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Outside Ron's Apartment

Bonnie and Tara had picked up Ron from the hospital and were walking up to his apartment.

"I can't believe you healed in two days!" Bonnie said. "Those doctors couldn't believe it. But that's my man, a quick healer."

"My man too, Bonnie" Tara said smiling as she and Bonnie held hands with Ron the way up the stairs.

"Thank God for mystical monkey powers. I had to get better for my ladies… and my baby" Ron said placing his hand over Tara's exposed toned abdomen. Tara smiled and covered Ron's hand with both of her own.

"By the way, the girls got together and came up with another surprise for you" Bonnie said approaching the door.

"Ooh, what is it?" Ron asked excitedly.

"Come. See for yourself" Bonnie said opened the door for Ron who entered his home to see Liz, Kim, Yori, and Monique with their backs to him, on all fours in front of him with the backs of their shirts lifted to reveal bran new tattoos.

On each of the girls, just like Bonnie and Tara, they had Ron's handprints tattooed on each side of their hips and just at the base of their spines a small R with grapevines around it (~R~). Each one had a different set of words tattooed just below their ~R~.

Monique's read "Ron's Lover" all inside of a red heart. Kim's read "Ron's Kimmie Cub" with a heart around the words. Liz's said "Ron's Woman" and Yori's said "Ron's Ninja Baby".

"Wow" Ron said. All the girls giggled at Ron's dumbfound look. Tara and Bonnie went alongside their sisters and showed off their own ink.

"You like what you see Ron?" Kim asked teasingly looking at the growing erection in Ron's pants.

"Hell yeah" Ron said.

"Well…come and get it" Liz welcomed with a smile and a shake of her hips. Suddenly a canister came flying through the window and landed in-between Ron and his girls. Everyone started hacking and attempted to escape the gas but soon everyone was overcome by it and drifted into sleep

Meanwhile At Global Justice

Ron's attempted assassin sat strapped to a chair in an interrogation room. When agent Will Du tazered him, he was immediately brought to Global Justice because Will Du believed him to be a professional assassin involved in many murders.

"So…run this by me again Will" Dr. Director Betty said. "How did you come across this dangerous individual?"

"Well-I-uh came across the individual while attempted to contact Kim Possible for aid in capturing Dr. Drakken, as I was heading towards her house I saw this man enter a shady looking establishment…" Will Du lied. "I entered just as he opened fire on Kim Possible's sidekick Ron Stoppable who was visiting the establishment. I quickly disabled the fugitive and brought him back here for questioning."

"Uh-huh" Dr. Director Betty said skeptically. "I can smell the wing sauce on your breath from here Agent Du."

"Well I uh… had wings at a diner before I came across the suspect" Will Du tried to explain.

"I'm sure. Well regardless of how you found him he is in our possession now and hopefully we can find out who he is working for and why he assaulted Ron Stoppable" Dr. Director Betty said. Dr. Director Betty had interrogated the staff at Wild Nights personally.

"Just to be sure…" Dr. Director Betty said, "The correct sequence of events was this: He walked in, shot the young man, and you all disarmed him. Is this correct?"

"Yes m'am" the bouncers answered.

"When we picked him up he had a black eye, busted lip, broken nose, a broken hand, four cracked ribs, and an arm broken in three places, how did that happen?" Director Better asked.

"No kidding? The poor guy must've fallen down" one of the bouncers joked as the rest of them smirked.

"Thank you for your time gentlemen" Director Betty said leaving them to witness the assassin's interrogation.

Back in Ron's Apartment

Bonnie's eyes fluttered open to the sounds of a strange woman moaning. She looked around with blurry vision until she came to see a tanned blond woman riding on top of a restrained man. When her vision cleared completely she saw that is was her sister having sex with a restrained Ron! Bonnie attempted to scream but only a muffled whine came out of her mouth. She realized she was naked, with her wrists and ankles chained to the floor by manacles, and a ball gag stuffed tightly into her mouth. She looked around to see Ron's other girls in the same position all glaring daggers at Bonnie's sisters who were taking advantage of Ron who was completely tied up and helpless.

