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Yori returned from Mr. Barkin's classroom with Bonnie right behind her. Bonnie looked down at Ron who was sitting on the floor with his head slumped down in his arms.

"Ron!" Bonnie said concerned. "Are you ok?" Ron didn't look up at her, he just let out a drawn out, miserable groan.

"Stoppable-san will be ok" Yori said. "He should be better once we get him to his home."

"Let's go then" Bonnie said supporting Ron as they walked down the hallway.

Across town at the Middleton prison

Big Mike sat at the visitor's table waiting for his visitor to show up. He had received a call in his jail cell that someone had came to see him.

"Prisoner #62590!" a guard shouted at Big Mike. "Your visitor is here." Brick Flag walked through the metal doorway and sat at Big Mike's table.

"What's up Mike?" Brick asked. "How are you holding up?"

"I'm ok…" he said while thinking of the repeated ass-kickings he had been receiving lately. "Why are you here?" he asked Brick.

"Some weird stuff has been going on man" Brick said. "All of it revolving around Stoppable." A scowl came across Big Mike's face at Ron's name.

"Stoppable…" growled Mike. "That freak is on the juice or something. I don't know what is going on with that guy, first he's got Randy Savage wrestling moves, and now he is slapping skins with your girl." Brick grew his own scowl thinking of Ron with Bonnie.

"I know…it's fucked up…" Brick said angrily. "It used to be, I'd give her a box of cheap chocolates or something and she'd be eating my dick, now she is hanging on to that loser Stoppable like she actually likes him. Now get this…I think he's got Tara now too."

"That little prude bitch who got me arrested?!" shouted Big Mike. "She opened her legs for that shithead, but wouldn't give me the time of day? What the hell!?"

"Tell me about it" Brick groaned "But the worst part is he's turning the other girls in the school against us football players. Before all of this we could just grab some chick, tell her "I'm horny", and she would keep her mouth shut and do what we asked. But Bonnie has been going around telling all the girls how 'gentlemanly' Stoppable is and now all the girls are refusing to put out for any of us unless we use rubbers now, and some say they don't want us having sex with them, period" He said.

"The other day I practically pried this red headed cheerleader bitch's thighs open because she said she was "saving herself for marriage", long story short she threatened to phone rape on me, so I had to rough her up a bit till she said she wouldn't say anything. Liz I think her name is, whatever, the point is that the girls are getting pretty uppity and Stoppable is the cause of it."

"So what are you coming to me for?" Big Mike asked. Brick leaned in close and asked,

"Since you have been in here, do you know anyone getting out that might want to help us remedy this problem, for a price?" Big Mike grinned and nodded his head. Brick slipped him a pencil and a sheet of paper and wrote out some contact info for a guy who had just been paroled who would be perfect for this kind of job.

Ron's apartment

Ron lay down on the couch late that night still very depressed. Introductions were made between Yori and Bonnie and Tara, and they all became fast friends. Bonnie and Tara had passed out on his bed after trying to cheer up Ron with an evening of calm, relaxing lovemaking. Ron still moped around the house afterwards, feeling even worse than before. Yori sat by Ron on the couch and ran a hand through his hair.

"Still troubled, Stoppable-san?" Yori asked. Ron nodded, not making any eye contact with Yori. "I know you may think differently now, but I can tell those girls honestly like you. There is nothing mystical about it, just natural human attraction." When Ron didn't respond Yori took a small box out of her pocket. She opened it in front of Ron's eyes and pulled out an old bronze ring.

"Here Stoppable-san, put on this ring." Yori said.

"Um… Yori I do like you, but I don't think we know each other well enough to start a relationship at this stage…" Ron said flustered. Yori laughed,

"No Stoppable-san. This is only a gift. Master Sensei gave it to me before I left. He wanted me to give it to you in case your powers had become more than you could control. Put this ring on and it will contain your powers from being used without your knowledge." Ron, embarrassed at his earlier assumption, put the ring on without an argument. He looked and on the ring was a monkey with his arms reaching out around the band until they touched one another.

He felt his powers recede back into his body; he could feel the mystical aura around him dissipate.

"There, now your power is within your control" Yori said reassuringly. "Tomorrow you will see Stoppable-san; your friends will still care about you. Your power has not influenced their hearts. All will be the same" she said soothingly while she ran her hand over his head through his short blonde hair. Ron fell asleep on Yori's lap and slept peacefully until morning.

