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After an awkwardly silent breakfast, Lonnie and Connie went into the bathroom to brush their teeth.

"Move over!" Lonnie said.

"You move over!" said Connie. A knock came at the door.

"Anyone in there?" asked Ron on the other side.

"Quick! Hide!" Connie said pushing Lonnie into the towel closet. Both stayed silent. Ron poked his head in the bathroom. When he saw it was vacant he entered carrying clean clothes for himself to change into. Ron put his clothes on the floor and turned on the shower.

"Why are we hiding in here?" Lonnie asked.

"I want to see his body before I make any commitment to sleep with him" said Connie. They watched Ron disrobe and step in the shower. An image of a kick stand popped into the two sisters' head.

"Ron are you in there?" the sisters heard Tara ask outside door.

"Yep, I'm in here" he called to her over the sounds of the running water. The door crept open and Tara walked in wearing her robe.

"Room for two?" Tara asked dropping her robe.

"Always" Ron said smirking. Tara stepped into the shower. The two sisters watched Tara and Ron make out through the see through shower door.

"Oh I don't believe it!" Lonnie said. "He is a cheater too! Just like her last boyfriend."

"All the more reason we should help them break up" said Connie.

"I thought I saw you come in here Tara" Bonnie said stepping into the bathroom. "Are you enjoying your shower Ron?"

"Oh he is so busted!" Lonnie whispered.

"Very much so" Ron said smiling. Bonnie suddenly grinned and pulled a condom out of her robe pocket.

"Then make room for me" said Bonnie taking off her clothes and hopping into the shower. Bonnie places the condom between her lips and slid it over Ron's erection eliciting a moan from Ron.

Connie and Lonnie were in shock. They had no idea their sister was involved in such an open relationship.

The eldest Rockwallers' breathing was becoming hot and ragged in the towel closet. They watched their sister's tanned butt being pressed against the glass of the shower when Ron thrusted into her. Tara was in between the two. Ron and Bonnie kissed Tara deep. Tara let both of them explore her mouth. When she was busy kissing one, she was fondling the other. Bonnie came quickly and cried out over the sound of the rushing water.

Lonnie dropped her hand down between her thighs. She was getting so hot from watching her little sister's ass being pounded against the steamy glass. One of her hands slid into her shorts and slithered past the elastic of her panties, while her other hand pulled down her white tube top and squeezed her left breast hard. She started to moan as she stroked herself.

"What are you doing" hissed Connie. Connie muffled Lonnie with one hand and restrained Lonnie from stroking herself with the other. Lonnie's hands couldn't be stopped, they needed to be touching someone, so Lonnie's hand shot between Connie's legs and stroked her bare center. Connie regretted not wearing underwear that day as her sister continued to move her fingers.

It was now Tara's turn. Tara was on her knees on the shower's floor; Bonnie and Ron were standing up in the shower with Tara in between them again. Tara removed the condom off of Ron. Tara enclosed her lips over Ron's shaft and ran her tongue over the hot flesh. Ron moved his hips back and forth, moving his erection in and out of Tara's mouth. With each gentle thrust Tara's head was pushed back between Bonnie's now tender thighs, causing Bonnie to moan.

Connie had to remove her hand off of her sister's mouth to stifle her own moans. Lonnie buried her face in her sister's chest to quiet herself. Lonnie latched onto Connie's nipple and sucked hard. Connie tightened the grip over her mouth and moved her other hand down to Lonnie's skirt to continue where her sister left off.

In the shower, Ron had sat down. Bonnie and Tara sandwiched Ron's penis between their slick bodies and began to gyrate around. Bonnie and Tara stood breast to breast and for the first time, shared a deep kiss. Bonnie's hand crept up to the back of Tara's head and clutched a handful of blonde hair to force her own tongue deeper into Tara's mouth. Tara returned the favor and grabbed Bonnie's butt with both hands, pulling her closer and squeezing Ron's erection harder. Ron was at his breaking point.

"Ladies…I can't hold out much longer…" he gasped out. Bonnie and Tara broke their kiss momentarily to grin at Ron. They resumed quickly and began grinding against Ron with a new ferocity. Ron let out a long groan and let loose his orgasm. After feeling Ron's warm release shoot out over their stomachs, Bonnie and Tara screamed out their own climaxes. None of them heard the two muffled screams in the broom closet over Bonnie and Tara's cries.

The three in the shower cleaned themselves up, got dressed, and left the apartment. Ron and Bonnie left to continue their detention and Tara left for the grocery store. The two eldest Rockwallers stumbled out of the towel closet gasping for fresh air.

"Now that I've seen it…" Connie gasped. "I want that cock!"