With a final few rocks of her hips Lonnie threw back her head and moaned in bliss as Ron visibly tensed underneath and reached his own climax.

"Oooh Ron…"Lonnie moaned placing a hand above the curling blond curls between her thighs. "From what I'm feeling I'm definitely going to need child support." Ron glared up at her struggling against his bindings cursing at her through the gag. Lonnie let out a loud laugh as she dismounted herself from Ron's still erect penis.

"Is he still hard?" another woman's voice called from the other side of the apartment.

"As a ROCK!" Lonnie shouted back.

"Not surprised" Connie said coming back from the bathroom with Ron's ejaculation still running down her leg. "Those drugs we gave him are supposed to keep him hard and long lasting. He might be hard all night."

"Haha a shame for Ronnie, cause he just wore me out" Lonnie said enjoying a deliciously comfortable stretch. Connie looked down at her sister and said,

"You're probably wondering what we're doing here and I bet you're all pretty pissed." All of Ron's girls let out a long strand of muffled insults and curses.

"The answer is simple little sister" Lonnie said squatting down to the still restrained Bonnie. She reached down to her vaginal lips with her fingers and spread them open with her white tipped fingernails letting more of Ron's semen seep down to the hard wood floor of the apartment. " our fortune. When you hooked up with that nerd back there we didn't get your game."

"We went online and researched your big cocked friend here" Connie interrupted nodding at Ron. "It turns out he invented that disgusting snack at Bueno Nacho, the Nacho" Connie said mockingly pretending that it was a world sensation. "And that he made some big ass cash off the idea, hundreds of Millions. That is what gave us the idea for this."

"We talked to an old science nerd we knew from college who used to do our homework for us. He was working in a lab and in exchange for a 'service' or two he gave us these spanking pills that we gave to your boyfriend here after we gassed you all" Lonnie continued. "We tied you all up so you wouldn't give us any trouble."

"We figured out how to make some REAL money here Bon-Bon" Connie said taunting her. "What is the one thing that rich and famous people can't get out of paying? Child support. We show your friend here a wild night and then he can spend the rest of his life paying us for bearing his children" Connie said smugly.

All the girls' eyes went wide with fear. They were going to rape Ron and bill him for it?

"Yep" Lonnie said as she and Connie rubbed their abdomens. "Nine months of brewing and then out they come *pop*" she said making a popping noise with her mouth. "Then if you don't pay us we just go before a judge and…" Connie and Lonnie pretend to cry and sob.

"We…we were just so confused and naïve…" Connie faked. "He seemed nice and responsible… then when we told him we were pregnant…he LEFT us!" She started another round of fake tears and Lonnie interjected,

"We bore his children! And he treats us like garbage…we want respect and a good home for our babies!" Lonnie cried. The two older sisters stopped their crying and started bursting out in laughter as Bonnie and the other girls struggled against their ropes to try and break free and throttle the two eldest Rockwaller sisters.

"From all the stuff he just put in us I have no doubt you're going to be an auntie Bonnie!" Lonnie said fingering her still dripping chunnel. "Take one whole egg, add baby batter, mix gently, produces bun in the oven, allow to heat for nine months" Lonnie teased. Bonnie snarled through her gag trying to bite her sister like an angry dog.

"Don't worry hun. We'll let you have your fun too!" Connie said removing Ron's shackles that kept him held tight to the ground. His hands and feet were still shackled together so he couldn't move. Lonnie pushed Ron from off of his back and he landed face first on the hard floor in front of Bonnie. "We'll let him finish up with you. After all, he has to work off those pills or he could have a heart attack. Not that it would make a difference to us; if he dies we still get money from his estate."

Bonnie looked to Ron, whose face was contorted in agony as his eyes shuttered in pain. She looked down to his waist where his massive erection still appeared hard as steel. Even in her current position the sight of her love's big tool still got her excited. She knew though that with the pills his penis must still be hurting, so he'd want to finish rough and quick. Bonnie knew it would hurt, but she would take it for the man she loved. Ron knew she would, so he held back.

Bonnie looked as Ron pushed his face to the ground not wanting to see Bonnie, completely willing to die if it meant he wouldn't hurt her or any of the other girls. Bonnie would never let that happen. She grunted to him through the gag.