The Next Day at School (Monday)

"Ron!" shouted Kim running down the hall to meet him. "Where are you been?" Kim asked angrily. "I have called you half a dozen times already. Why didn't you call me back? Rufus has been worried sick!" Suddenly Rufus popped out of Kim's cargo pants and squeaked,

"Yeah!" Bonnie appeared at Ron's side after parking her car. She hooked her arm with Ron's and leaned in close to him kissing his cheek.

"Hey K, what's up?" Bonnie asked Kim kindly. Kim and Rufus's jaws dropped simultaneously.

"What is the sitch Ron?!" Kim shouted. "Is she picking on you again?"

"Well…no" said Ron trying to find the right words. "She is kind of…my girlfriend."

"What!!!?" shouted Kim. "Bonnie? Ms. Meanest girl in Middleton is your girlfriend? How did this happen? Did you hit your head Ron? Let me see!" Kim reached out to feel Ron's head and Bonnie swatted away her hand.

"Back off Kim!" Bonnie ordered. "You had your chance, Ron is my man! Now if you excuse us…"Bonnie said wrapping her arms around Ron's neck. "I'd like a little Ron-shine before class starts." She kissed up from Ron's neck to his chin when Kim pulled Bonnie away.

"Back off Bonnie" warned Kim as she assumed a fighting stance.

"Bring it on!" Bonnie challenged making a stance of her own. Mr. Barkin came and broke them up before it turned ugly,

"That's enough people! Everyone get to class before you are tardy!"

"This isn't over Bonnie!" growled Kim.

"Seeya later K!" Bonnie said feeling victorious.

"Rufus, come here!" called Ron to his faithful pet, who hopped out of Kim's pocket and ran to Ron. Rufus started frantically spewing gibberish at Ron, his body language telling Ron he is super confused on why Bonnie is his girlfriend. Before Ron could offer up any explanation Bonnie picked up Rufus and held him in her soft hands.

"Hi there cutie!" Bonnie said sincerely. When Rufus did not seem impressed with the compliment Bonnie said, "I know we haven't gotten along in the past, which is mostly my fault, but I gave turned over a new leaf. And I am starting by treating you and your master right." She put Rufus to her lips and kissed him on top of his bald little head. "Here…" she said pulling the front of her loose t-shirt out. "Hop in; I am sure it will be at least a little better than Ron's pocket." Rufus cautiously jumped in and nestled in Bonnie's bra between her breasts. Rufus sighed contently and instantly fell asleep.

"He is actually pretty adorable…" cooed Bonnie looking down at Rufus.

"Yeah" agreed Ron. "He looks comfortable." Bonnie leaned in to Ron and kissed him deeply. She brought his hands up and placed them on her breasts.

"Anytime you want to use these as your pillows…" Bonnie said seductively. "Use them. Now come on." She said pulling him by the hand. "We will be late for first period."

Free period – inside the gym

The Middleton High Cheer leaders practiced their new routine in the gym with Ron as their only audience. Bonnie and Tara gyrated and twisted their bodies with new found passion trying to catch Ron's attention. Their fake smiles they used during routines were now large joyous grins. Bonnie finished her routine with a split, giving Ron a generous look at her panties.

"Improvising are we Bonnie?" Kim asked sounding irate.

"Just going were the feeling takes me" Bonnie said smugly.

"You and Tara have really been on fire lately" commented Crystal. "What's changed?"

Tara blushed deeply and mumbled,

"We just feel more relaxed since…umm…" Tara trailed off.

"Since we have been getting a healthy dose of vitamin R" beamed Bonnie. Kim scoffed in disgust.

"Don't you have any decency at all?" Kim asked.

"Decent taste in men?" joked Bonnie. "I recently developed one yes."

"No!" shouted Kim. "None of us want to hear about the things you and Tara do with Ron!"

"No way!" shouted the other girls. "We want to hear all the details!"

"You and Bonnie are sleeping with Ron?" Jessica asked. Tara nodded her head shyly.

"Damn!" Hope exclaimed "He must be a stud for you guys to let him get away with that!"

"Is he ever!" bragged Bonnie. "Even after sending me and Tara into half a dozen mind numbing, wall slamming, lung bursting orgasms each, he still is ready for more!" The cheerleaders all giggled except for Kim and Liz. Kim started to blush imagining this, so she left her fellow cheerleaders and headed to the locker room, with Liz right behind her.

"I have to stretch so I won't pull any muscles later during my real workout" she said motioning to Ron, who was playing Tetris on his graphing calculator. He looked up at the mention of his name to see Bonnie bending down with her back to him; his eyes were drawn to her voluptuous behind. Bonnie looked over her shoulder at Ron. She gave her hips an inviting shake and winked at Ron before following the others into the locker room.

