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In my story Kim and Ron are not dating

Ron just returned from the Ninja school and has gained a few mystical monkey powers that he is unaware of.

Ron The Pimp:

Ron was sitting in his Work Studies high school class when the Mr. Barkin asked that all important question that started the whole thing.

"Stoppable! What exactly do YOU have planned as a career?" Ron snapped out of his daydreaming and turned to Mr. Barkin.

"Um..Im sorry, what?" he sputtered. Mr. Barkin groaned loudly and the entire class laughed at Ron.

"How do you expect to get a respectable job if you can't pay attention long enough in school to pass your classes?" Mr. Barkin screamed at Ron. Ron was startled and squeaked as his response,

"Oh…uh…I don't know?" Mr. Barkin grew red in the face and screamed,

"Stoppable! If you ever want to amount to anything, then start by paying attention IN MY CLASS!"

"It's a waste of time for you to try to keep his attention Mr. Barkin" said Bonnie. "That loser isn't going to amount to anything outside high school anymore than he is now inside high school." The rest of the class laughed except for Ron's best friend forever, Kim Possible.

"Shut it Bonnie" said Kim in her usual commanding tone. "You don't know Ron's or anyone else's potential. You never know, one day Ron may be your boss." Bonnie let out a long and cruel laugh.

"Me?" she giggled. "Having to take orders from Mr. "I-think-naked mole rats-are-cool" Stoppable? Pahaha." She let out a roar of laughter. "He has a better chance of getting a date then having me work for him." Rufus, Ron's little naked mole rat popped out of Ron's pocket.

"Hey!" squeaked the naked mole rat. Rufus jumped out of Ron's pants and hopped on each of the desks until he reached Bonnie. Rufus lunged at Bonnie and ran down the neck of her sweater to her chest.

"HEEEEEEEK!" Bonnie screeched as Rufus continued his relentless assault. "Get this ugly rat out of my shirt!" Bonnie screamed to nobody in particular. Ron sprang out of his chair and went over to Bonnie.

"Rufus!" Ron called. "Get out of there little buddy!" Rufus immediately stopped his scampering and ran out of Bonnie's sleeve and jumped into Ron's palm.

"Keep that gross thing away Stoppable!" Bonnie ordered. Mr. Barkin slammed his palm on his desk and shouted,

"That's it! I have had it! Stoppable! Rockwaller! Two weeks detention starting today!"

"What!?" sounded Bonnie and Kim in unison.

"It's not my fault Stoppable's rat is unstable!" Bonnie said defending herself. "You should make him keep it out of the classroom!"

"It was Bonnie's fault Mr. Barkin!" Kim said. "She was insulting Ron, of course Rufus is going to come after her!"

"That's enough out of both of you ladies! I don't want another peep out of either of you or the time is doubled!" Mr. Barkin shouted. The class bell rang and the entire class ran out of the room, Mr. Barkin followed.

"Way to go loser!" Bonnie said to Ron. "I had a date tonight, because of you when I get home from detention I will only have an hour and a half to prepare before Brick shows up!" Bonnie stomped out of the room to her locker. Ron let out a long sigh.

"Today isn't my day" Ron said. Kim tried to comfort Ron.

"It's ok Ron. It's only two weeks, that's not even close to the usual month that you are given detention" Kim said. "Don't let what Bonnie said get you down. I bet that you are going to have a really important job one day that will help a lot of people. And one day you will be the boss. Don't give up, just try to pay a little more attention in class so you can stay off Barkin's radar." Ron smiled slightly but inside he still felt deflated.

Ron was lost in thought on his way to his locker to pick up his books for his next class. "Today really bites" Ron thought to himself. He had been feeling moody the entire week since he returned from the Yaminuchi ninja school. He felt like something…was changing inside of him. He felt a deep hot hunger burning inside of him that Beuno Nacho just couldn't fill. Ron suddenly walked into something big and solid.

"Watch where you're going Stoppable" Big Mike said looking down at Ron with a glare. Ron didn't twitch an eyelash and walked to the side of the hall, continuing his journey. Big Mike griped Ron's shirt with his large hand and pulled him back in front of him.