"MM! Mim!" she went making Ron look up from the ground. Bonnie made a show of lifting her naked behind up into the air and giving it an obvious shake still grunting. "Mmmn! Mmmn!" she ordered shaking her bronzed cheeks giving Ron the go ahead to use her till she bled. Kim, Liz, Monique, Yori, and Tara noticed that behavior and all but Tara, who was worried about the damage to her baby, raised their hips and did the same hoping Ron would satisfy himself before his heart burst.

"Lookie Ronnie" Connie said taking Ron's long pole in her hand and massaging it. "They all want it. Why don't you give it to them while we watch?" Bonnie looked at Ron with pleading eyes begging him to use her before he hurt himself. With his vision starting to blur, Ron gave in and crawled behind Bonnie who laid her head down on the hard wood floor closing her eyes in relief and anticipation of what was to come.

Ron lay his manacled hands on the back of Bonnie's back and raised his erection to Bonnie's vaginal lips hesitating for a moment wondering if Bonnie really wanted to go through with it. Bonnie looked back at Ron over her shoulder and gave her hips one last final shake inviting him inside of her. He needed no more invitation and slowly penetrated her with his full length. Bonnie sighed through the gag feeling her man envelope her body in bliss. He was so hard she could feel his heartbeat, his blood pumping inside his penis.

Ron started thrusting his hips slamming himself harder and harder into Bonnie underneath. Bonnie kept clenching herself feeling her lover shove his entire length inside her. Ron was harder than usual and not his normal tender lover self. He was thrusting his hips humping Bonnie with her ass in the air, breeding her like an animal. Bonnie cringed at the feeling of Ron's rough penetration but savored the feeling of Ron's unprotected penis inside her.

Ron had always worn protection whenever they had sex. But this time, with her sister's intervention, she was experiencing bare sex for the first time. She felt every inch of skin on Ron's member savoring the pulsating veins running over it. Anticipating the moment when he would reach his climax and spray inside of her. That time had come; while Bonnie daydreamed her body became hotter, tighter, and wetter. What she didn't know was that her clock had synced up along with Ron's other girls and she was now ovulating.

With a final few thrusts Ron rammed himself as deep as possible into the hot moist folds inside of Bonnie spraying his climax inside of her. Bonnie moaned into the ball-gag savoring the molten sticky wetness inside of her. Ron withdrew from Bonnie, letting her collapse to the floor. The other girls looked and saw that Ron's member was still hard and the veins in his neck where visible, pumping the blood his heart was forced to push.

One by one Ron mounted five of his six girls, leaving Tara in fear of hurting her baby. Yori was Ron's fifth as Connie and Lonnie continued to watch and play with themselves enjoying the show.

As Ron finished thrusting into Yori, letting the sweat of his brow fall onto Yori's slick back, Ron ran his teeth down Yori's spine making her gasp in pleasure. As he collapsed to the floor Ron took his teeth and bit into the chords binding Yori snapping them, freeing Yori.

Before Lonnie and Connie could do anything to defend themselves, Yori shot up, jumped over to the two sisters and applied a sleeper hold on both sisters, knocking them out. Yori went to each of her sisters freeing them all. Bonnie shot up, ran to her unconscious sisters, and wrapped her hands around their throats attempted to choke the sleeping women.

"You bitches! You stole MY babies!" Bonnie screamed trying to choke the life out of both her blood sisters. It took the combined strength of Kim, Tara, and Liz to restrain the distraught woman. "They stole them *sniff*… they stole my babies…" Bonnie cried.

"No…" Ron grunted rising with the help of Yori and Monique. "Not their babies…if they are pregnant they're mine" Ron said instructing Yori and Monique to set him besides the unconscious sisters. "I would never have thought to use my new power like this but it looks like I'll have to" Ron raised his hands to Lonnie and Connie's foreheads.

A soft blue glow shone over Ron's hands as he held them tight against the Rockwaller sister's heads. He removed his hands and the blue light slowly subsided.