In the locker room Kim turned to Liz and asked,

"Were you sick of Bonnie drooling over Ron too?" Liz sighed a sad sigh.

"No" she said. "I have just lost my trust in males in general." Liz picked up her bag and left the locker room. Kim noticed Liz was walking with an obvious limp and her legs were covered in small bruises from the knees up. Kim was about to follow her and ask Liz about it when the bell sounded and she had to leave for a class in the opposite direction.

The rest of the cheerleaders left the locker room with her.

Back at Ron's apartment

Yori laid on the couch thinking of the night before with Ron in her arms. He had been so fragile at that moment… and had grown even cuter than the first time she saw him. Even while trying to comfort him in his time of need, his powers had reached out and entranced her.

Yori closed her eyes and thought deeply about Ron. She knew his powers would ascend both hers and Master Sensei's one day, and that he would become the true monkey master and the true leader of the Yaminouchi Ninjas. Combined with his love of life and genuine kindness, she knew he would become a leader she would love and obey… but she still wished for more…

Yori slipped into a dream and using her own monkey power, created a vivid dream with her and Ron.

Yori's Dream

"I have returned master Stoppable" Yori said closing the sliding door behind her. "The two warring factions are now at peace thanks to your wisdom." Yori was dressed in a black ninja outfit and Ron was in a colorful long robe, the mantis blade sheathed at his side. Yori lowered her knees to the floor and bowed deeply to Ron.

"Well done Yori" Ron said. "I knew I could trust this mission in your capable hands." Ron reached up and held Yori's chin, and raised her gaze to meet his. "Your skills are only surpassed by your beauty…" he grazed her lips with his own, eliciting a moan from Yori who wanted more.

Rob wanted her naked right now. The Lotus Blade picked up his desires and sliced apart Yori's outfit, fully opening her black garment and revealing her body to Ron. Yori scooted closer to Ron and rubbed her body against his, telling him she wanted him too.

He removed his robe along with his shirt and pair of shorts beneath. Yori smiled looking up and down his body; she had never seen Ron fully naked but believed him to be well endowed. Yori laid on her back on the matted floor and spread her legs. Ron grinned at her and gently set himself on top of her. Yori moaned happily as Ron entered her, she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, and then Ron began to thrust.

Yori looked at Ron's face and thought of the other women who had looked at him with the same passion she had now. Yori knew she was one of many women in his brothel, she had heard the stories from the other girls of the school. They talked about the great passionate sex they received from Ron, but they never spoke about him confessing his love…which he had only done with her. Because of this, she didn't care about him sleeping with other women, being the only one who he whispered words of love to, she turned a blind eye and obeyed and loved him just the same.

"Uh…Uh…Uh…Uh…" Yori moaned quietly trying to keep stifle herself. Ron pulled the remains of Yori's ninja garb apart and bit her nipple tenderly.

"Say my name Yori…say my name…" he commanded breathlessly continuing his teasing. He nibbled skin from her throat to her navel as he continued thrusting into her. "Say my name…" he ordered, demanding complete submission from her.

"R-Ron…" she moaned out. She continued moaning his name in an endless mantra of desire and devotion, "Ron...Ron...Ron…Ron…Ron…" Ron grinned in his domination and bit down hard on Yori's earlobe, piercing through it with his incisor. Yori let out a wail of pleasure mixed with erotic pain which was doubled proportionally when Ron himself reached his own climax, releasing his load inside of her.

Ron reached into his robe and pulled something out of his pocket. Yori was numb on the floor, unaware of her love's intentions. He pulled her up onto her knees and held a mirror to her. A warm feeling emanated through her earlobe as Ron healed it. Yori thought to herself the consequences of their lovemaking. She knew she wanted to start a family and desired to pass on her ninjitsu knowledge onto the next generation in her family. A few of the other women had already given birth to Ron's children or were with child currently. The children she saw were gorgeous, and she wanted to see those faces upon her own children. Yori felt an unaccustomed weight at the end of her ear.

Yori opened her eyes to see an earring hanging from her own earlobe. It was a red prism ruby with Ron's crest in the middle; it hung from an inch long gold chain that started at her earlobe.

"Now it's official…" Ron whispered into her ear seductively. "You belong to me now." Yori sighed contently and melted back into Ron's body.

End of Dream :

Yori's eyes fluttered open and she smiled to herself. Now she had a goal and she was going to act on it.

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