"I think you should apologize when you run into someone Stoppable" Big Mike growled. "Don't you?" Ron's face continued it's dead expression throughout and stayed perfectly intact when Ron replied,

"Yes, I agree. So where is my apology Mike?" Big Mike's glare intensified. He pulled back his fist and said,

"Right here Stoppable!" Big Mike swung at Ron but Ron had learned a few tricks on his trip. He grabbed Big Mike's pinky finger and twisted it slightly eliciting a yelp from Big Mike. Ron released the pinky and pushed Big Mike into some lockers, then walked away.

"I'll get you for this Stoppable!" vowed Big Mike as he picked himself up.

Ron wasn't listening. He was far too deep in thought. He reached his locker and turned the knob of the lock when he caught something out of the corner of his eye. The light turquoise color of Bonnie's sweater caught his eye. He turned his head and watched the tanned girl kissing her long term boy toy Brick Flag.

Public displays of affection were frowned upon by the teachers and the school board but what he was witnessing was borderline soft-core porn. Bonnie had her arms wrapped about Brick's thick neck holding on for support while Brick suspended her in mid-air. Her buttocks were planted firmly in his hands as he lifted her up to kiss him. He could actually see the couple's tongues probing into the other's mouth. Brick's hand left it's soft perch to explore it's way under Bonnie's sweater to caress her toned stomach up to her round tanned globes.

The two were so absorbed in their own pleasure that not even the gazes of passers-by fazed them. The school bell sounded off, signaling the end of the passing period. Brick and Bonnie separated and went to their own classes. During this time Ron realized that the hot deep pit in his body seemed to fill up while watching Bonnie and Brick.

He had told his parents about this feeling he had been experiencing. They both came to the conclusion that he was in love. But Ron now realized that his parents were off slightly. He was not in love…he was in lust. Being a regular red blooded male he had always felt this feeling, but ever since he returned from his trip it had intensified immensely.

Ron kept thinking about Bonnie and Brick for the rest of the day. At the end of all his classes it was still vivid in his mind.

Detention Hall

Ron, Bonnie, and Mr. Barkin sat alone in the empty class room after school hours.

"How long do I have to sit here" whined Bonnie twirling a finger in her hair. Mr. Barkin looked up from the tax forms he had been working on to Bonnie and said,

"You will sit here for one hour each day for fourteen days until you and Mr. Stoppable start to respect me and the sanctity of my class." Bonnie let out a loud groan and slumped in her chair, cupping her arms underneath her breasts, unknowingly giving Ron a greater display of her bosom.

Ron sat down with a hot lump of air caught in his throat. He had given Rufus to Kim to take home so he wouldn't be bored. He had nothing to distract him from ogling Bonnie. In his heart he knew he didn't really have feelings for her but his mind knew one sad fact that his body kept reminding him. She was sexy.

Ron closed his eyes for a little while, trying to fall asleep to block out all of the sexy images that came to mind as he kept staring at Bonnie. Mr. Barkin didn't notice, having his nose deep in his tax forms. Bonnie was busy filing her nails, oblivious to Ron's gazing.

Ron's mind kept drifting back to Bonnie. He kept trying to think of unsexy thoughts to drown out this new wave of perversion that flood his mind, baseball, gravestones, he even silently repeated the Pledge of Allegiance in his head repeatedly…nothing worked! Baseball teams slowly drifted away until he saw Bonnie wearing nothing but a loose baseball jersey and a baseball cap, gravestones became a dark chamber that held a leather clad Bonnie wearing a collar around he neck begging him to punish her, and the Pledge of Allegiance became Bonnie laying on a bed with a red, white, and blue flag made of frosting coating her body.

Ron opened his eyes slightly to stare across at Bonnie. He noticed her continuing to file her nails diligently, occasionally pressing her plump lips together to blow on them. He closed his eyes again and imagined those soft lips being put to another use. He imagined them in the hallway, making out just as she and Brick had done earlier, except this time they were going further. He imagined grasping Bonnie's thick ass cheeks in his hands and squeezing them in random increments.