"I've just brainwashed them" Ron explained. "Usually these kinds of mind tricks are for negotiation but these two…they're just too evil for words" Ron said. "They will be your servants from here on in, ladies. Your maids to help you in every sense. If they're pregnant, they will birth them and you all shall raise them as their mothers."

"And if we're pregnant, it'll mean two more little babies to mother" Liz said happily.

"I hadn't thought of that" Monique said. "But it's true; we all really might be pregnant."

"Stoppable-sama's child…" Yori said smiling contently to herself.

"We'll all be mommies together!" Tara exclaimed. "This is so exciting! In fact… it sounds weird but watching Ron use you girls like that, all tied up, got me pretty excited…" The girls giggled and Kim ran her hand up Tara's naked thigh.

"I can're so wet Tara" Kim said leaning in kissing Tara, paying with her with her own hand.

"Ooh Kim you've sure become friskier since you joined us" Monique said. Kim broke the kiss to answer,

"Since I've been with Ron I've really awakened sexually and thanks to you all, I've recently grown an appreciation for the female body" Kim said raising her other hand to skim along Tara's belly and grope Tara's chest. Kim and Tara continued their deep kiss and welcomed Liz as she walked in and joined them making a three-way open-mouth kiss.

"That's making me pretty hot…" Monique said, starting to stroke herself.

"Well c'mere" Bonnie said taking Monique in her arms. Bonnie leaned in and gave Monique a light kiss that quickly escalated when Monique reached up wrapping an arm around Bonnie's head and opening her mouth to deepen the kiss. Not wanting to feel left out, Yori turned to Ron and asked,

"Are you able to become aroused still Stoppable-sama?" Ron looked around as the other girls gasped, groped, and groaned as they explored each other's naked bodies and he felt his member spring to attention.

"I think I can go one more time" Ron said. Yori pushed Ron down onto the chair and then held his large member in her hands.

"Stoppable-sama, no matter how many times I see it…I cannot believe the size of your great member…" Yori said stroking it and licking the tip. Yori opened her mouth and welcomed the invader with her tongue. Yori moved her mouth back and forth over Ron's swelled erection loving the feeling of her lover trembling in pleasure because of her.

The other girls interrupted their kissing and fondling to kneel down beside Yori to help their sister in pleasuring Ron. Six warm moist tongues wriggled and fought to run along Ron's length. Ron looked down at the group of beautiful women struggling to please him and felt himself slipping.

The ladies looked up to see Ron's neck veins showing as he was coming, they all slid in close together and opened their mouths in anticipation. Ron let out a groan and like a yard sprinkler, sprayed his climax over his women like an animal marking his territory.

Ron fell back on his armchair to observe his women who kissed each other happily, having just been marked by the man they all loved.

At Global Justice

"One last time…WHY were you sent to kill Ron Stoppable?" the interrogator asked, Dr. Director Betty listening behind the one way glass.

"I was told to…I was paid to…that's all the reason I needed" the assassin said.

After many days of interrogation, sleep deprivation, and several cavity searches the agents of Global Justice had found that assassin had been sent by internationally wanted criminal Bid Daddy, to kill Ron Stoppable.

"You won't cooperate huh? Maybe you need ANOTHER enema" the interrogator said snapping his fingers having two agents come in and drag the assassin away.

"NO! Not ANTOHER enema…" the assassin whined being dragged out.

"Yes! Another and ANOTHER! Until you feel like talking!" the interrogator said following them out.

Dr. Director Betty rubbed her forehead in frustration. They knew the assassin's target wasn't Agent Will Du but instead Ron Stoppable. And despite her top interrogator's…odd and effective methods…she couldn't receive a reason from the assassin for Big Daddy's interest in Ron's death. They now had the "who", now they needed the "why". They needed to contact Ron Stoppable.

The Rockwaller's Backyard

A week had gone by and the girls had all missed their menstrual cycles. They all confirmed it with some pregnancy tests and the results were conclusive, that all of them, the elder Rockwallers included, were pregnant. After a round of excited squeals and hugs they decided that they had to tell their parents.

Bonnie suggested a pool party at her house so all may come and here the news at once. The elder Rockwaller sisters in their new mind controlled state agreed to help set up the party and much to their parents delight were more well mannered and considerate in their everyday lives.

