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"Hello sir…" came a skittish voice behind him. Ron turned his head to see Bonnie wearing the same outfit she had on from his dream. Ron's jaw dropped as he watched Bonnie push his desk out and sit on his lap. The rest of the class watched in awe as the bitchy girl who had called Ron a loser just the other day began to kiss him.

"RockWaller!" called Mr. Barkin as he entered the room. "For pete's sake take a cold shower and get in your seat!" Bonnie reluctantly broke off her kiss, stood up, and took a seat right next to Ron. The entire class was awestruck and remained quiet until Mr. Barkin started the lesson. Bonnie's eyes never left Ron and she continued to smile dreamily at him the entire time.

At the end of class Ron walked out of class and to the football field and just as he predicted, Bonnie followed him. He sat down on the bleachers and turned to Bonnie.

"What are you doing?" asked Ron. "Is this some kind of joke or a game?" Bonnie lost her smile and shook her head.

"No, really this isn't a game" she said.

"Why are you in that outfit?" Ron asked looking her up and down. Bonnie blushed visibly and twirled around flashing her panties at him.

"I just had a feeling you might like it" Bonnie told him.

"Why would you wear something I would like? I thought you hated my guts. What changed?" Ron asked. Bonnie shrugged and rubbed up against him slightly.

"I felt like I had a change of heart and now… I really like you and want to make you happy" she told him stroking his arm. "I'll do anything to prove it to you" Ron raised and eyebrow in disbelief.

"Anything?" he asked. Bonnie nodded vigorously. "Ok" he said laughing to himself. "Do you want to have sex?"

"Yes!" she said ecstatically. Ron was taken back suddenly considering he was sure she would have told him 'hell no'. "Come on" she said grabbing his hand. She pulled him into the cheerleader's locker room and grabbed a clean towel from the rack. She began unbuttoning her shirt and pulling off her skirt when Ron stopped her.

"Are you serious?" he asked. "Why me? I thought you liked Brick." Bonnie shrugged.

"He never really satisfied me. He only cared about himself. I have a feeling you'll treat me right" she said taking off the rest of her clothes and dropping them to the floor. "Please don't turn me down Ronnie. It would make me really dissapointed if you did" she said sticking out her bottom lip giving him the puppy dog pout as she laid down on the towel on the floor buck naked. A million thoughts ran through Ron's head. This tanned, gorgous, cheerleader wanted to have sex with him? Bonnie Rockwaller, the same girl who spilled her juice purposely into his lap in pre-k to make it look like he wet himself, now was buck naked on the floor inviting him to share her body. Suddenly his mystical monkey powers helped him make up his mind.

He pulled off his clothes and pulled a condom out of his wallet, just like his dad always taught him to keep, and laid down next to Bonnie. He tore open the wrapper and rolled the condom in his hand, about to put it on.

"Wait" Bonnie said stopping him. She took the condom from his hand and pushed Ron onto his back on the towel. She placed the condom in her mouth and slipped it effortlessly onto his erection with her lips. Ron groaned slightly as her lips encased his hard on for a moment. Bonnie smiled and said, "It's so gentlemanly of you to put one on without being told to. Brick never wanted to wear one and I always had to give him the ultimatum of 'sex with the condom or no sex'. Once I get used to the pill I promise Ronnie, I'll never make you wear one of these again" she vowed raising herself up.

She scooted up to Ron's stomach and slowly eased herself down onto his large erection.

"God…" grunted Bonnie as she tried to push herself down further. "Your cock has got to be past a foot! I don't know if I can shove it all in there baby." Bonnie continued to take him into herself but was unable to get the last three inches in, so she sat there on top of Ron, stuck on top of his penis. "I…I can't get it all in Ron..." Bonnie grunted.

Ron reached up and pulled Bonnie's face to his, kissing her deep. Bonnie's body went limp and Ron had to reach up to support her. He began lifting her up and down his shaft as he bucked his hips. Bonnie let out an echoing moan at every thrust, getting louder and louder with each. She dug her nails into Ron's chest and grabbed a hold of his muscles to try to help drive herself down. It took less than five minutes for Bonnie to reach her peak. Ron was hammering into her at full speed when Bonnie threw back her head and howled his name.