He thought of letting her down on the ground and moving his hands in polar directions. One went all the way up her sweater to one of her nipples to give it a slight pleasant tweak while the other snaked it's way down her sweatpants, past her thong until it pinched her little 'love nub' eliciting a pleasant scream from Bonnie.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH" screeched Bonnie bolting upright from her chair. Ron's eyes flew open to see Bonnie grasping her chest, her cheeks fully flushed, and her breathing heavy.

"What's wrong Ms. Rockwaller?" asked Mr. Barkin fully alert with concern. Bonnie shook her head, her hand still grasping her chest.

"I don't know…" she said breathing heavily. "I just suddenly felt this… funny feeling."

"Will you be alright?" Mr. Barkin asked. Bonnie nodded vigorously and asked,

"Can I use the restroom?" Mr. Barkin nodded and gave her the hall pass. Bonnie stood up and walked out of the room. Ron watched her leave and noticed a tiny little wet spot at the crotch of her sweatpants, just the size of a pea. Ron ignored it and went back to sleep while Bonnie went to the ladies room to recompose herself.

Little did he know that he was the cause of her outburst. His powers had begun to develop. As the great warrior of Yaminuchi he was beginning to develop his powers that swayed others to his side. Normally these powers were used for diplomats and to bring enemies to surrender. But in Ron's raging hormone body his powers were being used to transfer his feelings and thoughts to others around him. Bonnie was close enough to Ron to feel his arousal and became aroused herself.

Ron did not realize this as he went to bed that night. He didn't know that he and Bonnie were now connected by a thin psychic thread, him being the puppet master pulling her strings. That night he had a dream…

He went to bed thinking of what he wanted to have as his job and his mind drifted back to what Bonnie said. He thought angrily that if Bonnie did become his employee that he would show her who was boss. His dream that night was that he sat in a well lit office. He was at his desk wearing a dark suit and tie when Bonnie walked in.

"You called me in sir?" she asked standing before him wearing a low cut thin shirt, the same color as the sweater she had worn that morning in school, and a matching miniskirt that revealed her light purple panties each step she took.

"Yes" Ron answered pulling out his chair from his desk. "I have been meaning to talk to you Ms. Rockwaller." he said patting his lap. Bonnie sat down on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. "You see, I have noticed your work has improved lately. I feel you deserve a raise..." he told her skimming his hand down her skirt to grope her ass.

"I'm so flattered sir" Bonnie said wriggling her hips on his growing hard-on. Ron raised himself up, picking up Bonnie off his lap. He swept an arm across his desk and pushed everything off. He picked her up by her wide hips and placed her down on top of the desk, her face pressing against the cold wood.

Ron grabbed a handful of her purple panties and ripped them off of her in a quick yank. A breeze came through the office causing the wet Bonnie to shudder slightly. Ron slowly unzipped his zipper and pulled his pants down to his ankles. He pulled down his briefs to reveal his long steel hard shaft. Bonnie glanced back to look at it…and wanted it badly. She kicked her legs further apart giving Ron better access.

"Oh sir…." she whined. "I've been waiting for this kind of promotion for so looonnnggg" Ron smiled to himself and dove right into her hot center. Bonnie let out light coos with each thrust into her as Ron started a steady rhythm. Each passing minute the thrusts would become harder and longer and deeper until Ron was viciously slamming into her from behind. Bonnie's face repeatedly smacked against the hard wood painfully but kept groaning in satisfaction. She felt Ron tense up inside her and felt like she was on a roller coaster, waiting for the best part to come. *BAM!* Bonnie's face slammed against the wooden desk one final time as Ron let out a groan and emptied himself in velvet folds.

"I appreciate…*pant pant*…the raise sir…*pant pant*…thank you" she said trying to raise herself onto her legs again.

"Well you earned it" said Ron pulling on his pants and zipping them up. "Keep up the good work" he concluded squeezing her bottom as she hobbled out of the room.

The Next Morning at School

Ron felt well rested as he parked his Fearless Ferret Scooter and walked to his first class. He sat down in his seat and stared out the window, unaware of the presence beside him.

"Good morning sir…" said a skittish voice behind him.

Well that's it for my first chapter. I hope you all have like my first Kim Possible fan fiction so far. If any of you are wondering I am not quitting my other story, I'm just writing down what my mind keeps spewing. Just to recap I do not own Kim Possible or anything in this story. Thanks for reading. -GG