Ron rode with his parents to the party who were excited to meet the girl in their son's life. They had driven a long way to see their son and were delighted to hear he had a girlfriend. Ron neglected to tell them he had several girlfriends, several pregnant girlfriends, but he planned to tell them later.

They drove up to the Rockwaller's house and parked in the street. They got out of the car walking towards the backyard. Mrs. Stoppable with a chicken casserole in her hands asked her son,

"So what does this lucky girl look like?"

"Like that" Ron said as the Stoppable's entered the backyard to see Bonnie rising from the pool water with her short brown hair slicked back, and her toned bronzed skin covered in a white bikini, and her handprint/rose vine tramp stamp prominent in the sun light. She looked to the Stoppables and smiled, walking towards them looking every bit like a supermodel.

Bonnie stood in front of Ron's parents with a large smile on her face and her nipples sticking out visibly beneath her bikini top.

"Ronald, is this your new lady friend?" Mr. Stoppable asked in amazement.

"Yes, Ron and I have become very close" Bonnie said wrapping an arm around Ron's waist, leaning in close she kissed Ron deeply in front of his parents. "Can I get either of you a drink Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable? Is that for the party?" Bonnie asked looking at the casserole in Mrs. Stoppable's hands.

"W-well um, yes it is" Mrs. Stoppable said.

"Let me show you where you can place it" Bonnie said smiling as she escorted Mrs. Stoppable to the food tables and ice chests. As Bonnie and Mrs. Stoppable left to place the dish on the table, Mr. Stoppable turned to his son and said,

"I haven't said this in a little while so I'll say it now, I'm very proud of you." He turned back to gawk at Bonnie as she leaned over to strategically place the dish on the table giving a great view of her tattooed backside and her large breasts dipping over of the table. "Very proud. I noticed she had a little R there in her tattoo. Would that perchance…?"

"Yes, she got that for me, R is Ron" Ron said trying to hide his smile from his dad who secretly had never been prouder of his son.

"You know what they say about women with a tattoo in their area?"

"What?" Ron asked.

"They're more likely to do doggy style, since they've already had at least one guy in that position" his father joked imitating a tattoo artist holding a needle. Ron and his father had a good laugh. "I heard that from a young fellow at work."

"Well… it holds true" Ron admitted looking away. His father's mouth went agape and was about to ask more details from his son when his wife and Bonnie came back.

"Mr. Rockwaller is there anything I can get for you?" Bonnie asked.

"Water would be nice" Mr. Stoppable said.

"Me too, please" Mrs. Stoppable said stealing glances at Bonnie's chest and looking down comparing them to her own.

"Okay, I'll be right back" Bonnie said turning away to retrieve the drinks. As soon as she was out of ear shot Mrs. Stoppable said,

"She certainly is proud of those boobies isn't she?" whispered Mrs. Stoppable.

"She should be" Ron said grinning.

"I think its nice Ronald found a nice girl" Mrs. Stoppable said.

"Are you thinking of her hospitality or her hooters?" Mrs. Stoppable asked teasing her husband.

"Here you are" Bonnie said handing the Stoppable parents a bottle of water each. "My family and I are so happy you made it." The elder Rockwaller sisters waved to the Stoppables in their matching black bikinis as they brought more food to the tables outside.

"Bon Bon you should have told us some of our guests arrived" Mrs. Rockwaller said stepping out of the backdoor in her one piece swimsuit. "It's so nice to meet Ronnie's family. He is quite the charmer according to Bon Bon."

"He is talented" Bonnie said smiling widely. Mr. Rockwaller stepped outside in a pair of swim trunks and shook Ron's hand saying,

"Nice to meet you son."

"Nice to meet you sir" Ron said.

"It's good to know you've been treating my little girl right. I'm glad she made a good choice in the guys she dates" Mr. Rockwaller said.

"Thank you" Ron said.

"I just wish she had the sense not to tattoo her body" Mrs. Rockwaller said. "I gave birth to a beautiful little baby and she goes and has someone doodle all over her backside."

"Oh mom" Bonnie said ignoring her mother's comment slightly.