In detention Hall

Ron was sitting in his desk daydreaming when he heard a voice at the back of his head.

"Stoppable-san…Stoppable-san. I must speak with you" Master Sensei's voice echoed in his brain. "Yori is waiting in the hall for you." Ron raised his hand and asked Mr. Barkin,

"May I use the bathroom?"

"Yeah sure, take the hall pass" Mr. Barkin said nonchalantly. Ron took the hall-pass and left for the men's room. On his way down the hall he met Yori, who was leaning against the lockers dressed in her normal school attire.

"Hello Stoppable-san" Yori said with a slight bow. "I have an urgent message from Sensei that I must give you."

"Ok, let's see it" Ron said. Yori shook her head.

"Not here Stoppable-san" Yori said. "We must find a more secluded spot." Yori looked around the hall way. "There!" she shouted pointing at the restrooms. Yori grabbed Ron by the hand and dragged him into the ladies bathroom.

"Yori I can't go in there!" Ron exclaimed. Yori ignored Ron and pulled him into the restroom. She pushed him into a stall and closed the door behind them. Yori looked up when she heard Ron giggling. "I'm in the little girls room *snort*" Ron said trying to hold in his laughter. Yori held out her hands and focused, a small holographic Sensei appeared in her hand.

"Wow…" Ron said looking amazed. Ron put his hands to the sides of his head and made fictional hair buns with his fists. "Help me Sensei…you are my only hope" (for all of you who don't know what this is supposed to be, don't worry about it). Yori looked at him with confusion and then back to the hologram of her master.

"Sensei I have found Stoppable-san as you ordered" Yori said.

"Well done Yori" Sensei said. Sensei looked to Ron and said, "I sensed a while ago that something has been troubling you Stoppable-san." Ron nodded.

"I…I don't know what has been going on with me lately" Ron said sounding startled. "I mean things were pretty normal up until a little while ago, then before I knew it I started dating a girl who had always hated my guts."

"And that is bad?" Sensei asked him cocking an eyebrow.

"You don't understand Sensei…" Ron said. "It's great! But something feels very wrong here. She used to hate me with such a passion and suddenly one day she is making out with me! I don't know what is going on in my life!" Ron told him. The holograph Sensei ran his hand through his beard.

"Did you have any feelings for this girl who "hated you with a passion?" sensei asked. "Any feelings of the sexual sort?" Yori looked at him with a playful smile and Ron blushed a slight red.

"Umm…uh…yeah…once" Ron confessed embarrassed.

"Hmmmmmmm, I see" Sensei said. "Your powers have progressed Stoppable-san"

"My powers?" Ron asked.

"Yes" Sensei said. "You projected your feelings of this girl who hated you on to her..." He explained. "Unconsciously and unknowingly your powers transferred your lustful feelings and thoughts to the girl you were thinking of and then she began to experience the same feelings for you."

"So…my mystical monkey power turned a girl onto me?" Ron asked. Sensei nodded.

"In the most basic sense, yes it did" Sensei said. "In ancient times the Yamanouchi Ninjas used this power to coax warring ninja clans into peace. They would unconsciously send thoughts of peace to the enemy and they would reach common ground with one another."

"I…I used mind control" Ron said slumping down onto the floor. "I'm a rapist…" he said covering his face with his hands.

"No Stoppable-san!" Yori said stroking Ron's hair. "Your power does not work that way. You sent your feelings to this girl yes, but you did not affect her choice to act on those impulses."

"Yes I did!" Ron said ashamed of himself. "I impaired her judgment with my power, it was just like if I got her drunk and took advantage of her. I'm terrible…" Yori saw tears welling up in Ron's eyes.

"Stoppable-San!" Sensei's hologram shouted. "You must control yourself. Whether you know it or not, your emotions now affect others. It was not your intent to seduce your lady friend, so you are not a rapist. Your power seeps from within the deepest part of your heart, a place I have explored in our meditations together. The Lotus Blade would not come to someone with a heart as wicked as the person you believe yourself to be."

Ron began to calm down a little, yet still felt unconvinced of his own innocence. Sensei said,

"I am assigning Yori to help you with your powers so that you may learn to better control them. Take heart Stoppable-san, you will do great things with this new power." Sensei's hologram dissolved right then. Yori helped Ron to his feet and led him out of the ladies room.

"Wait here Stoppable-san" Yori said. "I will go see your teacher now and explain that I am taking you home. You have had a trying experience just now and you will need your rest." Ron nodded and slumped down against the lockers as Yori walked away.

Ron let out a long sigh/sob and said,

"What am I going to do?"

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