Ron kept up his fast pace and just as he was about to reach his own limit. Bonnie pulled herself off of him and yanked off the condom. She lowed her head down and forced most of his penis into her mouth when he came, sending his sperm slamming against the back of her throat. Bonnie almost gagged when she was first hit but she recovered quickly and took every drop into her mouth, swallowing it as fast as she could. She ran her small pink tongue up and down his shaft, cleaning him thoroughly.

Ron laid his head back on the towel reeling from what had just happened. Bonnie copied him and laid her head down on his chest, making little circles around his nipples as she smiled to herself.

"That was grea." Bonnie told him. "We should do this every day" she said sighing contently.

"Well…" Ron said. "I recently moved out of my parent's house" he informed her. "My parents went to Europe to work on some big new accounts and they said I could live here if I wanted. So I'm living alone in a big apartment all by myself. Would you like to live with me?" Ron asked. Bonnie's head jerked up and she flashed him a pearly white smile.

"Yes!" she said wrapping her arms around him. "That sounds great!" They both heard the bell ring in the distance. They had cut an entire period of school.

"Uh-oh" Ron said. "We have to get back now!" They both put on their clothes as fast as possible and ran to the locker room door. Bonnie unlocked it and opened it. On the other side was a furious Mr. Barkin.

Mr. Barkin's Office

Mr. Barkin had escorted them to his office and shut the door behind them. They both took a seat in from of his desk as Mr. Barkin seated himself. He took a deep breath.

"What exactly do you two think you were doing!" he shouted. "This is a place of higher learning! Not a love motel! What do you have to say for yourselves!? Rockwaller! You start!" Bonnie started to make up random excuses for the both of them, that she had seen something scary in the cheerleader's locker room, that she needed help with something, or that she was chemically unbalanced today.

The entire time Bonnie spoke Ron watched Mr. Barkin looking her up and down, Ron realized he was checking her out! Eventually Mr. Barkin was tired of listening to Bonnie talk and yelled at Ron,

"Stoppable! Any better excuses? Your mother gave you some bad lunchmeat? Your rat had to use the bathroom? Huh?" Ron looked at Bonnie and took her hand in his and told Mr. Barkin,

"She was just too damn hot for me to ignore today." Mr. Barkin scowled and turned a shade redder. "Don't you also want a piece of her Mr. Barkin?" Ron asked sincerely. Mr. Barkin suddenly sat straight up and his face went pale. "I'm sure that Bonnie doesn't mind that." Ron said. "She is such a beautiful girl she would have to be crazy not to notice how you have been checking her out. Don't you also want a piece of her?" Ron asked reaching out and groping Bonnie, eliciting a sharp groan from her.

Using his powers, Ron could feel Mr. Barkin's arousal and Ron knew he wanted Bonnie. He pulled Bonnie out of her seat and began to kiss her deeply as he used his hands to pull off her skirt. He turned her around so her back was to Mr. Barkin. He pulled of her panties and squeezed her ass hard, getting more sharp breaths from Bonnie.

"I'm sure she wouldn't mind a little attention from you Mr. Barkin…" said Ron. "If you were a little nicer to the both of us." Ron lifted Bonnie up and laid her down on top of Mr. Barkin's desk. He pulled her so her face was towards Ron. She pulled Ron's erection out of his jeans and started to suck him off. Her supple bottom was pointed out towards Mr. Barkin and it shook occasionally as Bonnie kept trying to get more of Ron into her mouth.

Mr. Barkin reached his breaking point and moved his shaky hands to Bonnie's hips and pulled her closer. He unzipped his own pants and pulled out his own hard erection.

"Uh-uh." said Ron. Ron pulled another condom out of his wallet and held it up for Mr. Barkin to see. Mr. Barkin reached out to get it but Ron stopped his hand. "You want this? It will have to cost you sir…" Ron told him. "This enchanting girl is giving you her time and giving up her body to you, the least you could do is pay for her time. How much do you have?" Mr. Barkin shakily pulled out his wallet and gave it to Ron. Ron picked out five one hundred dollar bills and handed the rest back to Mr. Barkin along with the condom.