"Eh, it's the fashion honey" Mr. Rockwaller said. "I remember a little memento you got from our wild and crazy years" he said looking down at his wife's ankle wear she tried to hide her own tattoo, a little heart with her husband's initials in it. From the back gate the rest of Ron's girls and their families filed in.

"Hi girls!" Bonnie called to her bikini clad harem sisters. An hour went by and as the girls splashed around in the pool Ron started to get to know the families.

Monique's father was an aspiring inventor with quite a few ideas that fascinated Ron, white her mother was an interior decorator.

Kim's family, Ron knew very well that Mr. Possible was a rocket scientist while Mrs. Possible is a brown surgeon.

Tara came from a wealthy family, her father the owner of several blue chip companies and her mother the wealthy heiress to her father's bottled water fortune. Neither parent seemed to have a normal interest in their daughter's life, their attention divided among their money and their possessions.

Liz was more fortunate than Tara, coming from a large family, her parents poor and hard working couldn't be happier. Liz's four younger siblings keeping them very busy along with their job owning and operating their own bar.

Yori's parents came all the way from Japan to visit their daughter. Unlike the other parents of Ron's girls, they were fully aware of the full situation. That all girls were a part of Ron's harem, and that all of them were pregnant. Both were former ninjas at Yamunuchi school and received information from the school through Yori's regular reports. Yori's father was a salesmen and her mother a children's doctor.

Bonnie's parents knew nothing of the full situation. The Rockwallers loved their three daughters and spoiled them rotten. Mr. Rockwaller was a sports agent and Mrs. Rockwaller a stay at home mom. Neither knew Bonnie was a member of Ron's harem, or that the elder sisters were now slaves to them, or that all three were pregnant from the week before.

"So, how long have you and our daughter been so close?" Monique's mother asked.

"We've known each other for quite a while I'm glad to say" Ron answered.

"I think its great to have so many friends while still maintain a relationship with our daughter" Liz's father commented. That started off a chain reaction of confused looks on the parents who thought their daughter was dating Ron.

"What do you mean-" James Possible asked interrupted by Mr. Rockwaller coming over with a bottle of wine.

"Here we are!" Mr. Rockwaller exclaimed. "Something I picked up on my last trip in Switzerland." He poured every parent a glass, momentarily making everyone forget the statement made by Liz's father. The trouble started up again when Mr. Rockwaller tried offering his daughter a glass.

"Here Bon Bon, a glass from Switzerland. A few more countries and you'll finish your dream to have a taste of every European country's native wine" Mr. Rockwaller said handing her the glass.

"Um…no thank you dad" Bonnie said lightly pushing her father's hand away.

"You've been driving me crazy about this goal of yours, its alright its only a little bit of wine and I think you're old enough to drink a bit with us" Mr. Rockwaller insisted.

"No really dad I can't right now…" Bonnie said.

"Its fine! Try a bit" her father insisted again.

"No dad! I can't!" Bonnie said realizing now was as good a time as any. "…I can't drink it because it may hurt the baby…"

"What?" Mr. Rockwaller asked his daughter with an aghast look on his face.

"…I'm pregnant with Ron's baby" Bonnie admitted after a pause. This caused many of the parents to spit out their wine in surprise.

"Monique! I thought you were dating Ron!" Monique's father said.

"Ronald! I thought you would have been more responsible than this!" Mrs. Stoppable exclaimed.

"Well…we kind of all are" Monique admitted to her father.

"All? What the hell does she mean all?" Liz's mother asked her daughter.

"We are all dating Ron" Liz said skidishly.

"All?" the parents exclaimed. The Rockwallers were still in shock looking their daughter up and down beginning to notice the slight glow their daughter possessed.

"My baby is having a baby?" Mrs. Rockwaller asked. Bonnie smiled and nodded stroking her own flat belly.

"I think so" Bonnie said. "The test said yes." Mr. Rockwaller turned to ron and his expression changed from shock to rage and he said,

"I'm gonna kill you!" Mr. Rockwaller wrapped his hands around Ron's throat. Mr. Stoppable and Kim attempted to stop Mr. Rockwaller.

"Wait! I'm sure we can resolve this without violence!" Mr. Stoppable said.

