Hi all, I'm back with the final installment of Ron the Pimp. I want to start out by saying this story changed slightly from the way I imagined it. I originally thought of making Ron a hardcore, mean, money minded pimp but then I realized that wouldn't really fit his character. And If I was to ignore his typical character then I might as well have been writing another fiction story. So it didn't end as I originally intended but I am happy with it. Hope you enjoy it to.

Four Years Later

Ron sat in his desk going over the great amount of business reports he had to read. Over the past several years Ron had diversified his money into several different fields. With all of the small businesses Ron had started and invested money into, along with the new products developed by Monique's father that he shared the patent with, Ron's financial empire dominated Middleton and reached far into the surrounding counties.

"Sir, your wife is on the line" Zita Flores, one of his three personal secretaries said over the intercom.

"Which one of my wives?" Ron asked pressing the talk button.

"It's Monique" Zita answered.

"Thank you Zita" Ron said. Ron had married all of his girlfriends, making Tara his legal wife, as the other girls suggested. It took some convincing to get his Rabbi Katz to perform the religious marriage ceremony for Ron and his several wives, but the Rabbi knew that Ron was a good man at heart and to marry the young people would be best thing to do for them. Ron and his women married each other in view of all of their families at an outside wedding in Middleton Park. The ladies' extended families had mixed feelings about the whole event, but upon hearing of Ron's millionaire status they felt their morals loosen. They also were quite happy during the bouquet throw when instead of one bouquet being thrown the six brides all threw their own bouquet letting six different women catch them in their hopes that they would be the next ones to be married.

Ron looked under his desk where his second secretary, Justine, was busy sucking his cock. "I have to take this call Justice" he told her. Justine nodded taking both her hands and wrapped them around Ron's rod, furiously pumping up and down to finish off her boss much more quick than she would have wanted. While Ron never had a lack of sex around his house, his wives did allow him to keep up morale at work by entertaining his female employees who his wives entrusted to not try and steal him away from them. With her firm, trained hands, Justine had Ron coming in less than a minute. Just before he came Justice took his cock in her mouth taking all of Ron's come.

Justine continuously gulped down several mouthfuls of come until after the fifth, when Ron stopped. Justice pulled the cock out of her mouth and licked it up and down, cleaning it for her boss/lover. Ron stroked Justine's head as he picked up the telephone.

"Hello Monique" Ron said happily.

"Hey baby" Monique greeted. "Are you coming home soon for dinner?"

"Yes, the office is closing soon, I'll be home in about ten minutes" Ron answered.

"Terrific. The kids will be at the daycare until late tonight babe so we want you to come home as soon as possible to enjoy our adult swim time. And I hear that heavy breathing in the background, who is between your legs? Is it Zita, Justine, or Christine?" Monique asked knowingly. After having met Christine, the ladies knew she was not a home wrecking bimbo and they approved of her being Ron's very personal secretary along with Zita and Justine.

"It's Justine" Ron answered.

"How's it taste today Justine?" Monique asked giggling.

"Very thick and sweet" Justice said loudly up to the telephone, still kneeling between Ron's legs.

"I've got Kim with me right here" Monique said.

"Let's get an opinion from her" Ron said. "How's it taste Kim?" Monique peered over her five month pregnant belly to see Kim between her thighs lapping at her sex, her own belly also swollen with another of Ron's children.

"There's a great flow" Kim said licking her lips. "With such a hint of sour taste" Monique laughed and said,

"You hear that Ron. When you get home we're going to make some sweet and sour sauce."

"That's a promise" Ron told one of his wives with a grin. "It's five p.m., I'm leaving now" he said. "Till I get home baby" Ron hung up the phone. Ron looked under his desk and said, "I have to get home hun. Why don't you and the ladies go out tonight on me?" Ron helped Justice off of her knees and smoothed out her dress over her small three month pregnant belly. Ron handed her the company credit card and kissed her cheek walking out of the office with her and an arm around her waist.

"Ladies, I'm calling the workday over" he announced to Zita and Christine. "I've given Justine the company credit card; you all go out and have fun on me." Christine got out from behind her desk and slinked over to Ron, even after giving birth to Ron's twins Christine still had a pop star's body, and kissed Ron full on the mouth.

"Thanks baby" Christine said. "Ready to roll Zita?"