Mr. Barkin slipped on the condom and entered Bonnie. Bonnie let out a contented sigh as Mr. Barkin started moving around inside her. Bonnie looked up at Ron and smiled at him as she continued to suck on him. Bonnie pulled and tugged on him quickly, quickening his oncoming climax. Mr. Barkin started rocking the table hard with each thrust he was pushing into Bonnie and he was starting to shake. Bonnie herself was in heaven. She had just had sex with the cutest boy she had ever been with and now she was getting herself and her beloved Ronnie out of trouble doing the one thing she loved most.

Bonnie reached her climax first and let out a muffled groan with Ron's penis still in her mouth. Mr. Barkin was next and he finished violently shoving himself into Bonnie. Ron came last and just was Bonnie finished catching the last of his sperm he stepped back, whipped out his cell phone, and snapped a picture of Mr. Barkin standing behind a very pleased Bonnie.

"This is just incase you ever try to claim Bonnie tricked and seduced you, and as for where we were last period, we were helping you with something. You got that?" Mr. Barkin nodded panting his lungs out. He zipped up his pants and wrote two passes for Bonnie and Ron to leave for their next classes. Bonnie and Ron left the office hand in hand.

"Here you go gorgeous" Ron said giving four of the five one hundred dollar bills Mr. Barkin had given him. "These belong to you. It's because you're so god damned hot that that worked." Bonnie took the money and stuffed it into her bra, then she leaned in and kissed him.

"I definitely could do that more often" Bonnie said. "As soon as we get to your place, I don't want to stop until we passed out. Mr. Barkin's dick was nowhere near as big as yours and it left me wanting more..." she said leaning her head on his shoulder as they walked down the hall.

At the other end of the School

Tara was pinned up against the lockers by one of Big Mike's arms. His other hand groped at her chest through her cheerleading uniform. Tara was cringing back trying to escape Big Mike's lips that were trying to capture her mouth.

"C'mon babe, it's like I'm doing it with a stiff. Move a little!" Big Mike commanded. Tara whimpered and pleaded,

"Please stop…" Big Mike pulled Tara back and slammed her soft frame into the lockers.

"Shut up!" Big Mike ordered. "Deep down I know all girls like a good poke in the whiskers. So loosen up already." Tears started rolling down Tara's face and she started to sob.

Big Mike stopped his groping and lowered his hand to his waist and unzipped his pants. He forced Tara down to her knees and pulled his penis out of his pants. He grasped Tara's hair at the back of her head and brought her closer. Tara clamped her mouth shut, tears making her make up run. Big Mike slapped her hard across the face.

"Open up you little cheerleader slut! You're gonna take a suck of the old hog's leg like I know you've done thousands of times before." he said tightening his grip in her hair. "And if you even think of biting me…You'll fuckin regret it" he warned.

Tara slowly opened her mouth after Big Mike struck her again. He forced her head closer and closer until her plump chocolate brown lips were an inch away.

A silver dollar flew down the hallway and smacked Big Mike's penis away from Tara. Big Mike released Tara's head and let of a wail of pain.

"Get the hell away from her!" Bonnie screamed rushing towards Tara. Bonnie and Ron ran down the hall to where Tara was. Bonnie went to her side and asked,

"You ok?" she kept brushing Tara's hair trying to calm her down.

"He tried to…*sniff*…he tried to make me…"Tara sobbed. Bonnie stroked her face and wiped her tears away.

"It's ok Tara. You're safe now" Bonnie told her.

"You asshole!" Ron shouted at Big Mike as he rose from the ground. "You don't force yourself on a woman, ever!"

"That bitch was begging for it, wearing that tight ass outfit all the time!" shouted Big Mike. "You're a dead man Stoppable!" Big Mike threw a punch at Ron. He fell to his knees when Ron punched him in the throat and kicked him in the groin simultaneously lightning quick. Ron removed his belt and wrapped it around Big Mike's throat, squeezing it tight.

Big Mike thrashed around for air and began turning purple in the face. Bonnie rushed to Ron's side.