"Don't hurt him! He has to care for mine too!" Kim said. Mrs. Possible asked Kim,

"What do you mean "yours too"?" Kim sighed and asked aloud,

"Could everyone who is pregnant with Ron's child, please raise your hand." Eight shy scared hands rose into the air. Suddenly Monique's, Liz's, and Bonnie's fathers lunged at Ron each hoping to be the one to end Ron's life.

"Not just my little Bonnie but Connie and Lonnie too? You bastard!" Mr. Rockwaller shouted.

Yori's parents kept their reserve and tried to help save Ron from being choked. All of the girl's mothers turned to their daughters asking how they could take such a risk.

"Kimmie, I thought you said you were being safe" Mrs. Possible said.

"Its complicated" Kim said.

"Wait, you knew about this Anne?" Mr. Possible asked. "How could you keep something like this from me?"

"I just thought it was Kim and Ron fooling around! How was I supposed to know Ron was seeing others!" Annie Possible shouted.

"We're barely making ends-meat as it is Liz!" Her mouth shouted. "How are we going to take care of your baby? Not to mention you finishing school!"

"Where did we go wrong darling?" Tara's father asked Tara's mother apathetically.

"Its not our fault honey, sometimes luck just gives you a bad egg" Tara's mother replied in a snarky tone.

"What would you two know about anything?" Tara screamed shocking everyone in the yard. "You don't know a thing about Ron because you don't know a thing about me! You never spend any time with me and never wanted to! Ron treats us all like princesses. Yes, all of us. In the months we've been together I've been happier than all my years with you two!" she ranted.

"He's cooked for me, cared for me, comforted me when I've cried, and been my best friend! He's loved me like a life-long lover! He treats us all wonderfully, and even taken care of us when we told him we were pregnant, which he got us all with his marathon love making and his foot-long cock!" Tara shouted making the parents look towards Ron's crouch to verify. Yori translated for her parents and held her hands about a foot apart for emphasis.

"Yes! He fucked us! We're pregnant! Knocked up! And to be completely honest, I'm proud! I love Ron and want to raise our baby alongside him and my sisters!" Tara said taking Bonnie and Liz's hands in her own causing all the girls to join hands.

"Very well…" Tara's father said. "Come diddums, let her wallow in this muck" he said looking around at the parents, girls, and Ron. "I wash my hands of them all." The two walked off out of the yard, where their car could be heard starting up. Silence enveloped the yard. Ron rubbed his sore neck and said,

"I'll take care of you from now on… all of you" Ron said to his girls making them smile and crowd around Ron in a group hug.

"I…I don't know what to make of this" Mrs. Rockwaller said. "My babies are having babies… And they're mothers of only three of Ronnie's children.

"That brings up another issue young man" Monique's mother said. "Are you going to make an honest woman of my little girl?"

"No, he should marry all of them" Liz's mother said.

"Polygamy?" Anne Possible asked. "Isn't that a crime in America?"

"Right…" Mr. Rockwaller said. "What is the plan then?"

"I'll marry all of them" Ron said. "Obviously I can't legally marry them all but a spiritual wedding is acceptable. We'll give one another power of attorney in cases of hospitilzation. As for names…" Ron said looking into the eyes of his soon-to-be wives. "Will you ladies take my name?"

"Yes!" the girls said in unison.

"Bonne Stoppable…sounds wonderful" bonnie said imagining it. "I'll have it legally changed after the wedding.

"I would be honored to take Stoppable-sama's name" Yori said smiling deeply.

"Well that's settled, but what about housing?" Mr. Stoppable asked. "I imagine your apartment is quite cramped with just the seven of you, what about our grandchildren?"

"I got it covered dad" Ron said smiling.

Across Town in the Expensive streets of Middleton

Ron lead his parents, his girls, and their parents up to the three story colonial mansion on the outskirts of town.

"I've been looking into housing since the girls told me they were pregnant. Its already been paid off thanks to the help of my lawyer Boe Reynolds, and with my Nacho royalties still rolling in I will be able to provide for my wives and children for quite a while" Ron announced to his awestruck fiancés and their parents. "Ladies, welcome to your new home."

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