"Yes just let me get my purse" Zita said standing up revealing her large five month pregnant belly. She walked over to Ron and kissed the father of her second unborn child. "Thanks babe, we'll see you tomorrow."

"Good don't party too hard" Ron said leaving kissing each of the girls once more before leaving.

At The Stoppable Mansion

Ron entered his stylish mansion smiling. He walked into his bedroom and was instantly bombarded by a wave of sex fumes. On his bed all of his women were busy making out and having sex. It was a gorgeous site watching all of the writhing naked flesh squirm in ecstasy and lust.

"Welcome home master" Lonnie said holding a tray with many drinks. "How was your day?" Lonnie asked in her new sweetened disposition.

"We have kept the house spotless like you like it master" Connie said holding a large saucer filled with apples.

"Well done ladies, my day was well thank you. Where are your superiors?" he asked them.

"Here master!" called Shego who got up from under the large mass of naked ladies.

"I'm here as well" Director Betty said entering the room. To ensure the brainwashing Connie and Lonnie underwent; Betty and Shego were appointed as their superiors by Ron who they had come to admire and love. Both women had loved their first mission with Ron so much they had decided to submit themselves to him as willing slaves. Their only clothes were the golden handcrafted collars each wore around their necks. "Master these two have performed well today, completely obedient as always,"

"Good, then it is a good time to present you four with these" Ron said pulling four small boxes from his coat pocket. He opened them to reveal golden dog tags each with an inscription, their names personalizing them each and on the backs these words were engraved "property of Ron Stoppable".

"Oh master! I love it" Shego exclaimed as Ron clicked it on to her collar letting it dangle on her throat. Shego reached her hand down and squeezed Ron's crouch saying,

"I'll have to thank you properly." Liz came and grabbed Ron's tie pulling him to the bed.

"Oh no, you'll have to thank him later on tonight, because it's our turn with him" Liz said on behalf of her sister wives and the former slave girls who now found themselves regulars in their bed.

"Yes, it is our turn now" Pree said in her now perfected English. "Come Ron let us please you."

"Nah uh" Tara said playfully pushing her aside. "I won rock paper scissors, so I go first. Tara said sliding her bare naked body over the bed so she was standing facing the bed with her butt out in the air. Ron grinned loosening his tie.

"You ladies sure you don't want to sit and just cuddle?" he asked taking off his suit and shirt. Bonnie walked naked over to Ron and ripped his boxers off.

"Talking later baby, besides I don't think he wants to talk" Bonnie said pointing to his erection. She leaned in and whispered in Ron's ear as he sheathed himself inside Tara, "I think he wants to fuck." Ron thrusted harder and faster hearing Bonnie talk dirty to him.

"By the looks of it he wants to do more than that" Kim said joining in the dirty talk while reaching under and cupping his balls. "I think he wants to knock Tara up again like us" she commented stroking her bulging eight month pregnant stomach.

"Do it Ronnie, fill 'er up!" Monique said.

"You can do it baby!" Liz called momentarily stopping her oral administrations on Yori.

"Master…you…can…do it!" Yori cheered breathlessly. Tara's moans drowned out everyone else's cheers. After twenty minutes of brutal thrusts she felt Ron tense up and sent her over the edge by firing his cum cannon inside of her soaking her insides.

"Oh GOD!" Tara screamed feeling Ron's cum burst inside of her. "I think you pulled it off again Ron…" Tara said laying her head on the bed and smiling. Ron stepped back pulling out of Tara and stood In front of the salivating ladies with a self satisfied grin on his face.

"Who's next?" Ron asked with Tara's juices still dripping off his cock. Every woman rushed Ron to get their turn. With hands roaming across his body, lips caressing his flesh, and another of his ladies inserting his penis inside of them Ron let out a sigh and thought, "Life is good."

Unbeknownst to him, with the last shot of life giving fluid he had pumped into Tara, Ron had succeeded in creating the biggest enemy threat to his empire and the rest of his family…

Hope you all enjoyed the last page of this story :) I know its a little short compared to other chapters but I couldn't think of a better way to end this. I left room for a sequel story that I may do if I find there is enough interest. I plan to finish my other stories first before attempting to start this new one. Thank you all for your comments and messages. Have a nice day.