, smiling pleasantly.

"I mean it." Gojou took another spoonful. "What did you put in it?"

"Rice," Hakkai said, still smiling. "Since someone spent the household money on gambling last night."

"Oh." Gojou tried to remember last night. It was blurred. Good, but blurred. "Gosh. Did we?"

"Yes," Hakkai said. "You did." He put a cup of tea in front of Gojou.

Gojou picked it up and sipped it. It was delicate, fragrant, warming, and everything that one could want from tea, except of course the minor circumstance of it not being alcohol. "Hey, this is really good."

"Excellent," Hakkai said. "I'm very glad you like it."

"How do you get it so perfectly right?" Gojou flattered himself that this was the sort of argument that'd be bound to smooth over any little discussions about last night.

"Well," Hakkai said, "I use yesterday's leaves from the rubbish bin which haven't been thrown out yet due to someone not having done his share of the household chores."

"Oh," Gojou said, when he'd finished trying to cough tea up through his nose. "Um."

"Which reminds me," Hakkai said with determined brightness, "there's a young lady asleep in my bed."

Last night's memories suddenly jumped into painful focus. "Oh," Gojou said. "Look, Hakkai, that was a total accident, I didn't realise that you were in the bed too, I was just too damn used to being alone, if I'd thought about it for a moment --"

Hakkai gave a little demure laugh. "Oh, not a problem at all," he said. "What a charming way it was to wake up."

Gojou buried his head in his hands. "Look," he said, "can't you just yell at me for getting drunk and losing all the money and fucking one of the local whores in bed next to you and forgetting to take the trash out?"

"Why, Gojou," Hakkai said, with the sort of smile that should have made the woodworm in the rafters run for cover, "I haven't even got to your getting drunk yet."