"Don't kill him Ronnie, please!" she pleaded grabbing his arm. "If you kill him they'll lock you up! Please!" she begged trying to reach Ron through all his anger. She reached her hand down and cradled his balls in her hands.

"If they take you away I won't be able to give you your reward for saving Tara" she said leaning in closer. She whispered, "Tonight I want you to do to me what the inmates in prison are going to do to Big Mike...except unlike him, I'll have a big smile on my face after your done and beg for more..." She ground her bottom into Ron's crotch giving him the picture. Ron loosened his grip and released a blue Big Mike.

The bell rang and students filed out of their classrooms to witness the scene. The police were called and they arrested Big Mike. It was a clear case of attempted Rape. School security cameras had it on tape so the police promised Tara she wouldn't have to testify. The school officials apologized repeatedly to Tara and offered to pay for any doctor or psychiatrist bills she would need. She refused and said she just wanted to go home.

Bonnie offered to call Tara's home to get her parents to come and get her but Tara told her that her parents had left somewhere on vacation, not telling her where. Ron offered to let Tara stay over at his apartment with Bonnie and she agreed.

That night Bonnie stayed with Tara in the bedroom comforting her. When Tara said she wanted some sleep Bonnie told her that she would be on the couch if she needed her. Tara fell asleep as soon as Bonnie left her.

Tara's Dream

That night Tara could only dream of Ron. Ron's powers had reached a new height and could now reach her and Bonnie at the same time. Tara remembered the way he had saved her from a fate worse than death and that made him look like a shining hero.

She dreamt of him as a god-king in ancient Greece sitting on top of his throne in a white toga. She herself, was a palace cleaning girl wearing an off-white colored toga.

"You there!" he called out to Tara. "Come here" he commanded. Tara hesitantly obeyed and came to him bowing in full submission. Ron stood up from his throne and brushed her cheek.

"Your beauty surpasses all others in this land. I would like you to become my mistress" he told her. Tara was awestruck at the proposal but nodded her approval. He took her to his bed chamber and told her to undress. She slowly reached up and undid the knot holding her toga up, it fell down to the ground and she stood there naked. Her hands shot up and tried to cover her large breasts and her small patch of blond hairs. Ron grabbed her hands and put them at her sides.

"Never cover yourself in my presence my precious" he ordered. Tara's heart fluttered at her new nickname and blushed as she laid back on the bed and watched Ron disrobe. Now both naked, Ron moved to the edge of the bed and spread Tara's legs apart. He lowered his head down and started to suck at her slit.

Tara moaned and wriggled and fisted the covers as Ron continued his onslaught. Tara began bucking her hips giving Ron the hint she was ready. Ron got up onto the bed and lifted her up onto his erection impaling her hard. The second his full length was in, Tara let loose a long wail that shook the room. Ron began moving inside her, lifting her up and down his full length pushing every inch up inside of her.

Tara started groaning and wrapped her arms around Ron's back. She suddenly felt small soft hands wrap around her from behind and squeeze at her breasts. She looked behind her to see her best friend Bonnie the servant girl as naked as she was. Bonnie smiled and kissed her deep as she squeezed her breasts harder and began rubbing her hips up against Tara's backside.

Tara felt the enormous heat building up around her as her two lovers pleased her. She felt like a goddess being worshipped as the two relentlessly attacked her with pleasure. As Ron suckled and lapped at the base of her throat Tara couldn't stand it anymore and let loose a loud moan as an unfathomably wonderful heat shot through her center to her womb.

Her dream fast forwarded about a year. She sat down in the same room as before in a rocking chair. She watched her god-king Ron making fierce love to her friend Bonnie. Bonnie turned to her and smiled at her knowing at the rate their master was going, Bonnie would too have Ron's child. Tara smiled back at her and watched as the blond head of her newborn son bobbed slightly as he continued sucking at her breast. She closed her eyes knowing there was no better life than what she was experiencing.

Tara suddenly woke up. One of her hands had crept into her pajama shirt and was tweaking her nipple while the other was nestled between her thighs covered in her juices. Tara could hear Bonnie moaning in the distance. She had heard her friend had made out with Ron in their first class but didn't believe it. Tara realized that Bonnie was living out her dream. She was serving Ron. Tara decided she would too…

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